You Are My Glory – Chapter 15

Qiao Jingjing’s mind went blank for a moment…

After a long time, she answered, “No,” and moved her legs to let him in.

Qiao Jingjing vaguely felt that he seemed to smile. He went in and sat down beside her, and his body heat and hot breath were felt by all her senses.

After the movie had played for several minutes, Qiao Jingjing recovered. She couldn’t help but be a little annoyed. Did he just tease her? But she didn’t do anything to get him back? It was enough to lose face for the entire entertainment industry.

She glanced suspiciously at Yu Tu. He was staring attentively at the screen, and his profile looked focused and serious…

All right…

Qiao Jingjing withdrew her eyes and began to watch the movie. After only a few minutes, however, she felt like something was wrong. The animation was a story about how the protagonist firmly pursued his dream under the obstruction of his family?

She thought back to the lonely look on his face that day when he said he was going to give up the sea of stars…

Will this put Yu Tu in a bad mood?

The move was fun. It wasn’t boring at all during the ninety minutes, and the main character certainly ended up sticking to his dream and getting the support of his family. As the music played during the ending credits, the audience filed out contentedly.

Qiao Jingjing and Yu Tu waited until everyone was gone before they got up.

“I’ll take you back.”

Qiao Jingjing nodded.

On the way back, she was a little silent. She secretly looked at Yu Tu. In the dark, his appearance was faint. As she stared, he raised his eyebrows suspiciously.

“Uh, I didn’t know the storyline beforehand.”

“It was good.” Yu Tu said, “The movie was about a lucky dreamer.”

Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help herself, “Last time you said you were going to give up, why?”

She had remembered that he said his parents objected during the college entrance examination, “Or is it because of your family? But doesn’t your uncle also work in aerospace? Why did your parents object?”

Yu Tu was taken aback.

Qiao Jingjing suddenly reacted. She knew too much! She looked up quickly at the sky.

However, Yu Tu didn’t change the topic. He looked at her and there was a little smile in his eyes.

Qiao Jingjing had to come back from the sky, “That…Peipei…”

Yu Tu nodded and said, “I know. She knows all the gossip for the whole class.”

“…That’s right.”

Qiao Jingjing quickly changed the topic, “Don’t your parents agree?”

“They agreed when I took the postgraduate entrance examination.”

“Then why?”

The faint smile from before had completely faded and Yu Tu didn’t say anything for a long time, “My parents came to Shanghai a while ago, but they didn’t tell me. I only found out after my aunt called me and asked how my mother was doing, and whether it was benign. I didn’t know they came to see a doctor.

“When I went to see them, they were staying in a small hotel that only cost a few dozen yuan a night, and they were eating biscuits and instant noodles.”

Qiao Jingjing had guessed many reasons, but she didn’t expect that the reason would be so common, ordinary, and unsolvable. She regretted asking the question.

“Is your mother alright?”

“She’s okay. It was a false alarm.” Yu Tu lowered his eyes, “But I can’t help thinking, what if there is something? Do I have the ability to give her the best medical treatment?” He asked and answered self-deprecatingly, “I don’t. I could have the ability, but I don’t.”

For a moment, Qiao Jingjing almost wanted to say, I can help you. But she knew that this can never be said. After a while, she asked, “So what are you going to do next?”

“Investment banking.”

That said, his undergraduate major had been abandoned for many years and everything needed to start from scratch. He smiled and, with a somewhat gloomy voice said, “I have been conceited and clever since I was a child. As a result, when I reached my thirties, I haven’t accomplished anything.”

Qiao Jingjing stopped and looked at him for a moment.

Yu Tu stood for a while and said, “Let’s go. It’s too late.”

The night was quiet.

Yu Tu was sitting on the bed and smoking, feeling a little empty. He thought that he had probably lost some composure today.

He didn’t know why he said so much to Qiao Jingjing, even exposing the deepest frustration in his heart. He hadn’t even mentioned anything about his parents in front of his teacher.

The phone screen next to his pillow lit up. He picked it up. Qiao Jingjing had sent a message.

Jingjing: I suddenly remembered a sentence that suits you very well.

Yu Tu: What?

Jingjing: After all, you are already the rabbit who has seen the most stars.

Yu Tu: Jade Rabbit’s Weibo?

Jingjing: Uh-huh.

Then she sent over a long voice message.

“I was stunned by what you said earlier. Why do you say that you have done nothing? Even if you are going to give up your career and start all over again, the things that you’ve done will still be there. Although I don’t know what you’ve done specifically, I think it must be valuable. So even if you don’t do this job in the future, you don’t have to deny the past. At least you have fought for your ideals, which is better than compromising without trying. At least, I don’t think it’s a mistake.”

Jingjing: Jiayou, Rabbit god!

Yu Tu put out the cigarette. After a moment, he pressed play on the long message and listened to it again. Qiao Jingjing’s voice was actually very good. He remembered that in high school, every time there was a literary activity, she always sang onstage.

– – You are already the rabbit that has seen the most stars.

Yes, no matter what he will do in the future, whether he has lived up to his expectations in the past decade, whether he persists or gives up, at least he should not think that it has been a mistake.

Yu Tu’s finger pressed on the reply box of WeChat and he didn’t not realize that his mood at that moment was so soft that when typing, the speed was extremely slow.

Yu Tu: Thank you.

Yu Tu: You should go to bed.

Yu Tu: We will start qualifying matches tomorrow.

Jingjing: Good night!

Yu smiled, put down his phone, got up and walked to the window.

The sky outside the window was completely dark, and there was no starlight. He remembered that it was also a dark night when he went to see his parents. He still remembered the suffocation in his heart when he opened the door of the hotel room.
There had been a time when everything had seemed to be within reach, so he didn’t care for any of it. He had thought he could solve everything. Growing up was probably just to help him see that he was not so omnipotent.

He thought that since he had chosen everything himself, he should not have regrets.

You Are My Glory – Chapter 14

The next day was Double Eleven, a day that brought great turmoil for many people, but Qiao Jingjing just got to watch the video of herself playing as Niu Mo.

Yu Tu really had recorded it. He turned to the computer to analyze with her what she did right, what she did wrong, and where the problems were.

“These are the most commonly used support heroes. They have different skills, but if you learn one well, then your game understanding will be in place for the others.”

Then they watched several videos of professional players using Niu Mo.

Qiao Jingjing felt bitter. It was Singles Day and it was okay that she was single and just spending the day studying, but couldn’t she be a handsome hero? Did it have to be a bull demon?

After 4 p.m., Yu Tu said he had to leave early.

“I have a gathering with colleagues from my unit in the evening.”

“I think you have a little too many gatherings.” It made it seem like she, a female star, was actually not social at all.

Yu Tu didn’t feel relieved, “Isn’t it a normal frequency? And the theme is Singles Day.”


Yu Tu coughed and then said, “They said they want to ask me something about work.”

“…Go ahead.”

Yu Tu didn’t forget to tell her, “You can practice as the support Zhang Fei while I’m gone.”

Qiao Jingjing was a little depressed. He left to go out to play by himself but didn’t forget to give her homework?

She followed him to the door and felt bored just thinking about how he would go to a lively party, but she had to stay at home, pitifully alone, “If only I could go out to play with you.”

Once she said it, she felt that it sounded a little inappropriate. Even if she were not Qiao Jingjing, going somewhere with Yu Tu would still be inappropriate.

She said it without thinking, but Yu Tu answered, “If I took you, would you dare to go?”

Qiao Jingjing was startled, but she saw his face flash with regret at his slip of the tongue.

Looking awkwardly at each other, she quickly sent him away, “Have fun, bye.”

This gathering felt a lot more comfortable. Everyone toasted with their glasses, and his colleague Xiao Hu sighed, “This year is still the same group as last year.”

Da Meng said, “Sadly, next year we won’t all be here. Yu Tu will be going to an investment bank, in a world like that, can he stay passionate like us?”

“Which means we’ll be one man short.”

“We might have another like Lao Guan.”

Yu Tu, “What’s wrong with Lao Guan?”

Lao Guan was the chief designer of the model Yu Tu was working on. He had a doctorate degree and had come back from the United States. Yu Tu was able to become the deputy director designer at such a young age in part because of Lao Guan’s support.

“His wife is going to divorce him.”

“How come?” Lao Guan and his wife were famous for their loving relationship, otherwise she wouldn’t have given up her high salary and come back from the United States.

“Why wouldn’t she? As soon as you leave, his overtime will double. He won’t ever be able to see her. How could she not be angry?”

Yu Tu frowned, “What about the others? There were two other people there before I left for vacation.”

Da Meng said, “What’s the use of more people? Can they match you for competence? What’s more, with Lao Guan’s arrogant temper, who else would he be willing to put up with besides you? If he isn’t satisfied, he’ll only do it himself and endure.”

Yu Tu silently picked up a cigarette from the table.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Another colleague said, “Lao Guan and his wife already reconciled and today he showed off the breakfast she lovingly made him.”

“That’s right, Da Meng, you’re just single and jealous.”

Da Meng said, “Bah!” and everyone’s mood lightened. Xiao Hu thought, “By the way, Lao Yu, I have a question to discuss with you about something that has been inspiring me lately.”

Before Yu Tu replied, Da Meng said, “Ai, you two. Don’t forget to keep it secret, don’t talk about technology outside.”

“Can’t I talk to Lao Yu about foreign technology? Otherwise what can we talk about in the future? The housing prices in Lujiazui?”

As the two men bickered, Yu Tu’s eyes dimmed. Their industry was governed by a system of strict confidentiality, and they couldn’t mention specific technical details outside of their unit. When he left, he would probably only ever be able to pick up clues from news articles.

He leaned against the back of the chair and lowered his head to light the cigarette.

After the meal around eight o’clock, the colleagues decided to indulge throughly and go to a KTV to sing. Yu Tu wasn’t interested, so he said goodbye to everyone and left first.

The restaurant where they met up was in the Gateway and below it was Line 1 of the subway.

The subway station was crowded as usual.

This was a magical city. Go south to Xinzhuang, change to line 5 to get to the Zhuanqiao Aerospace City. Go north to the People’s Square to change to Line 2 to get to Lujiazui Financial Center.

Two opposite directions. One lonely, one prosperous.

It’s like a fork in the road of life.

The subway came and went, and Yu Tu stood still in the crowd for a long time.

Qiao Jingjing was playing games at home.

She had no particular feelings about Singles Day, but at the thought that Yu Tu was eating and drinking with his friends while she could only play games alone, she suddenly felt the sadness of being single.

However, she didn’t know whether all the masters had gone out to celebrate or if all the bachelors couldn’t amass their energy, but her Wang Zhaojun was actually carrying the game, and her record was excellent for several consecutive games.

She took a screenshot and posted it to Weibo, and most of the comments were praising the goddess for being great.

But there were also some exceptions.

For example, this–

Little Wife Dudu: My goddess is so beautiful, so rich and thin, but she can only play games on Singles day… I’m ugly and fat, but at least I have a husband.

…This must be a true fan.

Qiao Jingjing, who was so thin and beautiful, started another game but when the team battle was just getting started, Yu Tu unexpectedly called. Qiao Jingjing ruthlessly denied the call and waited till the end of the game to call him back.

Once connected, Yu Tu said, “Are you playing with Wang Zhaojun again?”

“…Are you spying on me?”

“Just saw it,” his voice seemed to carry a smile, and he asked, “Would you like to go out to play?”

Qiao Jingjing stood up and said, “Where are you?”


Qiao Jingjing ran downstairs happily.

Yu Tu saw that she was fully disguised again, but even her hair seemed to be full of joy. She was relaxed in her heart and laughing.

Qiao Jingjing asked, “Why are you back? Is the place where you met also nearby?”

Yu Tu also wanted to ask himself this question.

“Basically.” Yu Tu said, “I didn’t want to go with them to sing.”

“Oh, so where are we going?”

Yu Tu thought for a moment, “Want to see a movie?”

There was a cinema on the ground floor of a nearby shopping mall. The two walked over and checked what movies were playing while they walked.

“This one?” Yu Tu pointed to a literary and artistic romance film, thinking that girls should like it.

Qiao Jingjing glanced at it, “No, are you being serious? Everyone knows that I’m in a feud with the female lead.”

Yu Tu, “…I don’t know much about your circle.”

Yu Tu checked again and choose a purely male-lead movie to be safe. “What about this?”

“Well, this looks good but the leading actor just broke up with his girlfriend and she happens to be a good friend of mine. No matter how good the movie is, I can’t betray a friend.”

Yu Tu, “…”

He stuffed the phone into her hands, “You choose.”

Qiao Jingjing was already familiar with Yu Tu’s phone and swiped left and right, “Let’s go see this animated film. There’s only spots let by the aisle… fingerprint.”

She had quickly selected their seats, and paused to hold out the phone so Yu Tu could scan his fingerprint to pay. In that moment, she had forgotten that she could simply return the phone directly to him.

Yu Tu didn’t take it back from her, he just lowered his head and gently pressed his thumb on the phone in her hand.

Just then, Qiao Jingjing felt as if the rest of her had been gently pressed too. After a moment of palpitations, she raised her head and happened to look into Yu Tu’s deep eyes.

It seemed that after a long time, or maybe just a moment, Yu Tu took back his phone.

He looked at the time, “We have to walk faster. There’s only fifteen minutes left.”

The two of them stopped talking and walked quietly to the cinema together. After entering the mall, Yu Tu suddenly said, “Let’s go in separately.”

Qiao Jingjing was taken aback.

“Don’t turn around, someone is following us.”

Then, he quickly walked past her. After a bit, Qiao Jingjing received the QR code he sent through We Chat for her to pick up the tickets.

Yu Tu: You pick up the tickets and go in first.

Jingjing: I’ll have to pick up both at the same time. How will you get in?

Yu Tu: I’ll tell you when we get into the cinema.

Qiao Jingjing felt like watching a movie was unexpectedly exciting. She first picked up the tickets, put one on an empty table according to Yu Tu’s instructions, and then went in first. It was just like the spy film she starred in before!

She had entered the theater and sat down by the aisle when the lights went out and advertisements began to play on the big screen. The seat beside her was still empty. Qiao Jingjing became a little anxious. The ticket wouldn’t be taken by others, would it?

She took out her phone and lowered her head to check her WeChat, but before she could send a message, a shadow fell over the screen. A figure appeared beside her in the dark. The man bent down and asked in a low voice, “Is there anyone sitting here? I found a movie ticket on a table outside.”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 13

She didn’t know if it was just her illusion, but Qiao Jingjing felt like she had been getting along differently with Yu Tu since they drank wine that day.

There wasn’t anything specific but, for example, sometimes he would take the initiative to ask if she wanted him to bring her breakfast? For example, he seemed a little more poisonous when he was training her?

The 3v3 training was basically over, so they had spent a few days playing 5v5 matching. Yu Tu asked Qiao Jingjing, “After so many days, what heroes do you like playing?”

Qiao Jingjing named a few and then said, “But I sill like Zhuge Liang and Li Bai best.”

Because they were the most handsome characters in the Canyon!

“You can’t use heroes with displacement abilities.” Yu Tu ruthlessly poured cold water over her and Qiao Jingjing wilted.

“You should give up the jungler position and directly choose a professional player who is good at it during the game. The top laner has to resist pressure, which you’re not really suited for so you should also give this position to your teammates. So the most suitable position for you is to work in the middle or bottom lane, mage, marksman, support. Work hard in these three positions. For the mages, you can consider General Bian Que and Ying Zheng. The heroes with a long reach are most suitable for you.”

“What about Wang Zhaojun?” Although Yu Tu had said that she wasn’t good enough for the competition, Qiao Jingjing was reluctant to give her up. After all, she was the first hero she was able to play well.

“You wouldn’t ask this if you watched more professional games.” Yu Tu vetoed ruthlessly.

“For support you can consider Donghuang Taiyi, Zhang Fei, Bai Qi, Niu Mo, Sun Bin, and Su Lie Mengqi as well. They are all relatively strong so it is best to become proficient with them.”

“Zhang Fei?”

“Her skills are not difficult to master.”

Well, although her skills with Zhang Fei had been horrible after training with A Guo the first time, it was actually okay once she had been trained by Yu Tu for a while.

Yu Tu authoritatively decided the right heroes for her in these two positions. Though when it came to marksman, he asked her, “Do you like Yu Ji?”

Qiao Jingjing nodded, “Because her three skills are easy to use and because the second skill lets me run away.”

Yu Tu thought, “You do run away quickly.”

Qiao Jingjing, “…is that praise?”

Yu Tu said, “Mm. You never sell out teammates when they’re strangers, but you don’t hesitate to sell me out. I’ve always wanted to ask what kind of thought process is that?”

“…Have I?” Qiao Jingjing felt a little guilty and wanted to argue, but she had to face up to her routine behavior of rabbit-selling and said under Yu Tu’s condemning gaze, “Probably…I trust you?”

“Thank you.” Yu Tu didn’t seem moved.

Qiao Jingjing thought about all the heroes he mentioned and was a little depressed. “None of these seem to be very showy or good-looking.”

Yu Tu was speechless. Then he thought about how when she was relaxing, she loved to study good skin. When drinking wine, she brought out flowers. He said helplessly, “If you want showy, there’s one hero you can consider.”

“Which one?” Qiao Jingjing’s eyes lit up.

“Baili Shouyue.”

Baili Shouyue was a new hero that was released recently. His special skill was ultra-long-range sniping. Qiao Jingjing immediately opened a match.

Twenty minutes later, she put down her phone and looked at Yu Tu, “Are you sure I can use him?”

“You are very accurate. In fact, your Yu Ji skill has a high hit rate too.”

Qiao Jingjing thought about how she didn’t really think much about aiming and relied more on intuition. Sometimes when she deliberately took aim, she ended up completely off the mark.

“You didn’t play well in this game now firstly because your teammates didn’t give you money, and secondly because your positioning wasn’t flexible enough. Although Yu Ji and Baili Shouyue require positioning, their requirements are still less than Sun Shangxiang and Marco Polo, so your chances with them can be salvaged. With the other two heroes, it’s hard to say.”

…You are too poisonous. Thinking of yesterday when he said that her Nako Lulu was “a moth flying into the flame” and “a swallow throwing itself into a boiling pot”, Qiao Jingjing wanted to hit somebody.

“In addition to positioning, what you lack most now is intentionality. That is, the 100,000 questions that you ask while playing.”


Yu Tu said blankly, “Where am I going? What am I going to do? Do I want to open it?”

Qiao Jingjing, “…”

Yu Tu looked at the time and said, “So from today on, we will practice for half a day and watch professional games for the other half.”

Qiao Jingjing felt that previously it was like a martial arts class and now, it was like learning the art of war, how to bring the line, how to ambush…

She was ready to go to battle any minute.

But Kings of Glory, after all, had only been released for over a year, and there weren’t many common routines to study. Qiao Jingjing wasn’t stupid. After watching the videos that Yu Tu selected for two days, she understood almost all of them.

Of course, understanding is only one part. When in a real fight, the situation constantly changes. The final analysis was that she still needed to practice more.

5v5 battling is much more intense than 3v3. After a few days, every night when Qiao Jingjing closed her eyes, all she could see was the explosion of the base crystal.

Therefore, when she had an event that she needed to attend, it felt like getting a holiday.

Early in the morning of November 10th, Qiao Jingjing happily called Yu Tu, “You haven’t left yet, right? I’m going to Hangzhou today to attend the Double Eleven Party at Papa Ma’s house so I need the day off. I forgot to tell you yesterday.”

In fact, Yu Tu had already arrived at the subway station. It took him nearly an hour to get to Qiao Jingjing’s house.

The background was very noisy and it seemed like she was busy. Yu Tu said, “Okay.”

Qiao Jingjing said, “Then I’ll hang up first. If you are interested, you can also watch it. I’ll be singing today.”

Yu Tu laughed and said, “Okay.”

Suddenly, he no longer had to go out and it seemed like he would just be idle all day. After he returned home, he went to the official website for Kings of Glory to read some information. As a result, he saw when Qiao Jingjing came on to WeChat after 5 p.m.

Jingjing: Are you there?

Yu Tu: Yes.

Jingjing: I don’t have anything to do now. Let’s play a game.

She quickly threw a connection to QQ and clicked to have Yu Tu join. The two matched with three strangers and entered the map of 5v5 Kings’ Canyon.

This time, Yu Tu chose Marco Polo and Qiao Jingjing chose Niu Mo. After playing for a while, Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help complaining, “I think Niu Mo is more difficult than Zhang Fei. I don’t know where to use the ultimate.”

Yu Tu: “Fight however you want.”

Qiao Jingjing: “Because you can still win?”

Yu Tu: “No, I’ll record it.”

Qiao Jingjing: “…and then come back to give me a lesson?”

Yu Tu: “Uh-huh.”

At this time, Li Bai, who was jungling, suddenly spoke up.

Magical Little Insect: “Marco, I think your girlfriend is worse than my girlfriend.”

Yu Tu was about to say that Niu Mo was not his girlfriend, but he felt weird saying this to a stranger so he hesitated and instead heard Qiao Jingjing say, “But you are not as good as my boyfriend.”

Yu Tu: “…”

Actually, this wasn’t surprising considering Qiao Jingjing’s style of playing. There were inevitably trolls in the game. Every time she was scolded, she scolded the person back, but the way she scolded was really…hard to describe. For example, if someone calls her garbage, she’ll come back and say you’re the one who’s garbage. If someone calls her stupid, she’ll come back to say you’re the one who’s stupid.

So it’s reasonable that when someone says, “you’re not as good as my girlfriend,” she’d reply, “you’re not as good as my boyfriend.”

Magical Little Insect retorted: “You’re full of it. He’s playing marksman whereas I’m not familiar with Li Bai. If you don’t believe me, later I’ll play you again and show you what a god-level Marco looks like.”

His girlfriend didn’t speak but typed a line.

Little Bird Bug (Zhaung Zhou): Husband, jiayou!

Just then, the other player who had been inactive suddenly joined the chat.

Be Naked, Stay Cool (Ying Zheng): Stop it or I’ll leave.

Be Naked, Stay Cool (Ying Zheng): Today is Double Eleven, Singles Day. Yet there are lovers everywhere on the street. I hid at home to play games, and I matched with two couples.

Be Naked, Stay Cool (Ying Zheng): It’s putting me in a mood. I’m going to quit.

Then his character squatted in the spring and didn’t move.

Qiao Jingjing: “…”

She typed quickly.

Hand Picked Cotton (Niu Mo): Wait, you made a mistake. Tomorrow is Singles Day!

Be Naked, Stay Cool (Ying Zheng): Really?

Qiao Jingjing suspected that he went to check his calendar.

Be Naked, Stay Cool (Ying Zheng): Well, I’ll keep fighting then.

After many twist and turns, they finally won and Marco Polo unsurprisingly took MVP.

As soon as she withdrew from the game, Qiao Jingjing received an invitation from Magical Little Insect. She grew excited, accepted the invitation, and entered the room.

Magical Little Insect: Your boyfriend refused me. Is he too scared to come?

Hand Picked Cotton: Wait.

Qiao Jingjing sent a screenshot of the dialogue to Yu Tu on WeChat.

Yu Tu: Pull me in.

When Yu Tu entered the room, Magical Little Insect immediate clicked to start. They entered the Ban and Pick phase, and Magical Little Insect and Yu Tu selected their heroes at the same time.

Magical Little Insect obviously chose marksman Marco Polo. Yu Tu…

Unexpectedly chose Li Bai!

This is like two boxers entering the ring! Qiao Jingjing was excited. Thinking about it, she had never seen Yu Tu play Li Bai in a 5v5 match.

Magical Little Insect (Marco Polo): You’re deliberately trying to provoke me.

Jade Rabbit (Li Bai): I rarely play him. Giving it a try.

Little Bird Bug (Zhuang Zhou): Husband, jiayou! ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Qiao Jingjing immediately followed up: Boyfriend, jiayou! ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Poor randomly matched stranger: ……………… All couples?

Qiao Jingjing was afraid that he’d leave, so she comforted him: Be strong, don’t give up.

Stranger: No, it’s okay. I have my cat.

The round was played very fast. Marco was good, but Yu Tu was better. A dashing sword immortal in white, coming and going without a trace. At once, he’s in front of you, suddenly he’s behind. He was like a dragon, coming and going, and leaving the other party’s skin crisp 10,000 times in a second.

The enemy was killed directly in the early stage and surrendered in ten minutes.

Magical Little Insect (Marco Polo): ….this hurts my ego.

Little Bird Bug (Zhuang Zhou): Honey, you’re the best!

Qiao Jingjing finally sucessfully bullied others.

Hand Picked Cotton (Bian Que): Be strong, jiayou /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

After exiting the game, Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help recalling how elegant Li Bai was in the game. After a while, she opened WeChat excited to say something, and she saw a message sent by Yu Tu.

Yu Tu: Why are you so naughty?

Qiao Jingjing’s heart trembled and she forgot what she had just wanted to say, and then came the WeChat prompt ~ the other party withdrew a message.

You Are My Glory – Chapter 12

On the computer screen, the battle between two professional teams was in full swing, but Yu Tu was a little distracted.

He kept thinking back to the moment when he said he was going to give up and to Qiao Jingjing’s unexpectedly regretful eyes. He didn’t understand. Why did she feel sorry when he was choosing the road everyone recognized as more promising?

Other than his teacher, it seemed like she was the only other one who gave him such a look.

“Yu Tu.” Zhai Liang pushed open the door without knocking. “I didn’t know you came back.”

Yu Tu came back to the present and pressed pause. “I got home not long ago. You were having a call on the balcony.”

“Oh.” Zhai Liang sat on Yu Tu’s desk and he looked at him with rascally eyes, “Did you meet up with Xia Qing today?”

Yu Tu looked up at him, “How did you know?”

“Hehe, who am I? How is it going…” Yu Tu examined his expression and he couldn’t go on. He raised his hand, “It wasn’t me. Didn’t Xia Qing go to Hangzhou on a business trip and meet Baobao? Isn’t it normal for them to talk about you?”

“It’s better to go abroad early than to be so idle. And,” Yu Tu remembered something and warned him, “you should talk less nonsense in front of Cotton in the future.”

Zhai Liang shouted, “Cotton actually reported to you? Why is this girl like this?” He felt it was a great betrayal and planned to log into the game to find Cotton and settle their accounts. “By the way, Qu Ming just called to invite us to dinner. Let’s go together. We’re meeting at 6:30 tomorrow night.”

“I have…”

Zhai Liang was not happy, “This stingy ghost rarely invites guests to treat them and this time it’s for my going abroad. Give me some face. All the classmates who are in Shanghai are going.”

Yu Tu nodded, “Okay, I’ll meet you there tomorrow.”

Many of Yu Tu and Zhai Liang’s college classmates worked in the Lujiazui area and the place for dinner was naturally nearby. It was only a ten minutes’ walk from Qiao Jingjing’s house.

When he showed up, almost everyone else had already arrived. There were no private rooms in this western restaurant so seven or eight people sat in a booth together. The scene was very lively.

Qu Ming was the first to notice Yu Tu and he stood up with great spirits to greet him, “Here comes the talent who dominated two majors.”

In fact, Yu Tu wasn’t very familiar with this classmate. In college, he was busy with his studies and spent almost every day in the library. Except for Zhai Liang and Baobao, his roommates, he wasn’t really close with other students. Qu Ming seemed to have been hostile to him at that time as well. At first, he didn’t know why, but he understood after graduation when he and Xia Qing broke up.

Previously, Qu Ming also liked to use this sentence to mock him, but now he’s saying it while smiling and Yu Tu felt like he couldn’t judge the sincerity yet.

Yu Tu said hello to everyone and sat down.

After chatting for a while, Zhao Tian, another classmate, suddenly asked, “Qu Ming, didn’t you say that Xia Qing was coming, why don’t I see her?”

Yu Tu was surprised.

Qu Ming took out his phone and smiled, “I’ll call her.”

He pressed the button and said, “Emma, why haven’t you arrived. The restaurant is only a few steps away from your hotel.”

No one could hear the other line. The smile on his face disappeared little by little, but then he laughed again, “Oh, okay, it’s okay. Let’s make plans to meet up next time.”

When he hung up the phone, Zhai Liang said, “What? Xia Mei can’t come?”

“She said that she has something urgent in Beijing tonight and had just gone to the airport.”

Zhao Tian asked, “She didn’t tell you?”

“Haha, she said she was just about to call me.”

“I haven’t seen her for a long time.” Some of the others were disappointed.

Another classmate said, “Xia Qing apologized to us in the WeChat group.”

Zhai Liang hurried to look at WeChat and happened to see Xia Qing send a sentence, “I’m sorry, Shanghai students, I originally planned to meet up with every one today. Yesterday, I had an emergency and went back to Beijing and forgot to tell you.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll cover this meal. Send me the bill later. @QuMing.”

Which one of the people present was not a fully rational human being? It was understood that Qu Ming had been stood up by Xia Qing. She had returned to Beijing yesterday and completely forgot to tell him.

Qu Ming responded quickly, “I heard wrongly on the phone just down and thought she left today. Come on, order.” He reached out his hand to beckon the waiter.

Zhai Liang secretly tapped Yu Tu and whispered, “Did you know that Xia Qing returned to Beijing yesterday?”

Yu Tu looked down and drank his tea without denying it.

“The drunkard’s intention isn’t with the cup. He probably set up this whole gathering for Xia Qing.” Zhai Liang felt that the logic made sense. “He must have known that he would be ignored if he asked her to meet him alone, so he pretended to set this up for my sake. But why did he call you? Isn’t he afraid that he looks like a dog compared to you?”

However, he soon understood why Qu Ming dared to invite Yu Tu. Because, nowadays, Yu Tu is obviously not taken seriously by others.

Before the dishes were even served, Qu Ming took aim at Yu Tu and said offhandedly, “I met someone who graduated in the class after ours and he said that he’ll be working with Yu Tu next month?”

“Who from the other class?” A classmate asked.

“The one who is in charge of the state-owned company, Zhong X.”

Zhao Tian wondered, “Aren’t you working at the space station, Yu Tu?”

“You’re planning to leave, aren’t you?” Qu Ming looked at Yu Tu expectantly, “But now that you’re getting out, you’ll have to start from scratch. As I heard it, you’ll be taking the same salary as the fresh graduates?”

The scene was quiet.

The only sound was Qu Ming blathering on, “Why don’t you come to our foreign investment bank, Yu Tu? The salary is high. How else could you make 300,000 to 500,000 yuan a year in Shanghai? It’s better than going to the company with Ren Wang, that guy. His grades were so poor in school, wouldn’t you just be embarrassing all our classmates?”

After Yu Tu had left, Qiao Jingjing happily played a match alone as Wang Zhaojun. She deeply felt that after such intensive training, she could easily abuse a handful of novices, but she unexpectedly met a teammate who was more piggy than her and they were beaten down by the enemy for two consecutive games.

While she was seething, Xiao Zhu called.

“Jingjing, I’m here buying the salad but guess who I met?” Xiao Zhu’s voice was deliberately quiet.

“The teacher of eighty heroes.”

Xiao Zhu, “…you know?”

“Silly, I knew he was going there for dinner which reminded me of there salad. By the way, buy the salad and come straight back. Don’t go to Edward, he’ll refuse to let you pay.”

Edward is the owner of that western restaurant. Qiao Jingjing and he knew each other.

“I know. I’ve already bought it and I’ll bring it back right away.” Xiao Zhu continued, “I was just sitting and waiting for the salad and I also ordered something else to eat, and they happened to sit me next to Teacher Yu, but there was a green plant between us so that he didn’t see me.”

“Don’t go disturbing others.”

“Of course not~~~ But I think his friend is being very unfriendly to him. One of them is mocking him and his words are very harsh. It’s making me very angry.”

Qiao Jingjing frowned.

In the western restaurant.

Zhai Liang was so angry that he almost jumped up, “Yu Tu works in a confidential unit and there’s a declassified period after he resigns. He can’t just go to a foreign banking company. If you don’t know this, don’t just bullshit. Just because Xia Qing stood you up…”

Yu Tu held him down and looked calmly at Qu Ming, “Will you only live to thirty?”

Qu Ming was still feeling a little bombarded by Zhai Liang, “What do you mean?”

Yu Tu, “Why are you in such a hurry? Our lives are still long. Let’s see after a year.”

“Oh.” Qu Ming sneered, “I know that big scientists don’t like those of us who work in finance, but our industry isn’t a place to fool around.”

Yu Tu said politely, “No need to talk about others.”


Yu Tu raised his glass at him.

Zhai Liang was still angry. Everyone also felt that Qu Ming had gone too far and was waiting for things to smooth over. Just then, a waiter came to their table with a bottle of wine.

His eyes quickly circled around the table. He finally smiled and said accurately, “Mr. Yu, I have brought the bottle you and Miss Qiao left here previously.”

The waiter put the wine and glasses on the table in front of Yu Tu, and then set down two plates of prosciutto.

“Complements of our boss to Mr. Yu. Please enjoy.” He stepped back with a smile. Everyone was confused by this sudden development.

“Yu Tu, you’ve been here before?” Zhao Tian knew more about red wine. He picked up the bottle and couldn’t stop from exclaiming, “Roman Nikondi?”

Everyone except Yu Tu existed in the financial circles, how could they not know about such a famous wine? Of course, knowing was one thing and seeing it was another. They were all suddenly a little excited.

“Let me see.”

“Yu Tu don’t hide it from us. How much does this wine cost?”

“It has to be six digits?”

Zhai Liang also looked at Yu Tu in surprise.

Yu Tu’s eyes fell on the bottle and he sudden smiled and said, “I have something still to do. I’ll leave you here today. Enjoy the conversation.”

The crowd watched as Yu Tu stood up, took his coat, put it on leisurely, then picked up the bottle of wine, and slowly said goodbye to everyone.


…He actually took the bottle of wine with him?

More than ten minutes later, Qiao Jingjing voiced the thoughts of Yu Tu’s classmates.

“You actually brought the wine back?”

Yu Tu stood in the doorway and said, “I was reluctant to share it with them, so I brought it back.”

Qiao Jingjing looked at his expression as she explained, “I knew you were going and I thought of their salad so I had Xiao Zhu go to buy it, and then~~you…don’t think I’m too nosy?”

Yu tu raised his eyebrows slightly, “Am I the kind of person who can’t tell good from bad?”

Qiao Jingjing’s eyes suddenly lit up, “I think so too. So, was it worthwhile? Did it make you happy?”

Yu Tu nodded, “Like a successful rocket launch.”

What the hell kind of description is that? Qiao Jingjing burst into laughter, what’s this about being so happy and a rocket launch or something…

“Why do I feel that sounds a little dirty…”

Yu Tu could neither laugh nor cry, “What are you thinking about?”

“No, no.” Qiao Jingjing quickly changed the topic. “So~~Would you like to have a drink to celebrate the rocket launch?”

Six-figure wine? Yu Tu was about to refuse when Qiao Jingjing said, “Although it’s only a few hundred yuan, it shouldn’t be wasted.”

Yu Tu suspected he heard wrongly, “A few hundred yuan?”

“Of course! You think I’m stupid enough to buy such expensive wine for people I don’t know?” Qiao Jingjing proudly said, “I know the owner. I filmed there before. This was an empty bottle used during filming.”

“…” Yu Tu had nothing to say to that.

“Do you want to drink it or not? Anyway, I’ve stopped playing games for the night. I found that my left thumb has developed a callous.”

Yu Tu answered by walking in with the wine and closing the door.

Qiao Jingjing cheered and ran to the kitchen, “I’ll get the glasses.”

The did not drink the wine immediately, because Qiao Jingjing suddenly remembered a question.

What is the calorie count of red wine?

It seemed like it might be high so she looked it up on Baidu. Fortunately, the calories in red wine could be considered low, about 70 calories every 100 grams, which was acceptable.

So then Qiao Jingjing took the glasses all over the room looking for a place to drink.

The balcony was too cold, the dining room was too dull. In front of the French window seemed good, but it needed more atmosphere, so she took the roses from the table and pulled two candles from a drawer…

It’s done!

Yu Tu had been silently checking his watch. After twenty minutes had passed, among the flowers and candlelight, he finally had his first sip of the wine.

That night, they didn’t drink till very late or even say very much. Yu Tu was a little grateful that Qiao Jingjing didn’t ask him anything, and instead just criticized red wine for not being as good as rice wine, talked about her pig headed teammates in the game, and then happily brought out her phone to take selfies…

Outside the floor-to-ceiling window, the night view of Shanghai glistened and Yu Tu had never felt so relaxed.

Zhai Liang’s WeChat had been bombarding his phone with messages and he waited until he was on his way home to read them.

“Who is Miss Qiao?”

“Who is Miss Qiao? Who is she?”

Miss Qiao…

She’s a famous celebrity who has to take out the kitchen scale to calculate calories before she drinks.

Once, an old classmate who is just now getting to know.

You Are My Glory – Chapter 11

After three days of 1v1 matches, Yu Tu began to have her play 3v3 against the AI, saying it was to practice small-scale team battles. Qiao Jingjing found that she won easily and it boosted her confidence.

Then she began actual 3v3 combat mode, which was immediately more difficult. Not because she didn’t have the skill, but mainly because Yu Tu didn’t work with the team at all! He was always running off to fight wild birds, pigs and monsters, so that she and the poor randomly matched stranger were basically playing a game of 2v3. When she and her unfortunate teammates couldn’t stand it anymore, only then would Yu Tu run over to show off his skills.

It was a beautiful exercise in resisting stress under pressure.

However, after all, a god-level student is still god-level. Qiao Jingjing learned a lot, not only the heroes’ skills, but also details that she never paid attention to before that were actually very important. For example, when replenishing troops, adjust the equipment according to the opponent.

Previously, when she played with Wang Zhaojun, she basically only ever used one set of equipment to fight to the end.

The afternoon sun shone just right, shining warmly into the living room. Qiao Jingjing nestled in the sofa and seriously played the game.

It was another 3v3 actual combat. She was playing with Sun Shangxiang.

Her teammate was dead. Yu Tu was playing Zhang Fei and he finally came from the jungle to rush up and attack an opponent when she heard Yu Tu’s phone ring.

Qiao Jingjing immediately retreated to protect the tower.

Every time there was a call during the game, it caused a lag. Even if the call was hung up immediately, the character in the game would still get stuck for a few seconds. In team battles, this was basically equivalent to death.

She gave up her intention to pursue and happened to glance at Yu Tu’s phone, only to see a familiar name flashing on the caller ID – Xia Qing.

Was it Xia Qing?

Qiao Jingjing didn’t have time to think any further before Yu Tu pressed decline. Qiao Jingjing was a little surprised, “You don’t have to answer?”

Yu Tu’s expression was calm as he played Zhang Fei, “When the fight is over.”

The game ended quickly and Yu Tu stood up, “I’m going to make a call.”

He went to the balcony to make his phone call and soon came back. He said to Qiao Jingjing, “I’m going out for a bit.”

Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help but be curious, “Is Xia Qing also working in Shanghai?”

Yu Tu’s answer was a little nebulous, “She should still be in Beijing.”

Should be?

Qiao Jingjing thought about it as she waved goodbye, then she went to play a match. When the game ended, she put down her phone and suddenly became a little worried – although he had said “should be”, it sounded very uncertain. Would she no longer have a teacher starting tomorrow?

Xia Qing was not far from Qiao Jingjing’s house. Yu Tu was not late, but Xia Qing was already in the cafe when he arrived.

He nodded and sat down. Xia Qing said, “I ordered an Americano for you.”

“Thank you.” The waiter had just delivered his coffee when he asked her, “Are you here for business?”

“In fact, my trip is to Hangzhou.”

She paused and Yu Tu picked up his coffee, but he didn’t keep asking her why she had come to Shanghai.

Xia Qing pulled the corners of her lips, “Why are you here in Lujiazui?”

“I have business here.”

“Oh, I thought you had an interview.”

Yu Tu’s hand holding the coffee paused.

“I had a meal with Baobao in Hangzhou. He said that you are going to resign from the space agency.” She stared at Yu Tu, “Is it true?”

“That’s the plan.”

“Why?” Xia Qing’s tone suddenly intensified, “You didn’t hesitate to break up with me back then, but now you give up so easily?”

Yu Tu was silent.

Xia Qing smiled and leaned against the sofa. “I hope you stick with it, otherwise it’s like I have no status in your heart. It turns out that the work wasn’t impossible to give up, I just wasn’t worth it.”

Yu Tu sighed, “Before you and I got together, you knew that I was preparing for the aerospace postgrad exam.”

Xia Qing laughed to herself and said, “What is that saying? The most ridiculous fantasy in the world is to think you can change someone.”

Yu Tu took a sip and changed the topic, “Are you still at QE?”

“I changed jobs a long time ago. I was recently promoted to MD. The salary is double compared to what I made when I graduated. The work has doubled as well.”

“You have always excelled.”

“But I’m very tired. I often wonder, I’m a woman so why am I so tired?” Xia Qing bowed her head and stirred the coffee. “Which specialty are you going to work in? I heard that DF headquarters gave you an offer.”

The DF headquarters was in Beijing.

Yu Tu said, “I turned it down.”

Xia Qing’s tone was calm, “You did?”

She took a few more sips of coffee, put down the glass, looked at the time and said, “My plane leaves in two hours. I should go.”

The cafe was in the mall, so they had to go through the rest of the crowded mall when leaving. The two walked silently among all the people. Xia Qing suddenly stopped and looked a huge poster hanging from the third floor.

“Look, Qiao Jingjing.”

Yu Tu looked up. Qiao Jingjing’s phone was held up to her face and she was smiling down at the crowd.

“Do you think she would find us ridiculous if she thought of us now? In the past, we had the best grades in class but now we can’t even compare to one of her fingers.”

Yu Tu withdrew his eyes from the poster and said, “No.”

Xia Qing was a little surprised. She didn’t expect that Yu Tu would answer her.

“You are very confident.”

Once they were out of the mall, Yu Tu said, “I’ll take you to the train station.”

Xia Qing was stunned, shook her head with a smile and said, “Yu Tu, you are stuck in the past.” She tied up her hair and said, “I haven’t taken the subway in years. I’ll be getting off the plane to meet others later, so I won’t bother squeezing in with people.”

Yu Tu nodded, stopped a taxi and politely held the door for her.

Grabbing the door, Xia Qing stopped again and turned around, “You understand my intentions, right?”

Yu Tu could only remain silent.

“In your eyes, emotions are like the sky above, aren’t they? Everything is as insignificant as dust and not even worth mentioning at all?”

Yu Tu frowned slightly, “Why do you feel the need to mock me?”

Xia Qing smiled and said, “Oh, it’s not mocking, but perception. Yu Tu, you shouldn’t delay others.”

Qiao Jingjing was shocked when she opened the door and saw Yu Tu standing there. She thought it was Xiao Zhu.

“How come you’re back?”

She glanced at the decorative clock hanging in the living room and saw he had been gone for less than an hour. Did things go too smoothly, or was there a rift between them?

Yu Tu said, “Didn’t you say that works ends at nine o’clock?”

She had said that before, but she really didn’t expect that he wouldn’t leave till nine every day…

“I was talking nonsense, if you have something to do…”

“It’s okay. Let’s continue.” As he spoke, he took off his coat and hung it up, and then walked inside. Qiao Jingjing followed him and thought there was indeed a rift.

The two sat in their usual spots. Yu Tu had Qiao Jingjing join a 3v3 match to play with strangers and had her play with a new hero. He watched the battle. After a few rounds, he asked her to change heroes again. Qiao Jingjing saw that I’m so Panicked was online and she pulled him in to a match.

After he entered the game, I’m so Panicked sounded disgusted, “Why 3v3? It’s so boring.”

“Practicing small-scale team battles.”

“Very diligent, but~~~” I’m so Panicked said, “Little Cotton, would you consider bowing to me as your teacher instead?”

Qiao Jingjing asked, “Why?”

I’m so Panicky, “Because Jade Rabbit god is about to get a girlfriend.”

Qiao Jingjing, “…”

She looked at Yu Tu.

I’m so Panicky, “He leaves early and comes back late these days. I’ve been wondering what he’s up to and today, Slime Bag said that there’s probably something going on, though I can’t disclose the specifics. Anyway, you’d better grab on to me in the future because he probably won’t have the time to teach you.”

He revealed so much…

Qiao Jingjing’s beautiful eyes looked mischievous as she smiled, “Really, he leaves early and comes home late? He must be restless…”

Fingers suddenly brushed past her hair, turned of the microphone and speaker on her phone screen, and the room was suddenly quiet.

Yu Tu’s deep voice rang in her ear, “Concentrate.”

Even though his hand was pulled back, she still had a vague sense at the tip of her hair. Qiao Jingjing suddenly felt that her cheeks were a little numb. The hero that she was playing inexplicably stopped pursuing the low-health enemy and instead ran to the jungle.

She quickly turned her body to the side to block Yu Tu from seeing her messy gameplay. Fortunately, just then the doorbell rang. Qiao Jingjing cleared her throat, “Xiao Zhu is probably here with dinner.”

“I’ll get it.”

Yu Tu got up to open the door. However, as soon as the door was opened, it was not Xiao Zhu standing outside, but a strange man about the same height as him.

The man wore a tailored suit and when he saw Yu Tu, a trace of surprise flashed across his handsome features. His eyes looked past Yu Tu and since Yu Tu didn’t know his intentions, he slightly turned his body to block the entrance.

The pace of a 3v3 game is relatively fast. Qiao Jingjing quickly finished, threw her phone aside and came to the door, “Xiao Zhu, I asked you to bring yogurt…”

Her sentence ended abruptly when she saw the man standing outside the door and for a moment, she didn’t move.

What is this situation? Why did he come here?

The man glanced at Qiao Jingjing’s messy hair, casual home attire and slippers, and finally nodded and said, “I saw a light while driving by, so… sorry to disturb you.”

Then he left very elegantly.

Qiao Jingjing, “…”

Yu Tu looked at Qiao Jingjing, “You don’t need to explain to him?”

“Who wants to explain to someone they broke up with two years ago.” And someone so pretentious~ But what day was it today? Ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends both showed up, so is it Nostalgia Day?

Belatedly, Xiao Zhu rushed out of the elevator and said, “Jingjingjing, who did I see downstairs just now… Er, Teacher Yu.”

She immediately stopped talking.

Qiao Jingjing had just been about to look for her, “How did he come up. Weren’t his fingerprints deleted from the elevator?”

Xiao Zhu, “But there is still a password that let’s people come up. The password had been changed, but you kept forgetting the new one so you changed it back.”

“Go to the property management and change it to 1316. Go now.” Qiao Jingjing urged her.

“What’s that?”

“My best record, 13-1-6.” Qiao Jingjing was proud, “I won’t forget it. Don’t worry.”

Xiao Zhu was chased away to change the password and Qiao Jingjing and Yu Tu sat face-to-face on the floor in front of the window to eat. At usual, Yu Tu’s dinner was full of calories, three dishes and one soup. Qiao Jingjing had her sad fruit, leafy vegetables and basic protein. The contrast was bleak, and she felt like she needed to chat to increase the nutrition.

Qiao Jingjing felt that she and Yu Tu were both feeling embarrassed today, and since they were both embarrassed then neither of them needed to feel embarrassed. Anyway, Yu Tu already saw everything, and Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help but complain.

“I dated him for more than half a year. One day, he suddenly told me that his family was conservative and might not like my profession. He hoped that I would quit the entertainment industry first before I met his family.

“Then I said, my family doesn’t like people in business because they think the risk is too big, and they could easily go bankrupt. Either you resign first, or my family will not agree.”

Yu Tu smiled and said, “Mr. Su is actually very talented and has a good reputation.”

Qiao Jingjing was a little surprised. “You know him?”

“I studied finance in college, and I still pay attention to news.”

“Oh~~~ Then you must not know how narcissistic he is.” It had been two years and Qiao Jingjing was not angry, but she poked the fruit harder, “How about you?”


“Why did you break up with Xia Qing?”

Yu Tu looked up at her. Qiao Jingjing’s eyes were full of curiosity.

“I heard Peipei say that you got together as juniors. Oh, Peipei often gossips about all our classmates.” Qiao Jingjing did not hesitate to sell out her best friend, “If it’s inconvenient to say, treat it like I didn’t even ask.”

She pressed her chopsticks to her mouth craftily.

It wasn’t inconvenient to say. In fact, the reason was similar to hers. When she graduated from her undergraduate degree, she had several high-paying offers, but he still wanted to study the degree that his parents had initially rejected for him. He and Xia Qing got together when he was a junior and at that time, he was already preparing for the postgraduate examination. He thought she had accepted this whereas she thought he would change. But really, neither of them changed.

“Because of work. After graduating from undergraduate, I left Beijing and chose to study as a graduate student in the field of aerospace.” That was it in a nutshell.

It turned out to be because they lived apart. Qiao Jingjing turned her curiosity to something else. “Actually, I found it quite strange that you applied for a finance major in the college entrance examination. I always remembered that your dream was the sea of stars. Why did you suddenly study finance?”

Yu Tu’s eyes moved slightly, and he was a little surprised as to how she knew. He reflected on what he remembered, and there was a strange clarity in his heart.

“When filling in the major, my parents didn’t agree. I thought I could take both. At that time, I was a little young and frivolous.”

“But you really got it done. Then you went on to graduate school. You really were top of our class.” Qiao Jingjing was a little excited, “Then why are you on vacation for so long? Shouldn’t you be busy with research?”

“Because,” Yu Tu said, “I’m going to give up the sea of stars.”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 10

Qiao Jingjing’s frustration would only last through one meal at most.

Then she’d finish full of confidence. In the past, when she wasn’t good at acting, she asked her teacher to give her half a year of serious learning and… her acting got better? When she was ridiculed for weighing 95 catties, didn’t she train hard for three months and get (the beginnings of) defined abs?

Oh no, actually all those gains had already been lost because of her diligence (addiction) in playing the game.

… none of that matters. Anyway, she will get to Strongest King level.

Yu Tu ate across the table from her and watched as Qiao Jingjing’s whole demeanor changed from a small blade of grass into a confident poplar tree. After eating, Qiao Jingjing looked at Yu Tu. “Start?”

Yu Tu stood up and cleared away the bowls and chopsticks. Qiao Jingjing was embarrassed to tell him that Xiao Zhu would come clean up everything later that night, so instead she went and helped. The two cleaned up everything and then grabbed their phones and entered the game.

“Let’s battle 1v1.”

“Ah, let me fight you? I definitely don’t have the skill to beat you.”

“Through fighting, you can become familiar with each hero’s skills, damage output, cool down time and other operational details.”

“…Every hero? Aren’t there seventy or eighty heroes in Honor of Kings?”

Yu Tu said, “Well, so not very many.”

Qiao Jingjing, “…”

Yu Tu opened a room and sent her an invitation, “Come in. I also want to see what kind of hero you are most suitable for.”

Qiao Jingjing was abused all afternoon and began to doubt her decision to ask him to be her teacher. She put down her phone and said seriously, “I don’t think it’s fair.”

Yu Tu waiting for her to say more.

“I’m not at level 30, and my arcana is not full. You have more arcana than me. Of course I can’t beat you.”

Yu Tu showed her his phone, “I don’t have much.”

Qiao Jingjng clicked on it and saw there really wasn’t much and most of them were still level three or four… It turned out that he had never had much, but his gameplay was still as such?

Qiao Jingjing, who had no more excuses, was abused for several more rounds and resolutely left to use the bathroom. When she game back, she saw that Yu Tu was watching something on his phone. From the sound effects, it should be a video of Kings of Glory.

When she walked over, she saw that it was the video of her playing with Xiao Qiao. Qiao Jingjing blocked the screen with her hand, “Don’t look.”

This was her dark history, especially after she learned how to play the game~~~

Yu Tu closed the video, looked up and said calmly, “Let’s practice Xiao Qiao.”

Qiao Jingjing, “…”

At six o’clock, Xiao Zhu brought dinner. As soon as Qiao Jingjing opened the door, she said, “Today I want to eat meat.”

“There is boiled white chicken breast.”

“No, braised.”

Xiao Zhu was very embarrassed, “But I didn’t prepare any for you, only for Mr. Yu. And you have eaten two pieces at noon, you can’t eat more at night. Be good.”

Xiao Zhu, like she did at noon, left after delivering the meal. Qiao Jingjing and Yu Tu ate across from each other in the dining room, and the lunch boxes were arranged in front of them. The contrast of their two dinners was stark.

At lunch, Yu Tu had felt that she ate very little, but that the food she ate was normal. At dinner, it was full of leafy vegetables and only a few thin chicken breasts.

He suddenly had a little difficulty eating. He put down his chopsticks, pushed his lunch box to the middle of the table and asked, “Would you like some of mine first?”

Er, did he overhear her conversation with Xiao Zhu?

Qiao Jingjing looked at his rich lunch box and yearned for a bite, but she shook her head restrainedly, “No, you can eat.”

She sighed and said to herself, “I’ve gained weight again these days.”

Yu Tu looked at her wrists which seemed so thin they could break, “…”

After dinner, she continued to practice. Once the game interface was opened, Qiao Jingjing was flustered to be invited to a 5v5 match. She looked at Yu Tu who nodded and said, “Let’s play for a while.”

It was really relaxing to play on a team with all the others now. Qiao Jingjing was moved.

Entering the game, she heard on the chat, “Where have you been today, Yu Tu? No one has seen you since the early morning.”

Yu Tu didn’t turn on the speaker or microphone, and naturally ignored him.

Qiao Jingjing also turned off the microphone, “What does Panicky do? He seems to be very idle.”

“He is my college classmate. He used to work in a hedge fund company, but he’ll be going abroad next month.”

Oh, no wonder he was so idle.

At the end of the match, Yu Tu said, “Just now the other team had Zhuge Liang. You should have blocked the ultimate for your teammates when you are full of health points.”

Qiao Jingjing, “…I didn’t know.”

“These are the most basic strategies that you have to know.”

Qiao Jingjing nodded and asked expectantly, “Did you figure out which kind of hero I’m suitable for?”

Yu Tu looked at her, “Let’s play for two more days.”

Qiao Jingjing automatically translated that into two more days of one-sided abuse. Her eyes were dark and dejected.

The following day was the same as the first. Qiao Jingjing lost over and over for two consecutive days. In a mood, she said angrily, “Can’t you let me win for once?”

Yu Tu took at look at her and then stopped moving his fingers.

Originally, his hero had been flying all over the place and then suddenly it stood quietly in the center of the map…

Qiao Jingjing, “…I didn’t mean let me win like this.”

Yu Tu thought for a moment, “Then you are asking too much of me.”

Qiao Jingjing wanted to cry.

She clicked on her achievements to show Yu Tu, “Look at my record.”

Yu Tu looked at it and saw that her win rate was indeed a little pitiful, “Then all you can do is go and fight others.”

… If you want to win, you have to fight others. Although it’s the truth, isn’t it a little too obvious to say it so openly?

Qiao Jingjing complained in her heart, but she was eager and a little worried, “Solo match with others? Can I beat them?”

Yu Tu, “Give me your phone if you can’t.”

Qiao Jingjing immediately went to fight others.

Qiao Jingjing chose Yu Ji who she’d been having fun playing the last two days. The enemy team chose Wang Zhaojun. Qiao Jingjing was familiar with Wang Zhaojun and she skillfully avoided their skills. After upgrading to level 4, her second skill let her get close to the opponent where she used another skill to kill Wang Zhaojun directly. Qiao Jingjing couldn’t believe that she won so easily. She couldn’t help taking a look at Yu Tu, Yu Tu…

Didn’t react at all.

Well, Qiao Jingjing tamped down her excitement and calmly fought another two rounds, killing the enemy till they surrendered.

At the end of the game, she was a little bit confused. How could she win so easily?


Qiao Jingjing opened another game, her eyes bright. This time, she still used Yu Ji, but she was beaten to pieces by the enemy’s Monkey King. Qiao Jingjing was a little unconvinced and smashed the buttons, completely forgetting that she could shove her phone at Yu Tu. It was not until the crystal was about to explode that she remembered that there was a master next to her, and she immediately stuffed her phone in his hands.

At this time, she was already at a huge disadvantage.

After Yu Tu took the phone, his movements were flexible and he quickly cleaned up the line. The Monkey King could only retreat and wait for the next wave of troops. He probably underestimated the enemy so much that he just stood still in front of the crystal, which let Yu Tu use a series of moves to directly kill him.

Qiao Jingjing watched him play. When the Monkey King regenerated, Yu Tu wandered around eating away at the Monkey King’s health points and saying, “You died too many times in the early stage, and your economy and equipment are worse than his. At this time, don’t go hard, take time to make him consume his energy. Pay attention to cleaning up the line and don’t let the enemy enter the tower.”

Qiao Jingjing nodded.

Although it took a while, Yu Tu still turned the situation around. The Monkey King was also surprised and couldn’t help asking a question at the end.

Canlong Aoxue (Monkey King): Were you just playing with me at the beginning?

Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help but laugh. Yu Tu didn’t reply. After the end of the battle, he gave Qiao Jingjing the phone.

“The second skill of Yu Ji can make her immune to physical damage. Keep it in reserve for the right time when you’re fighting on the line. I’ll use an assassin and you use Yu Ji. Let’s continue.” He looked at the time, “Until you can avoid the damage accurately.”

It was almost ten o’clock when Yu Tu left. Xiao Zhu rushed over to help clean up the leftovers and dishes, and saw that the kitchen and dining room were already so clean, while Qiao Jingjing was humming song happily and playing with her phone.

Xiao Zhu, “Is the practice going well?”

Qiao Jingjing nodded with a pretty expression on her face, “The top student not only taught me math, but also helped me… Oh, do my homework.”

Xiao Zhu, “???”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 9

When Yu Tu came home, Zhai Liang was playing games with Qiao Jingjing. He glanced up briefly while staying focused on the game, “He’s back, don’t worry.”

Qiao Jingjing’s voice came from his phone, “What took so long?”

Yu Tu, “The subway was stopped. I needed to transfer.”

Qiao Jingjing was distracted. Wang Zhaojun accidentally took a step towards the tower and was immediately hit. The enemy’s Li Bai came from nowhere and hit her with their ultimate.

Wang Zhaojun was so scared that she ran away screaming her head off, “Ah, help.”

Zhai Liang also shouted, “I can’t save you.”

Yu Tu couldn’t help but think how not long ago Zhai Liang was complaining about celebrities and wondered what he would think if he knew that Cotton was one of the most popular stars right now.

Zhai Liang lowered his head to play the game and casually asked, “Yu Tu, did you repair the purifier?”

Yu Tu thought for a moment and replied, “Ask Qiao…Cotton, she’ll give you the answer.”

Zhai Liang had choice words for Yu Tu but didn’t think they were appropriate to voice out. What kind of response was that?

“Don’t want to play a match?”

“I have something to do.”

Zhai Liang felt like something was different after Yu Tu went to Cotton’s house, but it was impossible to put his finger on what was different. After thinking about it for a long time, he asked Qiao Jingjing through the voice chat, “Cotton, has your purifier been repaired?”

After Zhai Liang finished the game and went to talk to Yu Tu, he saw that Yu Tu was on the computer and staring at the screen. He was surprised for a moment. Yu Tu had been very lazy during his vacation and hadn’t even touched his computer. What happened today? Did he make a decision?

Walking over, he saw the image on the screen was a game of Kings of Glory.

“Are you watching a professional game?”


“Why are you interested in this?”

Yu Tu’s answer was indifferent, “Probably a sudden interest.”


Zhai Liang suddenly remembered an important question, “So tell me, is Cotton beautiful?”

Yu Tu thought for a moment and answered, “Her looks are the kind you can see everywhere on the street.”

Zhai Liang was a little disappointed but he still criticized Yu Tu justly, “Isn’t your mouth a little poisonous? How can you say that about a girl?”

Yu Tu, “Tactly.”

A long time later, after Zhai Liang finally saw the true face of “Cotton”… he was so impressed that he wanted to kill Yu Tu. Isn’t her face exactly the one you could see everywhere on the street?

Yu Tu watched game play till two o’clock, and at two o’clock Qiao Jingjing woke up. She couldn’t fall back asleep. She didn’t move from under her blanket as she grabbed her phone and sent a WeChat message to Xiao Zhu.

“Have the driver pick up Yu Tu tomorrow.”

Of course, Xiao Zhu wasn’t online. After a while, Qiao Jingjing recalled the message.

It seemed a little inappropriate to do that…

Also it seemed that she forgot to add Yu Tu to WeChat…

Qiao Jingjing though over it for a while and eventually fell asleep. After seven o’clock, she woke up well rested. Xiao Zhu had been blowing up her WeChat for a long time.

“Jingjing, what message did you recall?”

“What should I do?”

“Did your stomach start hurting in the middle of the night?”

Qiao Jingjing replied to her, “Bring breakfast for two people!”

“Wait!” Just after she sent it out, she changed her mind, “You don’t have to come this morning.”

Then she opened QQ and sent a message to Yu Tu.

“Rabbit god, please bring breakfast ^_^”

After a few minutes, he replied, “Ok, what do you want?”

Qiao Jingjing gave the universal answer, “Anything. By the way, my elevator password is xxxx. Can you come up yourself? Xiao Zhu isn’t here.”


At nine o’clock, Yu Tu was carrying a large bag of breakfast and knocked on Qiao Jingjing’s door right on time.

Qiao Jingjing opened the door and stood in the doorway. Yu Tu hesitated to come in and handed her the bag, “I brought some food.”

She really just asked him to bring food to help break the ice, but…

“…can we eat so much?” Qiao Jingjing was a little stunned.

“I’ve already eaten.”


So this was for one person? What kind of misunderstanding did he have about the stomach of people in the entertainment industry?

Yu Tu saw the speechless look in her eyes and explained, “I didn’t know what you like, so I just bought an assortment.”

“Oh~~ Let’s save some of it for lunch then. I’ll ask Xiao Zhu to deliver less at noon.” Qiao Jingjing remembered, “It’s not very convenient for me to go out, so I can only let Xiao Zhu deliver lunch and dinner here in the future, okay?”

“Dinner?” Yu Tu paused, “So when exactly is my workday done?”

Qiao Jingjing hadn’t thought about the answer. Her eyes fluttered and she deliberately said, “nine o’clock.”

“So long as your hand doesn’t hurt.”

Qiao Jingjing, “…” That’s true.

Yu Tu smiled and said, “You eat first. I’ll wait for you.”

Qiao Jingjing quickly finished the breakfast and went to the living room to find Yu Tu.

The morning sun was shining lightly in front of the French window and Yu Tu was sitting on the sofa across the room, staring at his computer. Qiao Jingjing’s footsteps paused and she felt that this scene was a little incredible.

Yu Tu looked up at her, “Have you finished eating?”

Qiao Jingjing nodded and was a little surprised, “You brought a computer?”

Yu Tu said, “Um.” He waited for her to sit down and asked, “Who was teaching you before?”

“My agent’s husband.”

“He taught you Cai Wenji and Sun Yi?”

Qiao Jingjing nodded, “He asked me to play support, but when I played with you later, I thought Wang Zhaojun was more my style.”

Yu Tu thought over it, “Have you ever watched a professional competition?”

Qiao Jingjing shook her head.

“Let’s watch a few games first.”

Yu Tu clicked on a video, “This is the final from the first half of the year. Luo Shen vs. CS.”

“I know this. Big Sister Ling forwarded it to Weibo with my account.”

“You didn’t watch it?”

“I was filming in Moriyama Laolin. The signal was very bad.”

“Then watch it now.” While they were speaking, the two sides in the finals had finished choosing heroes and entered the map.

The finals from the first half of the year went for seven full rounds, almost all of which were amazing. After watching three matches in a row, Yu Tu paused the video and asked Qiao Jingjing, “What do you think?”

Sure enough, she still needed to make a report!

Qiao Jingjing thought and answered, “They rarely died? Unlike the dozens of deaths in our battles.”

“They know a lot about their damage and whether a fight will be worth it or not, and they won’t start a group fight easily.” Yu Tu said, “Did you notice Zhuang Zhou in the Luo Shen team?”

“The one who played Zhang Fei in the first round? The commentator mentioned his name many times.”

Yu Tu nodded and said, “Zhang Fei was in a pivotal position at the beginning of the second match, so the support position is actually very important, sometimes it’s even the commander of the team.”

So before, A Guo didn’t really say it right when he talked about the support role?

“My skill is very ordinary… Can I win with Wang Zhaojun?”

Yu Tu, “I saw that you are already Gold ranked. Did you play 1v1 matches?”

Qiao Jingjing was very proud, “Yes, I also took MVP many times.”

Yu Tu thought about it and handed her his phone, “Try and play with my account.”

Qiao Jingjing didn’t understand what he meant by it, but she still took his phone and opened his Diamond-ranked account, and successfully selected Wang Zhaojun, who she’d been playing well with recently.

Ten minutes later, Qiao Jingjing thought, is this what it means to be slaughtered without mercy?

She put down the phone and looked a little pale. The game wasn’t over, and her teammates had good tempers, but they kept saying things like, “Focus on development, don’t make waves. Steady, we can win.”

The meaning was for her to stop giving the enemies her head.

She stuffed the phone back in Yu Tu’s hands.

Yu Tu took over and took Wang Zhaojun to return to the tower to low-key develop.

While he had his head lowered to play, he calmly said, “You played Gold well before, but it was difficult when you played Diamond. The competition you’ll participate in with professional players will only be more difficult than just now. I didn’t know what you were facing before, so I thought it was enough to play Wang Zhaojun well, but in fact, Wang Zhaojun isn’t really played in professional competitions.”

Qiao Jingjing squeezed her lips and felt moody. She had asked Yu Tu to come help her mostly on a whim but now she knows that she desperately needed the help.

“I knew it would be more difficult but I didn’t expect it to be so much more difficult.” She cheered up and asked seriously, “So what do I do?”

Yu Tu looked at her in surprise and said very simply, “There is still one month left. You rely on yourself to reach Strongest King rank.”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 8

After a while, Yu Tu regained presence of mind and said, “Long time no see.”

Qiao Jingjing nodded and said, “Long time no see.”

Yu Tu was silent for a moment, then suggested, “Let’s go and see your purifier?”

Qiao Jingjing, “…”

Qiao Jingjing coughed, “I haven’t gone out of the house for several days. I’m a little dizzy. Why don’t we go out for a walk first?”

Yu Tu raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Okay, I admit it.” Qiao Jingjing sighed but her expression was lighthearted, “Before, I wanted to use the big move of ‘no electricity’, but I didn’t expect that Ding Chaoqun had already used it. I was really reluctant to destroy such a lovely purifier so… it is doing it’s job well right now.”

Yu Tu looked a little surprised, and hesitated before finally saying, “It’s a little cold outside.”

Qiao Jingjing followed his line of sight and glanced down at her legs. Yu Tu quickly looked away. She smiled secretly in her heart.

“Okay, I’ll go up and change clothes.”

A few steps away from Qiao Jingjing’s community of buildings was the Binjiang Avenue of Huangpu River. Although it is only one river away from the Bund, it is much more sparsely populated.

Qiao Jingjing added a pair of pants to her outfit. With her hat, mask and sunglasses, her whole person was covered tightly and one could not see her appearance at all. It’s just that she had been a star for a long time and she naturally had a striking bearing. In addition to the handsome man next to her, they inevitably attracted the frequent stares of passers-by.

Qiao Jingjing suddenly said, “I think it might be a little unsafe to walk with you.”

Yu Tu, “…Shouldn’t I be the one saying that?”

He should be worried about being discovered by her fans at any time, right?

“No, sometimes I go out for a walk with Xiao Zhu, that is, the girl you met just now. There are really never this many people watching us.”

Qiao Jingjing felt around in the huge pocket of her sweater and actually found a mask that she pulled out and handed to him, “Don’t let me be found out. It will make headlines.”

Yu Tu was very suspicious that a grown man wearing a pink mask wouldn’t be more eye-catching. And isn’t it too coincidental that this would be the mask in her pocket?

Reflecting on the games they’d been playing together these days, and how he was tricked into coming today…Yu Tu felt certain that it wasn’t a coincidence. But Qiao Jingjing raised her hand so persistently that he had to take it and put it on.

Then he saw Qiao Jingjing’s eyes bend proudly, and he inwardly smiled. He really didn’t expect this high school classmate to be so…childish?

After putting on the mask, the two walked a little further. As they walked, Qiao Jingjing was relaxed and did not make any moves to talk first, so Yu Tu voiced his doubts, “How did you end up playing games with me?”

“Ah?” Qiao Jingjing seemed lost in thoughts but turned her head when he spoke, and her eyes blinked, “You invited me? By mistake. Did you forget?”

Of course Yu Tu did not forget but, “Why are you in my QQ friends?”

Qiao Jingjing felt depressed. Does the situation of secretly adding your QQ need to be explained? She gave him a look and asked dramatically, “Do you have amnesia?”

Yu Tu suddenly understood and there was a trace of embarrassment.

“Do you still want to ask why I called you out today?” Finding that they were a little awkward with their chatting, Qiao Jingjing decided to get to the point quickly.

Yu Tu looked at her and waited for her to continue.

Qiao Jingjing thought for a moment and asked him, “Do you have Weibo?”

Yu Tu nodded, “I do.”

“Then you should look at mine.”

Yu Tu took at look at her Weibo account and saw the latest thing that she posted.

Qiao Jingjing V:

I just bought a super cute rabbit purifier which is so easy to use. The key thing is that it’s super cute, right?

She also posted a selfie with rabbit ears and the purifier.

His eyes stayed on the picture for a moment. He pulled down the comment section and saw that not long after it was posted the comments had already exceeded 50,000 and continued to rise. Most of them were replies about how their goddess is cute, and also about the purifier recommended by their goddess.

Just at that time, a WeChap prompt popped up on his phone screen.

Mu Yi: Are we so rich? Surprisingly we’re able to hire a female star to advertise for us?

Yu Tu clicked into the WeChat group of coworkers from the research institute and found they were all hotly discussing this topic. About three or four of them had posted screenshots of Qiao Jingjing’s Weibo post at the same time.

Wang Chun: Qiao Jingjing is so popular. How much is it to get a post like that? @XieYueYiLun isn’t your husband working at the company we coordinate with? Go and ask.

Xie Yue Yi Lun: Asked him and he says they didn’t hire her! They already couldn’t afford c-list celebrities so how dare they even think of Qiao Jingjing.

Xie Yue Yi Lun: My husband says they ran out on Taobao because there were too many orders. There was little stock and they didn’t expect this to happen.

Li Lun: The only publicity before this was when all the employees posted the advertisement to their friends, right? Now it’s just exploded.

Yu Tu put away his phone and looked up at Qiao Jingjing.


Qiao Jingjing’s eyes flowed, “It’s not like I have a conflicting endorsement, so I sent the message to support the motherland’s space industry.”

Yu Tu looked at her for a moment and suddenly smiled, “Thank you.”

With that, he started walking away.

Qiao Jingjing was dumbfounded, “…wait!”

As soon as she caught up, she saw that the corners of Yu Tu’s mouth were slightly raised. Qiao Jingjing suddenly felt cheated and was a little annoyed, “You are too unkind.”

“I thought unkindness was to lie to me about your company’s competition for Kings of Glory.”

Qiao Jingjing felt a little guilty, but still said righteously, “I wasn’t lying to you. I really am going to play in a Kings of Glory competition.”

Yu Tu raised his eyebrows slightly and expressed a trace of doubt.

“Do you know that I’m the Kings of Glory ambassador?”

Yu Tu nodded, “Before, every time I opened the game there was an activity where you’d send out arcana.”

“Well, in short, in about a month, I’ll be competing with professional players.” Qiao Jingjing was too lazy to explain the whole thing, “You can just look through my Weibo.”

Three minutes later, Yu Tu finished glancing through her Weibo.

“…so you’re going to the KPL live game next month? You’ll be playing with randomly drawn players?”

“Five lucky players, six including me, plus four professional players. The professional players who’ll participate haven’t yet been announced.”

Yu Tu was silent.

Qiao Jingjing asked Yu Tu a little nervously, “What do you think of my gaming level? If I go to the competition…”

Yu Tu deliberated for a moment and then answered politely, “If there is even one more player like you on the team, I don’t think you can win.”


Qiao Jingjing felt depressed.

“So,” Yu Tu mused, “do you want me to teach you?”

It’s really a time-saver to talk to smart people, she thought. Qiao Jingjing pretended to be indifferent, “Is it okay? It wouldn’t be online like before. That kind of approach is a little inefficient… it is better to have you teach me face-to-face. Anyways, if you’re on vacation, it shouldn’t affect your work…”

Qiao Jingjing suddenly felt her heart twist up. Of course, her appearance was flawless. Very at ease!

Yu Tu felt it was a little difficult.

“I haven’t watched a professional game before. I don’t know how good they are, so I don’t know if I can teach you well.”

“It doesn’t matter. I can’t ask anyone else to teach me. You saw that.”

Yu Tu had just seen the video of her playing being exposed and of course he understood what she meant. However, he stared at her, “Do you trust me?”

“Ah?” Qiao Jingjing felt the question was a little inexplicable, “You’re my classmate.” And there isn’t any conflict of interest.

What else could Yu Tu say? He sighed for a long time and suddenly felt it was a little funny.

He remembered how long ago, when he was a freshman in high school, one day a girl suddenly ran up to him and said arrogantly, “Yu Tu, teach me math and I’ll treat you to KFC.”

How similar it is.

He forgot why he refused at that time, but there seemed to be no reason to refuse at this moment. He really didn’t have anything going on, so he nodded and said, “Okay.”

It was Qiao Jingjing who was stunned. Although she had acted confidently as though she knew he would definitely agree to her request, could it be so simple?



“You’re willing?”

Yu Tu nodded.

Qiao Jingjing was happy and immediately turned to walk back.

“Then let’s stop walking and go back to play games.”

Yu Tu could hardly keep up with her pace, “Isn’t it inappropriate with your parents at home?”

“Who told you my parents were here? They’re in my hometown.” Qiao Jingjing immediately edited her previous script and said happily, “My house only has a rabbit air purifier at home.”

The walk back was completely different from before. There was no awkwardness at all because… Yu Tu kept asking her questions about the game.

Qiao Jingjing was a little overwhelmed. Is this what it’s like when a top-student turns on teaching mode?

When the were downstairs in her building, Yu Tu finally stopped asking questions and felt a little helpless, “What was your coach even teaching you?”

Qiao Jingjing felt the god-level student’s contempt and was dejected, “You even study how to play games?”

“You don’t need to study it. You can figure it out after playing a few matches. These details will sometimes determine the winner.” He looked at his watch, “It’s too late today. I’ll head out.”

Qiao Jingjing saw that it was ten o’clock.

“Then tomorrow, um, nine in the morning? And can you come here?” Qiao Jingjing asked him. “You know it isn’t very convenient for me to go anywhere.”

Actually, Yu Tu felt like that would be a little inappropriate but it seemed like there was no where else for them to go.

After thinking about it, he still said, “Yes.”

“Well…goodbye.” Qiao Jingjing waved at him.


Yu Tu very courteously pressed the elevator button and waited for Qiao Jingjing to enter before turning around and leaving.

Qiao Jingjing almost cheered when the elevator door closed.

“Xiao Zhu!” She jumped around her house happily, “A childhood dream came true!”

Xiao Zhu excitedly looked up from the sofa where she had been reporting to Big Sister Ling. Hearing her words, she quickly put down her phone, “What dream?”

Qiao Jingjing, “A god-level student is going to teach me math!”

Xiao Zhu, “???”

You Are My Glory – Chapter 7

Peipei didn’t know the answer and wasn’t replying. Qiao Jingjing couldn’t wait to wring her neck through WeChat.

Peipei: It seems that Yu Tu works at Shanghai’s Aerospace Institute.


Is he in aerospace?

Qiao Jingjing sat up straight and asked anxiously: But didn’t he study finance in university?

Peipei: Why do you remember so clearly?

Peipei: How would I know how he ended up in aerospace?

Peipei: Why are you asking this?

Qiao Jingjing threw away her phone and didn’t plan to answer her again. After another few minutes, Peipei suddenly sent a screenshot of a dialogue from the high school chat.

Ding Chaoqun: @yutu @yutu, last time I bought the air purifier recommended on your Institute’s social media, it suddenly broke down and I couldn’t get through the customer service for repair. Can you help me reach them?

Ding Chaoqun: I just got through and they said they can’t come repair it till tomorrow night. It’s in my kid’s room. Can you talk to them so they come earlier. The kid coughs whenever he has a cold.

Li Ming: Do you sell purifiers, Yu Tu?

Ding Chaoqun: It was developed by his workplace for civilian use. I thought the aerospace tech must be awesome and I didn’t expect this.

Yu Tu: What is wrong? @dingchaoqun

Ding Chaoqun: It won’t start.

Yu Tu: Is your home on this side of the river?

Ding Chaoqun: Right.

Yu Tu: I’ll come and see if I can help.

Qiao Jingjing read the dialogue very carefully and then accused Peipei of sending screenshots randomly: What are you sending me this for?

Peipei: It was in yesterday’s group chat. I remembered it and thought I’d show you. Yu Tu is indeed working in aerospace.

Yeah…it is actually aerospace.

It turned out that he didn’t give up on his dreams.

Qiao Jingjing remembered the boy on the space forum. Her image of him from when she was a teenager suddenly became very clear and gradually overlapped with her vision of Jade Rabbit in the game.

Qiao Jingjing suddenly felt infinitely curious. What would he look like now?

It would be interesting if they could meet in the crowd one day. Unfortunately, she couldn’t wander around as she liked, so they would probably never meet by chance.

Outside the window, the haze was heavy and the tall buildings were hidden so that she couldn’t see the city clearly. Qiao Jingjing sat on the sofa in front of the French window for a long time. Somehow, she suddenly felt her heart move and an idea split her mind like lightning. She grabbed her phone and typed excitedly: Peipei, show me the purifier advertisement!

The next night, in the 5 player group, when Jade Rabbit, I’m so Panicked, Slime Bag, Dragon King 2001 and Hand Picked Cotton teamed up to play a match, Qiao Jingjing began her performance.

First, cough twice and complain, “Aiya, the haze in Shanghai is so thick, do you all have haze where you are?”

Yu Tu generally doesn’t speak much, luckily I’m so Panicked was very cooperative, “Jade Rabbit and I are also in Shanghai, very cool!”

The other two had also reported their location one after the other, one in Hangzhou and the other in Wuhan, and everyone shared their grim fate with haze.

Qiao Jingjing took the opportunity to keep going “What brand of purifier do you use? My family just bought a Jade Rabbit air purifier, but it broke down in only a few days.”

The Jade Rabbit running on screen suddenly paused.

Qiao Jingjing’s mouth raised.

I’m so Panicked, “Jade Rabbit air purifier? Yu Tu, isn’t that one of yours?”

Qiao Jingjing gave a thumbs up to I’m so Panicked. This ability to take her cues was really something else.

Qiao Jingjing’s voice was full of surprise, “Is this product part of your company? I bought it because of the name but I didn’t expect such a coincidence.”

Yu Tu, “One of our laboratories cooperates with a company for civilian production. Try changing to a new socket. A classmate of mine also bought it and said it wouldn’t start. I went to have a look and it turned out the problem was with the socket in his home.”

…How did this classmate steal her trick?

Qiao Jingjing thickened her face, “I changed the socket, but it didn’t work. I called the repair line and they said it couldn’t be scheduled until the day after tomorrow. But the old man at home has a serious cough, alas~~~”

I’m so Panicky, “Your cooperation company’s after-sales service is not very good. Jade Rabbit, couldn’t you go help Cotton figure out what’s wrong?”

It’s not enough to give him a thumbs-up. Qiao Jingjing decided to find an opportunity to give him a full set of skins!

Yu Tu didn’t say anything.

Qiao Jingjing’s voice was full of expectation, “Do you even know how?”

I’m so Panicky, “Of course, he works part-time as a troubleshooting expert.”

Qiao Jingjing, “Jade Rabbit god, can you help me look at my purifier?”

Yu Tu, “Give me your contact information.”

So easy? Qiao Jingjing was surprised but then he said, “I’ll ask the laboratory person to contact you and go to your house sooner.”

…She knew it couldn’t be that easy. It was so difficult for her to add his QQ all those years ago. How would he so easily go to the home of a female netizen?

Fortunately, she still had a move up her sleeve.

“Thank you, but,” she sighed, “In fact, this is the second time calling for a repair and it feels useless even if someone comes.”

Dragon King 2001, “It’s so unreliable. What’s wrong with it? I had even been thinking of buying one.”

Slime Bag, “Really like that, Jade Rabbit?

Qiao Jingjing sighed again, “That’s right. I bought it after reading the advertisement about how it used aerospace technology. I didn’t expect…”

Qiao Jingjing silently repented in her heart. I’m sorry, great space technology of the motherland. I will definitely repay you later!

I’m so Panicky, “What did the repair person say?”

Qiao Jingjing, “I think he was in a bind. It seems that he couldn’t find the problem.”

I’m so Panicky, “How about you go have a look, Jade Rabbit.”

Qiao Jingjing didn’t say anything anymore because she was afraid of speaking too much would be worse than saying too little. Yu Tu killed the enemy’s Hua Mulan before he said, “Do you live with your parents?”

Qiao Jingjing’s eyes lit up and she quickly replied, “Yes!”

“Are they home now?”

Qiao Jingjing was excited, “Yes!”

After a while of silence, Yu Tu said, “If it is convenient, I’ll come over and take a look.”

Qiao Jingjing almost jumped up. Success!

What access? She should be a screenwriter.

Qiao Jingjing calmed down and asked steadily, “My home is in Pudong. Will it be a little far away? It is too troublesome for you?”

Yu Tu, “It’s okay. Send me the address.”

After one game, everyone quit.

Zhai Liang rushed to Yu Tu’s room, “You are so boring, Yu Tu, asking to go when her parents are home.”

Yu Tu picked up his coat and walked out, “Are you that bored?”

On the other side of the city, Qiao Jingjing put down her phone and hurried out of the bedroom. She said to Xiao Zhu, who was guarding in the living room, “Xiao Zhu, take the new air purifier out of the packaging.”

With that, she hurried back to the bedroom to put on make up. Half an hour later, she came out and grabbed Xiao Zhu to pull her face close and look at her eyes, “Tell me if the makeup is too thick?”

A top-level beauty shoves her face so close and, even though Xiao Zhu sees it every day, she was still a little stunned. Qiao Jingjing let go of her, “Really too thick?”

She muttered and went back into the bedroom.

Xiao Zhu, “???”

After fifteen minutes, Qiao Jingjing came out again with a lovely new look. Wearing a large loose sweater, showing long slender legs, hair tied in a loose ponytail, she gave off a very fresh vibe.

“It is girly enough?”

The other way of putting it, Xiao Zhu thought, was to ask if she was shameless enough, but at this moment she could only look in a trance and say sincerely, “Very girly. So, Jingjing, what are you doing?”

It’s so late, what’s with the costume changing?

Qiao Jingjing clapped her hands in satisfaction and walked to the purifier, “Destroy this.”

Yu Tu left the subway station in a crowd of people. A gust of night wind blew. He slowed down his pace and suddenly felt that all this was a little incredible. Unexpectedly, he was meeting a netizen in real life. The wonder of life is how unpredictable it all is. Just like how a few years ago, he firmly believed that he wanted to fight for his passions and ideals, but finally lost to reality.

The address given by Cotton was not far from the subway station, only a ten minute walk.

The building community seemed to be very strict with their security. There was already a girl in her twenties waiting by the door. The girl held her phone and stared at him excitedly as soon as she saw him.

Walking over, he asked, “Cotton?”

The girl immediately squeezed her hand into a fist and pressed it against her mouth very cartoonishly. Staring at him up and down, looking so excited that she stumbled over her words, she said, “No, no, I’m not. I’m her assistant. She’s waiting for you at home. I’ll take you there.”

The voice really didn’t belong to Cotton. But didn’t Cotton say she was a newcomer to her company. How can she have an assistant?

Yu Tu was a little confused, but he followed her footsteps.

Along the way, the girl turned her head to peer at him secretly from time to time. Once she caught his eyes and was immediately embarrassed.

“Well, my name is Xiao Zhu. We’re going to the innermost building, a little further.”

Yu Tu nodded, “It’s okay.”

They walked for a few more minutes.

“We’re almost there.” Xiao Zhu walked quickly. Suddenly, she stopped and look ahead, shouting in surprise, “Jingjing, why did you come down by yourself?”


Something suddenly flashed through Yu Tu’s mind and he looked up in an instant, and then he was stunned.

Not far away, the light of the lobby was bright. A tall, slender woman stood there looking up at the notice on the wall. She was standing in profile. She wore a big hat and mask, and her face only showed a pair of deep and bright eyes, but the whole scene was set like an impeccable photo playing with light and shadow. At the sound, her eyelashes moved and she turned her head.

Her eyes immediately found his and stared for a few seconds, and then flashed with a smile.

“I was afraid someone will think I’m too arrogant, so I came down to meet you.”

It’s Qiao Jingjing.

They hadn’t seen each other for ten years, since the university entrance examination. Or, it’s not right to say that. In fact, he has seen her everywhere and she is everywhere in various news media, screens of all sizes, and even subway advertisements and bus stops.

Looking at the woman who was smiling at him from not far away, he couldn’t help but feel like he was having some kind of exciting encounter.

Qiao Jingjing was also looking at Yu Tu. She thought about a popular saying, how does it go?

Oh, it seems to be–

After experiencing so much, the heart is still pure.

She has been running around chasing fame and fortune, but this man has eyes as clear as they ever were.

You Are My Glory – Chapter 6

Yu Tu responded immediately with just a “?”.

Qiao Jingjing held her phone and thought about it. The more she thought about it, the more she thought her idea was brilliant. She had already realized that although Yu Tu was only Diamond ranked, his capabilities were actually much higher than A Guo’s and following his playing had helped her more than A Guo’s teaching did. If he could also teach her, then she would definitely make rapid progress.

But, how to persuade Yu Tu to coach a stranger?

It really was difficult to convince a person like Yu Tu, the same person who rejected her before years ago.

Qiao Jingjing was not in a hurry to answer him. She walked around the living room twice then called Xiao Zhu.

“Xiao Zhu, you ask Dandan to help me make a poster immediately. The content is that a company wants to organize a competition for Kings of Glory. Make up a random company but make it seem trendy at a glance. Get it to me in ten minutes.”

Xiao Zhu thought her artist’s requests of late had been very strange, but she still did it dutifully.

Ten minutes later, Qiao Jingjing sent the poster that Dandan hurriedly made over to Yu Tu.

Qiao Jingjing: Our company is organizing a Kings of Glory competition. I want to win because it will be helpful for my future position in the company.

Yu Tu: …

Qiao Jingjing: Doesn’t your company hold contests?

Yu Tu: Does a reading contest count?

Qiao Jingjing: …

Qiao Jingjing is curious about where he works. Didn’t he study finance in university? Isn’t he at an investment bank or somewhere else fashionable? Do they really have things like reading contests?

But now is not the time to satisfy her curiosity.

Qiao Jingjing: I signed up, but in fact, I don’t know how to play at all and I can’t let my colleagues find out that I don’t know how to play.

Yu Tu: I think it’s better for you to find someone else. I might stop playing at any time.

Qiao Jingjing: Why?

Yu Tu was a little irritated. He was actually chatting with a netizen who he didn’t even remember adding, but out of politeness he still explained.

Yu Tu: Recently on vacation. It may end at any time. And in fact, I haven’t really played for a long time.

So powerful after a short time playing? Qiao Jingjing is more excited. Does that mean that she can also expect to become so awesome? Speaking of which, although her grades were not as good as his back then, she later tried her best and was able to make it into the second echelon.

Qiao Jingjing’s eyes turned up.

Qiao Jingjing: Can you give me more advice when we play then? For example, telling me what’s wrong and what I should do instead? Is that okay? I’ll find someone else if you stop showing up.

Qiao Jingjing: Jade Rabbit god, please.

She added a pitiful emoji to support her in her battle.

He took a long time to answer.

Yu Tu: Yes.

Qiao Jingjing clenched her fist.

Okay! Take your time. Now that you’ve accepted the first step, the second step isn’t far behind.

Wait, what’s the second step??

Qiao Jingjing subconsciously glossed over the question and smiled.

Qiao Jingjing: Let’s start right away!

Without waiting for a reply, Qiao Jingjing immediately opened the game and sent him an invitation through QQ.

Yu Tu saw the dialogue box pop up and couldn’t help but feel a little like he was in a trance.

He seemed to have clearly rejected her, so why was there the feeling that he agreed?

The two of them matched with three strangers and the battle began.

In the pick phase, Qiao Jingjing still chose Cai Wenji. However, her teammates actually chose Niu Mo and Da Qiao, so there were too many supports. Yu Tu direct messaged her: You use Wang Zhaojun.

Qiao Jingjing had never used Wang Zhaojun, but she had played as her opponent. Doesn’t she seem to be quite powerful? Anyway, with Yu Tu’s guidance she felt fearless so she chose Wang Zhaojun.

Eighteen minutes later she gloriously offered up a 0-8 record.

This wasn’t the worst thing. The worst things was that the enemy who killed her three or four times also sent her a thumbs-up.

Qiao Jingjing felt humiliated.

She angrily returned to QQ and typed: they actually sent me a thumbs-up!

Yu Tu: Wait a minute.

After a while, he sent an invitation to another game. Qiao Jingjing clicked in and saw her familiar teammates including I’m so Panicked.

Hand Picked Cotton: Should I still use Wang Zhaojun?

Since they weren’t playing with strangers anymore, Yu Tu turned on voice chat.

“If your company is having a competition, it is likely to be in Ban and Pick mode. Cai Wenji is likely to be banned, and can’t really carry the rhythm of the game or help out when the other team is suppressing yours anyways. Wang Zhaojun is not bad for beginners.”

“But I don’t know how to play her.”

“Her skills are quite simple. Her first skill’s damage can cause acceleration and deceleration, her second skill is freezing, her third skill creates a rain storm. You can use a 1, 2, 3 combo and also use a summoner skill to flash.

Qiao Jingjing quickly changed her pick.

I’m so Panicky, “Wait a minute. What happened that I don’t know about? What company competition?”

The pick phase was done and after entering the game, Qiao Jingjing replied to him, “Our company is organizing a Kings of Glory competition, so I asked Jade Rabbit god to teach me.”

I’m so Panicky sent out a series of meaningless characters.

Slime Bag said, “It’s good to have him teach you. Zhai Liang is the result of his teaching. What was he even doing at the beginning?”

I’m so Panicky, “I just asked him once for a finger technique. After that, I relied on my own capabilities.”

There are even finger techniques?

Qiao Jingjing said eagerly, “Does Wang Zhaojun have any finger techniques?”

2001 said, “She doesn’t.”

It sounded like this hero was very simple. Qiao Jingjing’s performance this match was slightly better, but not much better. The final result was 2-7-2.

Yu Tu reminder her, “Predict movements first before you use the second skill. When the ultimate is ready, you can adjust your position with the flash ability. When the assassin hits you, you can use the second ability under your feet.”

Qiao Jingjing quickly understood and then played three rounds as Wang Zhaojun, and gradually found the fun in playing this hero. Sometimes she was lucky and was able to freeze the weaker enemies and attack them with her ultimate. It was much more fulfilling than playing as Cai Wenji.

In the fifth round, she choose Wang Zhaojun again and when she saw the other team’s hero choices, she found out that there was a Wang Zhaojun on the other team as well.

Matching heroes in the game was even more horrible than matching outfits on the red carpet. She would win when it came to fashion, so the embarrassed one would always be the other person. But in the game, the embarrassed one will likely be her.

Qiao Jingjing was more nervous this round, which resulted in her playing much worse than before. The enemy Wang Zhaojun froze her over and over again, and she died each time very sadly. At the end of the first game, Yu Tu was the winning side’s MVP and the enemy Wang Zhaojun was the losing side’s MVP. Qiao Jingjing thought for a moment and saved the video a little despiritedly.

When she went to bed that night. Qiao Jingjing took out the video of the fifth match and watched from the perspective of the other team’s Wang Zhaojun. She felt it was was really rewarding to see how they hid in the grass and positioned themselves in team battles.

Of course, she had to forget that the clumsy pig opponent was actually herself.

Alas~~~ She never would have expected that when she learned acting and incessantly watched the videos of her predecessors, she would be doing the same thing by watching videos to learn how to play games. When god created her, she must have been given too much beauty so that her talents necessarily had to be trimmed back a little, right? Qiao Jingjing felt this was logical and took pity on herself.

After watching the fifth match twice, she was still not sleepy so she randomly clicked on a match from a few days ago and watched from Yu Tu’s perspective. He was using Zhuge Liang beautifully like always. In the first eight minutes, Zhuge Liang had lost a lot of health and was chased and shot at by a marksman with one-third health left. He continued to use his skills and flashed to escape. When the marksman saw that he had run away, he felt at ease and calmly jungled in his team’s jungle area. Who knew that Zhuge Liang quietly doubled back and hid in the grass beside him. When the marksman passed by, he then directly delivered a killing blow with one skill.

Qiao Jingjing remembered that the enemy marksman was furious at that time and even scolded Zhuge Liang for being too underhanded, and she couldn’t help but think…

She came to a conclusion that yes, she wanted to be a little underhanded too. The reason she couldn’t win was because she was too upright when she played!

It was true that playing games also required an epiphany. Qiao Jingjing suddenly understood the true meaning of underhanded play and her level rose rapidly. When she battled with everyone again, she finally dragged them down less seriously. Once, she even had great luck and froze three low-health enemies, nervously deployed her ultimate, and unexpectedly got the first “Triple Kill” victory in her life.

Everyone sent her a 666, which was a big complement. Qiao Jingjing was also very proud and recorded the game to appreciate herself.

However, when she watched it again in the dead of night, she saw that Yu Tu had been beside her when she got her Triple Kill, just standing there without fighting.

Her Triple Kill was because Yu Tu left it for her?

She opened QQ a little despondently and lay on the bed typing: When I got my Triple Kill, it was because you deliberately let me have it?

Unexpectedly, Yu Tu was online and replied after a few minutes: I have enough. It’s more appropriate for you to get a head count.

Qiao Jingjing put her face in her hands. She waited a few minutes before replying.

Hand Picking Cotton: Thank you ^_^

When Big Sister Ling remembered that her artist had asked for leave for several consecutive days and had not been in the office, she directly went to her house. Before she could even say anything after the door was opened, she heard the sound effects from Kings of Glory coming from Qiao Jingjing’s mobile phone.

This doesn’t seem like she’s being lazy?

Qiao Jingjing walked back inside without even lifting her head. Big Sister Ling hurriedly caught up with her and watched Qiao Jingjing take MVP with Wang Zhaojun. She was stunned by her record.

“Are you playing against the AI?”

“You’re an AI.” Qiao Jingjing gave her a look, “Try 1v1 ranking.”

Since her Triple Kill, she had developed more self-confidence and had secretly been playing ranked matches alone. At first, she was very nervous, but she found that Bronze level battles were easy to fight.

Big Sister Ling was really shocked.

“Incredible! How did you get the courage to play solo-match?”

“I’m already Gold IV rank from playing solo-match.”

“What kind of medicine have you been taking?”

Qiao Jingjing was proud, “Talent!”

Big Sister Ling cheered, “It’s awesome. A Guo didn’t teach you this, did you practice it yourself?”

“Hey hey hey.” Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help showing off, “In fact, I found a game master and asked him to teach me. I think he’s much better than A Guo.”

Big Sister Ling was a bit worried, “Is he reliable or not? Will he reveal anything?”

“Don’t worry, he doesn’t know who I am at all.”

“Netizen? Then how does he teach you?”

“Through voice chat. He tells me how to use skills and when to use them. Hey, I’m going to grab a drink.” Indulging in games made her thirsty. Qiao Jingjing stuffed her phone at Big Sister Ling, “It’s the Jade Rabbit Pounding Medicine in my friends list. Click his avatar and see his record.

Big Sister Ling clicked the avatar and read his battle stats curiously. Even at a glance, she couldn’t help but be a little stunned. Even if the general winning rate is high, his overall performance ratio was scary. She looked at his commonly used heroes. Zhuge Liang’s winning rate was actually as high as 90%. She was convinced, “He’s better than my husband.” Big Sister Ling returned the phone. She felt reassured and sorry at the same time, “Alas, if there was a real person who was so reliable and competent, it’d be so much faster to teach you face-to-face.”

Big Sister Ling had just said it offhandedly, but Qiao Jingjing was moved in her heart — Yu Tu…was a real person. What would it be like to have him teach her directly?

It was also strange that although it had been several days, his vacation didn’t seem to be over yet? And every day spent playing a game, who had such a holiday?

What the hell is he doing now? Anyway, it doesn’t feel like a person in the finance circles.

When Big Sister Ling left, Qiao Jingjing poked Yu Tu’s QQ.

Hand Picking Cotton: Rabbit god, you play games at home during your holiday?

Yu Tu did not reply to her.

Qiao Jingjing thought about it and became more curious. She couldn’t wait for Yu Tu to answer, so she poked Peipei’s WeChat.

She subtly probed.

Jingjing: Peipei, are there any students in our class who are working somewhere impressive now?

Peipei: Isn’t that you?

Jingjing: I mean the students who had achieved particularly good grades before?

Peipei: Oh, oh, there’s an editor-in-chief of a book company, and Wang Jiang has become the Vice President of a top 500 company.

Jingjing: Who else?

Peipei: Sun Xiu is in the mayor’s secretary office.

Peipei: And Du Jia works for Alibaba with a high income.

Jingjing: …

After three minutes.

Jingjing: What about Yu Tu?