Jun Jiuling – Chapter 267


This map was no stranger to Liu’er.

This map was given by Manager Gao. Later, the lady told her to return it to the Manager Gao, yet unexpectedly took it back.

But she didn’t quite know what the map was for.

“This map shows all the places to eat, drink and play in the capital.” Miss Jun said with a smile on her lips, “Although it’s ugly and rough, it’s clear which is better. For those of us who are coming to the capital for the first time, it’s very useful.”

Liu’er leaned on her shoulder and looked at the map.

“Look, Miss.” She pointed at the picture, “There are toilets here.”

After saying that, she giggled.

“That’s great, we don’t have to be afraid that we won’t be able to find a latrine. This is the most important thing.”

People’s three urgencies were indeed the most important, which is why this picture was so popular.

Miss Jun smiled and nodded.

Zhu Zan.

She raised her head and looked forward.

Along the way, especially at inns near the capital, there were people selling this map everywhere.

Although the officials would check for this map, they clearly often turned a blind eye, because many of the maps were sold by people in the station.

Most of the guests at the inns were soldiers too, so it was obvious that Zhu Zan had exploited them perfectly.

Zhu Zan made a small fortune. Don’t think that because they aren’t worth much individually, their number together is not worth it.

Miss Jun pursed her lips and smiled.

Although they could already see the city of the capital, it was still a long way to walk.

Although the capital could be said to be her home, her home was only a small part of the palace, and the rest of the time she was out of town, so she was not too familiar with the capital.

She used to run around without a fixed place to go and didn’t have time to go around the capital. Later, when she got married, she didn’t have to run around anymore. Lu Yunqi said that he would take her to eat, drink and play in the capital, but she was not in the mood during their first year of marriage, and the second year she died.

Miss Jun looked down at the picture in her hand again.

But it was fine now. With this picture, she could have a good time shopping by herself.

“Liu’er, are you tired?” She looked back at the little girl and said.

Galloping this way, even some big men couldn’t stand it. Not to mention a girl like a rich lady who was coddled by sitting, lying and walking.

At the beginning, Liu’er couldn’t walk even after dismounting, but she persevered along the way.

Liu’er shook her head at her.

“You’re not tired.” She said loudly, already knowing what Miss was going to do, she reached out and hugged Miss Jun’s waist, “Miss. Let’s hurry up.”

Miss Jun clapped her hand.

“Liu’er is amazing,” she said. “Sit down.”

The map was put away, the reins were tightened, and the horse galloped down the road, raising dust and smoke.

The scorching heat was diluted by the surrounding greenery in the capital before it reached the tea house.

Ning Yunzhao stood by the window and looked at the greenery on the street, the tea in his hand had been served a long time ago.

“Yunzhao Yunzhao, more tea.”

The companions behind him shouted.

Ning Yunzhao turned his head and looked at the group of people holding teacups.

“You can’t sit still anyway, why don’t you get us some tea.” They laughed.

Ning Yunzhao also laughed, and as expected, he walked aside and made tea himself.

“Yunzhao, are things really okay at home?” A companion came over and asked in a low voice, “I think you’ve been waiting for a letter from home.”

Ning Yunzhao smiled.

“It’s all right,” he answered sincerely. Looking at his companion’s concern, he thought for a while, “It’s not my family’s business, it’s something else.”

Such an answer was already very sincere, and the companion was also measured. Although he was curious, he also understood that if he asked again, he would lose his sense of propriety and embarrass everyone.

“It’s fine,” he said with a smile.

A voice fell outside the door, and there was a sound of footsteps, and then the door was opened, and a young student ran in sweating.

“Big news, big news.” He lowered his voice and said excitedly.

Everyone in the room looked at him in surprise.

“Has the examiner for next March been decided?”

“Has it been leaked so early?”

“Has the exam been cancelled?”

The more questions they asked, the more outrageous they became. He didn’t bother to sit down and take a sip of tea.

“It’s big news for Thousand-Man Commander Lu.” He said in a low voice.

Everyone in the room sat up straight.

“The meat loin knife1 was raided?”

“The meat waist knife was assassinated?”

Someone blurted out a question, and before anyone could answer, another companion had already laughed.

“Impossible,” he said, “haven’t you heard? Guo Laonu2, the minister of ceremonies, that is the eunuch who followed the emperor when he was in his secret residence. A few days ago, His Majesty smashed his head with an inkstone and he was dragged out on the spot and punished with a cane till half-dead. Then he was rushed to guard the mausoleum for the late emperor.”

“I heard this was because Guo Laonu received a bribe and deliberately withheld a memorial for half a day, and His Majesty discovered it. His Majesty hates eunuchs the most. That’s why they are so severely punished.” Someone replied.

The ministers liked the emperor’s practice very much, so the emperor’s name name was clear.

“What? Could this be related to the meat waist knife?” Someone asked.

The talking companion looked at everyone with a mysterious look.

“Of course, if it wasn’t for the meat waist knife, how could the eunuch Guo Laonu, who was deeply trusted by the emperor, be easily brought down.” He said in a low voice.

“How did this Guo Laonu provoke the meat waist knife? Don’t these people know how powerful the meat waist knife is?”

“That’s not necessarily the case. The meat waist knife is like a mad dog who bites. Does he need a reason?”

There was a lot of talk in the room.

It completely stole the limelight from the person who came to tell big news. He had to knock on the table.

“Listen to me, listen to me,” he said.

Everyone looked at him again.

“For the meat waist knife, a eunuch’s secret is no big deal. But do you know what he has been doing recently?” the person said with a light cough.

“Stop selling.”

“Just say it.”

Everyone looked at him and urged.

“He bought a house in Wumi Alley,” the person said.

As soon as this statement came out, the companions booed in unison.

“What’s so strange about him buying a house?”

“No one knows how many industries he has out there, in the open and in the dark.”

“It isn’t surprising if he has a house.”

He saw laughter in the room.

“Do you know what his house is for?” the man said with a snort.

“Where prisoners are lynched?”

“Hidden treasures?”

Everyone was guessing about all kinds of things.

The person who came just shook his head, and after no one had guessed, he leaned forward and lowered his voice.

“He is raising a woman in that house,” he said slowly.

The companions were quiet for a while, and then there was an uproar, and their expressions were unbelievable.

“How can that be?”

“He will marry Princess Jiuli this month.”

“Even if he wants to take a concubine to raise a child, he has to wait until after marriage.”

The visitor was very satisfied with everyone’s shocked reaction.

“Exactly,” he said. “Do you know who that woman is?”

Who knows!

On the other hand, Lu Yunqi could know just how many women others had raised.

The companions were silent and looked at him.

“Do you still remember that he also came out to enjoy the flowers by the lake when the cherry blossoms were in April?” said the visitor.

Everyone nodded, Lu Yunqi rarely appeared on the street in Baisun, so everyone was deeply impressed.

“Didn’t he enter a tea house at the time?” the visitor continued.

The crowd nodded again.

The visitor sat up straight with a meaningful smile.

“Lu Qianhu is raising the girl who makes tea in that tea house,” he said.

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Footnotes and Idioms

This chapter references things that happened in Chapter 256.

1– “meat loin knife”- describes a person who frames others; based on the story of Li Linfu, a prime minister in the Tang Dynasty

2– “laonu” – old servant

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 266


When Concubine Su was uncovered as a culprit, Lingzhi had been locked up like Fang Jinxiu.

At that time, in order to draw out Song Yunping, it was claimed that Lingzhi was pregnant, but was killed by Concubine Su.

Of course, now the family already knew that Lingzhi faked the pregnancy.

However, it was not clear whether the false pregnancy was done voluntarily or if she was set up, so she was neither treated favorably nor badly, but she was forgotten.

“Why are they handling her so carefully?” Fang Yunxiu said with a complicated expression.

Fang Yuxiu looked at Lingzhi who walked into Fang Chengyu’s yard with her head down.

“After all, things happened. So can forgetting really make it as if it never happened?” she said, “Mother doesn’t know what to do. After all, what happened in the first place was because of what Chengyu himself did.”

Yeah, this thing was really amazing.

“Little brother is also, why…” Fang Yunxiu sighed anxiously.

Fang Yuxiu sighed.

“Who can predict the future,” she said.

Who knew that the person he hated would become a treasure in his heart in the future.

Fang Chengyu had been dazzling and omnipotent since his return, but one didn’t know if he would be worried when he saw Lingzhi.

Thinking of this, Fang Yuxiu wanted to laugh.

“That’s why nothing in this life is perfect. Nine times out of ten, things are unsatisfactory,” she said.

Fang Chengyu also thought of this sentence when he saw Lingzhi standing at the door.

He didn’t forget, and he didn’t really think that it would never be mentioned again after everything had passed, but he just didn’t think about it.

It wasn’t right to say that he didn’t think about it. He had thought about it several times and wanted to talk about it several times when he looked at Miss Jun.

That time when Miss Jun returned from her trek, he used the excuse that he had something to tell her to coax her to sleep in the same room, but it wasn’t actually just an excuse. He wanted to tell her about it, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

And when Miss Jun left home to go to Beijing, when Miss Jun asked him if he had anything else to say, he actually wanted to talk about it then, but…

Fang Chengyu sighed. The young man’s brows were wrinkled with sorrow and embarrassment.

What’s the use of talking. Things were done, and the disgust in the past was also real.

Seeing Fang Chengyu frown and sigh. Madam Fang was a little uneasy.

“Chengyu, I’m not here to make things difficult for you.” She thought about it and said, “After all, you and Lingzhi…”

It was really hard to speak about it. Fortunately, Fang Chengyu obviously didn’t want to hear the rest.

“Ah. Yes.” Fang Chengyu interrupted her.

There was a moment of silence in the room, and the atmosphere was a little awkward.

“Chengyu. I did not block you.” Madam Fang took a deep breath and said simply.

It’s not that she didn’t see Fang Chengyu’s admiration for Miss Jun. She was not a child who didn’t know the world, and Fang Chengyu didn’t try to hide his admiration at all.

“It’s just that she didn’t raise the issue at the time. You announced to the public that you and her were not married, and that your marriage was fake.” Madam Fang said, “You are not husband and wife. You are just cousins. I don’t know what you think in your heart, so I don’t dare to make a decision for you about Lingzhi.”

If Fang Chengyu really expressed his intention, as a mother, it would be simple and natural to handle a young, ignorant and absurd affair for her son.

She had a hundred ways to make Lingzhi disappear, but she couldn’t bear the slightest grievance in her son’s heart.

Fang Chengyu reached out and pinched his ears.

“No, no, mother, you did the right thing.” He took a deep breath and said with a smile, “This is my business, how can I let my mother make decisions for me and bear the results for me.”

Madam Fang saw that Fang Chengyu’s joy and warmth were about to melt, and she reached out and stroked Fang Chengyu’s shoulder.

This was her son, the best son in the world.

“This is the right thing for mother to do.”

Fang Chengyu took Madam Fang’s arm and smiled, “Leave it to me, and you can be the Madam and enjoy yourself with peace of mind.”

Madam Fang smiled and nodded, and then looked directly at Lingzhi kneeling at the corner of the door.

“Then I’ll go first. You should also pay attention to rest, and your body will be fine. Your cousin also said that you have to take care of yourself slowly,” she said.

What cousin said must be followed, Fang Chengyu nodded with a smile.

Watching Madam Fang leave, the smile on Fang Chengyu’s face gradually dissipated, Maidong and Baishao carefully probed outside the door, and occasionally glanced at Lingzhi kneeling on the ground.

Lingzhi didn’t know if she was trembling with fear or nervousness.

After all the **** happened, she didn’t expect to live so long, but living is truly it’s own torture.

She didn’t know that Fang Chengyu was back until she was brought out by Madam Fang.

She was so frightened that she almost couldn’t walk, but she didn’t dare make a scene.

She felt a trace of luck in her heart. Didn’t those people say that some people would have a false pregnancy? After all, she did such a close thing with the young master. Although she did not reach the last step in the end, she was still young and did not understand how it worked. It was not surprising for her to think that if you touch and kiss you can get pregnant.

Besides, the young master probably liked her too.

Lingzhi knelt on the ground and didn’t dare to raise her head when she entered the door. All she heard was the clear voice of the young man, and saw the flowing clothes, exquisite shoes, and smelled a faint fragrance.

She liked the former young master, and of course she liked this kind of young master more.

She couldn’t help crying, and put her head on the ground.

Outside the door, Baishao and Maidong hurriedly shrunk back and stood in their stations.

“You go down.”

It seemed like a long time had passed and also like it was only a blink of an eye when Fang Chengyu’s voice spoke.

No scolding, no questioning, nothing, Lingzhi was a little overwhelmed.

Then, let her go, where?

Baishao was also helpless outside.

“Master.” Lingzhi finally raised her head boldly and cried.

Fang Chengyu interrupted the words before she spoke.

“Go down, arrange a room for her, don’t wait for me.” He said, and he turned around and went to the inner room.

Lingzhi raised her head and saw only the straight and handsome back of the young man.

“Let’s go.” Maidong and Baishao did not dare to delay and urged in a low voice.

They had already been implicated by Lingzhi, and they were scolded like a dog by Liu’er. Now, they didn’t want to be implicated by her further and let the young master drive them out.

Lingzhi didn’t dare to delay, for fear of angering Fang Chengyu. Then she really would have no way to survive.

Fang Chengyu stood in the inner room with no smile on his face and looked at the girl in the yard through the glass.

Ahhh what to do with this.

He turned to look inside again.

An empty **** bed, an empty **** room. Quiet had never been so annoying.

“Jiuling,” he said, looking aggrieved and pitiful, “When are you coming back?”

In mid-June, the hot wind hit her face with the horse’s gallop. Even though she was covered with a veil and hat, Liu’er had to close her eyes and hold onto Miss Jun in front of her tighter.

“Miss, are you thirsty?”

Although she was taken care of by the young lady all the way, Liu’er still tried her best to perform her duty.

In front of her was Miss Jun, who was dressed like her, held the horse’s reins with ease, and her legs and feet touched the horse’s abdomen rhythmically to adjust the speed.

“Not thirsty. You can see the capital soon,” she said.

Were they almost there?

The tired Liu’er who was knocked around by the horse immediately straightened her back and looked forward.

Under the scorching sunlight, a city gradually rose from the horizon line and appeared in her sight.

“Miss, where are we going first?”

Although she had been looking forward to it all the way, when she saw the capital, Liu’er was still excited and panicky.

She regretted asking that.

It was the first time for the young lady to come to the capital. Liu’er didn’t know where they were going, and the young lady wouldn’t know either.

Just as Liu’er was about to speak again, Miss Jun in front of her loosened the reins, took out a scroll from the horse’s back and unfolded it.

Over Miss Jun’s shoulder, Liu’er stared at the scroll with wide eyes.

“Map of Imperial Beijing” She read a few conspicuous characters on it crookedly.

Footnotes and Idioms

1 – 天上掉馅饼 – tiān​ shàng ​diào ​xiàn​ bǐng​ – “a meat pie falls from the sky”; to have something fall into your lap

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 265


The people overthinking became confused, but General Tian, ​​whose thinking was simple, understood it very well.

Because he knew what he wanted to hear, his face was full of regret.

Would he be really be disabled from then on?

“Don’t worry, Lord Tian, ​​I don’t feel sad or regretful.” Lei Zhonglian said with a smile on his always blank face, “I’m very happy that I fulfilled my wish, even if I have to pay the price, it’s worth it.”

That is, if you can kill one more enemy on the battlefield, even if you die, there is nothing to regret.

General Tian smiled cheerfully.

“However, Master Lei, even if you can’t go to the battlefield yourself, you can teach the soldiers.” He said, “You can be an instructor.”

Lei Zhonglian nodded.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I plan to do. Although my hands are crippled and I can’t fight the enemy with dual spears, I am not crippled and my heart is not crippled. I can still teach my disciples and pass down the dual spears technique,” he said.

In the past, his hands were ruined, and his whole person was also ruined, but now that his hands were forever gone, he was more energetic.

General Tian was overjoyed.

“Then let me ask ask Master Lei to come with us quickly.” He said, “Our officials have already asked to report to the top. Master, you can get a ninth rank official position directly when you come.”

Although he would only be a military officer of the ninth rank, but that was also an official position. How many would stay a soldier for a lifetime?

Lei Zhonglian actually got such a promise to jump from a commoner to an official.

The eyes of the onlookers widened.

This was simply a meat pie falling from the sky1, and any fool knew what to do next.

Lei Zhonglian was not a fool, but he still didn’t answer. He saluted and thanked him.

“Thank you for your praise, Lei still can’t obey.” He said.

The straight-forward General Tian couldn’t hold his temper and became angry.

“You are also a martial arts practitioner. How can you negotiate with those scholars like an old woman haggling over a price?” He said, “I’m not afraid to tell you that the limit of what we officials can offer is the ninth-rank official position, and I can give you no greater a future.”

Lei Zhonglian was not angry.

“My lord, I don’t mean it that way. I cannot obey. The first reason is that my dual spear technique is for fighting alone in the jianghu. It is not suitable for soldiers to learn. Soldiers should learn some simple and effective marksmanship, and pay attention to mutual cooperation and battle formation on the battlefield. These are more powerful than my dual spear technique,” he said sincerely.

General Tian’s expression softened.

“You’re right,” he said. “Learning your technique requires a lot of time and energy. We soldiers really don’t have the skills. However, you can also simplify your technique so it will be more effective in group battles.”

Lei Zhonglian thanked him again.

“Thank you for your kindness, sir.” He raised his head, “Apart from the first point. The more important point is that I still want to set up A Righteous Friend, so as to be worthy of my deceased master and brothers.”

Speaking up to here, his voice sounded a little obscure.

“I’ve made them wait fourteen years, and I can’t wait any longer.”

Loyalty and filial piety. These were tenets that General Tian also respected, so he would not force anyone to violate them, and once again he said a few words of admiration to Lei Zhonglian. Then he conveniently mounted his horse and galloped away with the soldiers.

The people watching in front of the door rushed forward.

“Lao Lei, did he really want to invite you to be an official?”

“What’s the matter? Is your hand really disabled?”

“You are Dual-Spear Lotus? Are you really Dual-Spear Lotus?”

Countless questions came to Lei Zhonglian. Lei Zhonglian didn’t panic, but posted a notice of accepting disciples outside the door, and then slammed the door shut.

He didn’t mean to talk about it at all.

“Lei Zhonglian is like this.” Fang Chengyu said to Fang Yuxiu, “People are very rigid. He will do what he wants to do. If he can’t say anything, he won’t say a word more or take one more step than he should.”

“Is it also out of the question to give money?” Fang Yuxiu asked seriously.

Fang Chengyu nodded.

“Not even money.” He replied seriously.

Fang Yuxiu pursed her lips and smiled.

“Miss Jiuling is really amazing.” She sighed again.

“Yes, she is very powerful.” Fang Chengyu also sighed, looking at the crowd gathered for a lively discussion, the smile on his face was even stronger, “Everyone should know that she is very powerful.”

Although Lei Zhonglian didn’t say anything in detail, it didn’t stop the story from spreading. After all, other than Lei Zhonglian and the Fang family, other guards also participated.

The storytellers in Yangcheng were immediately happy again, and they spent money to find details of the ambush, trapping, and staggering through the killing field. The plot around this kind of critical moment was even more attractive and it immediately swept through the whole city and regained the territory occupied by the Ru’nan people.

Although the protagonist in this story was Lei Zhonglian, the image of Miss Jun became more mysterious and powerful.

Many people thought that the well-known Miss Jun was not like this, and they were looking forward to seeing the current Miss Jun, but unfortunately, she had gone away.

This also confirmed that Miss Jun’s marriage was fake.

Otherwise, how could she run around freely? Only relatives who were guests could do this, but a daughter-in-law was not so free.

“Miss Jun has something important to do.”

“It is said that she was invited to seek medical treatment.”

“It’s such a pity that we didn’t ask Miss Jun to prescribe medicine for a diagnosis.”

“Miss Jun will definitely come back. Let’s try when Miss Jun comes back.”

“But when will Miss Jun come back?”

The title of Master Fang’s wife was gradually no longer mentioned. According to the habit of the Ru’nan people, the people of Yangcheng also began to call her Miss Jun or Miss Jiuling, and were eagerly looking forward to Miss Jun’s return.

Compared with the people from Yangcheng who were looking forward to Miss Jun’s return with curiosity, the Fang family were more concerned about where Miss Jun was.

“She should be here today.” Fang Chengyu carefully read the map many times before he tapped on one place.

Fang Yuxiu and Fang Yunxiu stood still and didn’t look carefully, Fang Chengyu shook his head again.

“No.” He said, sliding his fingers on the map, “It should be here, Jiuling is familiar with the wild road, this time without me as a burden, she will definitely walk faster.”

Fang Yunxiu couldn’t help but smile.

“She’s so amazing, she knows everything?” she asked.

“Of course.” Fang Chengyu replied without hesitation, “She is very powerful.”

Fang Yuxiu shook the fan and sat down.

“I remember not long ago that my younger brother swore that us two older sisters were very powerful people,” she said. “It’s been so long, the new one will replace the old one.”

Fang Yunxiu pursed her lips and smiled, Fang Chengyu looked over.

“Second sister, what you said doesn’t make sense.” He said in surprise and seriousness, “Who said that when others are great, you are not?”

Fang Yuxiu froze for a moment, then shook the fan and smiled.

“Makes sense,” she said. “Sure enough, I was wrong.”

While talking and laughing, Madam Fang walked in.

“So happy?” she laughed.

Now there was laughter everywhere in the house, and the whole atmosphere had become cheerful.

“I’m watching where my cousin goes.” Fang Yunxiu smiled.

“It’s really worrying for this child to go alone,” Madam Fang said.

“Don’t worry, mother, my cousin always reports her safe return through the businesses in a timely manner. It can be seen that she is very measured.” Fang Yunxiu smiled.

Madam Fang smiled.

“Yes, she is indeed more sensible than before.” She smiled.

Fang Yunxiu wanted to say something, but Fang Yuxiu spoke first.

“Mother, it’s time for us to reconcile the accounts. Although Chengyu is now doing things, we can’t waste all these years of study.” She laughed.

Madam Fang nodded.

“Of course not, you have few brothers and sisters, you just need to support each other,” she said.

Fang Yuxiu and Fang Yunxiu saluted and retired.

“What’s wrong?” Fang Yunxiu asked after walking out.

Although she didn’t have many thoughts, it’s not that she wasn’t observant. It was obvious that Fang Yuxiu retired on purpose.

“Mother has something to tell Chengyu.” Fang Yuxiu said, looking at the two girls walking outside the door, “It is inconvenient for us to be present.”

What is inconvenient to say while we are present? Fang Yunxiu was a little puzzled, and as Fang Yuxiu looked at her, her expression suddenly became complicated.

A girl was leading another girl over, and the girl walking behind lowered her head timidly. It was Lingzhi, whom she hadn’t seen for a long time.

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Footnotes and Idioms

1 – 天上掉馅饼 – tiān​ shàng ​diào ​xiàn​ bǐng​ – “a meat pie falls from the sky”; to have something fall into your lap

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 264


A Righteous Friend.

Many of the young people who came around didn’t know the name, but some of the older people still had some impressions.

It was created by Zhang Peng, an old boxer in Shanxi. Zhang Peng’s pair of fists was famous in Shanxi, and let him to be known as Zhang Fist.

Zhang Fist was a hero of righteousness and charity. Without any sons or daughters, he adopted a group of disciples, and opened an escort bureau in Zezhou, and after half a lifetime of hard work, his escort bureau was one of the best.

It was fourteen years ago that he was able to stand out in a crowd and be selected by the Fang family as a protection escort. He thought that he could take the opportunity to make a name for himself to go to a higher level. Who thought that the world’s blessings and misfortunes depended on each other, and it was precisely because of this escort that the dozen or so powerful disciples carefully selected by A Righteous Friend lost it all.

Uncle Fang was also seriously injured and died.

Shanxi was in an uproar.

More than a dozen escort bodyguards had been killed by the hands of a group of mountain thieves, and A Righteous Friend became a joke.

Zhang Fist was angry, anxious and sad, and he vomited blood and died. A Righteous Friend withered and disappeared out of sight.

Unexpectedly, after fourteen years, A Righteous Friend opened again.

This was A Righteous Friend, but was it still A Righteous Friend with a fist?

Everyone’s eyes fell on the man who had hung the plaque, and someone shouted out.

“Isn’t this Lao Lei?”

Even if he was inconspicuous, he had been driving carriages for Deshengchang for more than ten years and everyone was familiar with him.

Old Lei, who drove carriages from Deshengchang, hung a plaque here. Was it an escort bureau opened by Deshengchang?

That’s rare, but not really rare.

Other wealthy merchants would run many industries, but Deshengchang only operated banking businesses from beginning to end.

So now that Deshengchang had punished their enemies and the young master had recovered his health, was it necessary to vigorously develop and open up new industries?

“Is this being opened by Deshengchang?” Tongue-in-cheek inquiries rang out.

Lei Zhonglian looked at the crowd and shook his head as he lifted the ladder.

“No, it’s not. This is A Righteous Friend.” He said, “This is the reopening of my master Zhang’s A Righteous Friend.”

It was indeed a righteous act!

Those at the scene with some understanding were both surprised and shocked.

And he said his master was Zhang Fist?

“Old Lei, aren’t you a carriage driver? What does it have to do with Zhang Fist?” Someone asked in confusion.

Lei Zhonglian grabbed the ladder with one hand and looked back at the man.

“I was originally an escort bodyguard for A Righteous Friend, studying under Master Zhang. And fourteen years ago, I escorted Fang’s family, and I never completed the detail. That is, until some time ago when I escorted Young Master Fang and Young Master’s Wife back safely from Ru’nan. At this point, A Righteous Friend had fulfilled its promise.” He said. “So I can also revive A Righteous Friend.”

The people around them were stunned.

This sounded like another twisted and bizarre story.

“The escort? I remember! When Uncle Fang was attacked, three people were eventually dragged out, one of whom was the surviving escort bodyguard.”

“Yes, yes, there was one. The escort bodyguard also yelled about how they had not been robbed by mountain thieves for their wealth, but had been robbed and killed by officers and soldiers.”

“It turns out that the escort bodyguard was you.”

Everyone’s eyes once again focused on Lei Zhonglian.

This was another old matter, and this was also an old man.

“Well, you said you escorted Young Master Fang and his wife back from Ru’nan.” Someone thought of something again and shouted loudly. “Then when the storyteller said that Miss Jun took the sick and weak, with the old and disabled as she trekked back to Ru’nan, is it you?”

Lei Zhonglian looked at him without speaking, and lifted the ladder with one hand and supported it with the other hand. The sleeves slid down to reveal a stiff right hand, wrinkled and twisted.

Those who stood close couldn’t help but let out a low cry when they saw it.

This hand was obviously disabled.

Sure enough, he was the “old and disabled”.

But since his hand was damaged like this, surely he couldn’t wield a sword or a spear anymore, right? How could he start an escort bureau? Did the Fang family give him money to open the business and then hire escort bodyguards?

“No.” Lei Zhonglian put the ladder behind the door and replied while turning back. “I won’t be hiring escorts. I will recruit some apprentices, teach them kung fu, and take them as escort bodyguards.”

He? Teach apprentices? Apprentices acting as escort bodyguards?

The people at the scene were even more stunned.

Miracles happens every year, and this year there were especially many.

Can a man with a disabled hand teach his apprentices to be escort bodyguards?

Lei Zhonglian had already walked inside, and the discussion outside the door was chaotic.

“Since he is that old and disabled man that Miss Jun went with, then he must have personally experienced the ambush and staggered through the killing field.”

“What do you mean experience it? Could he still enter the killing field himself like this?”

“I think it’s just Deshengchang rewarding him with money to open a shop and a pension.”

While the discussion was happening over here, there was the sound of horses’ hooves rushing from the street.

“Make way. Make way.” Accompanied by a scolding sound.

The crowd saw four or five soldiers galloping along with a general, and these soldiers were majestic and imposing.

The soldiers who came from this section of Yangcheng had either broken the door of the county or beheaded people, so the people were very afraid, and quick to dodge and avoid.

The soldiers stopped in front of the door of A Righteous Friend, and they dismounted in unison. The weapons and armor rattled, which was very terrifying.

The soldiers stood scattered in front of the door, their faces solemn, and the general at the head did not break through the door, but adjusted his clothes.

“Master Lei.” He shouted.

Lei Zhonglian stepped out from the inside and saw that the soldier’s brow was furrowed.

“General Tian.” He said, “Why are you here again?”

The man who was called General Tian smiled.

“Our lord said that we need to perform three humble visits to the thatched cottage1.” He said, “So I’ve come back to ask you again.”

Even the three visits! To a man with a disabled hand?

The onlookers widened their eyes in disbelief.

Lei Zhonglian was not flattered at all, but a little annoyed.

“General Tian, as I said, I thank the officials for their favor, but I really can’t go to the Huaiqing Road Army to serve them.” He sighed and held out his right hand, “My hand is like this.”

General Tian obviously couldn’t pretend to be gentle, and he took a step forward with a bit of fanaticism in his eyes.

“Master Lei, don’t be modest, I have seen with my own eyes the skills you used to kill the enemy in the Baiheliang Valley.” He said, “I also inquired, and it turns out that originally you were the Dual-Spear Lotus. In this skill, if you say you are second, then no one would dare to say they are first.”

The onlookers were in an uproar and looked at Lei Zhonglian in disbelief.

The fame of the Dual-Spear Lotus was similar to the reputation of Zhang Fist, and there were not only a few people who had heard of it, but no one had associated the Dual-Spear Lotus with the humble driver for Deshengchang Lao Lei.

Lei Zhonglian sighed lightly.

“My lord, my hand has long been unable to wield dual spears. Fourteen years ago when escorting Uncle Fang, we encountered thieves. My hand was injured and I could no longer take up the spear. In the battle at Baiheliang Valley, it was Young Master Fang’s wife who pierced me with a golden needle, so that I could have a last battle. After the fight, my hand was completely disabled.” He said, “So the me you saw in the battle of Baiheliang Valley will never appear again. He no longer exists.”

The noise in front of the door suddenly subsided, and everyone looked at Lei Zhonglian.

Disabled hands, recovery through Young Master Fang’s wife’s golden needles, an amazing battle.

How did it end up being about Young Master Fang’s wife again?

There was too much information in this, and everyone was a little confused to hear it.

“Is this also a shill that the Fang family paid for?” Someone muttered, “Isn’t this too many shills and too many twists?”

Footnotes and Idioms

1 – 三顾茅庐 – sān ​gù​ máo ​lú – “three humble visits to a thatched cottage”; repeatedly request somebody to take up a responsible post. From the Romance of Three Kingdoms: Liu Bei recruits Zhuge Liang to his cause by visiting him three times

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 263

This is beyond doubt

Yangcheng storytellers have been very unhappy lately.

It was only two days ago that the clever people set up a clever ruse but suddently, during what should have been the most lively and popular time, the teahouse audience was reduced by half.

This was because there were a lot of foreigners in the city, and although these foreigners were not storytellers, they still robbed them of their business.

These people were from Ru’nan, the place where the stories said that Miss Jun took the sick and weak, the old and the disabled, and trekked back to.

Unexpectedly, Miss Jun had more lively stories to tell from Ru’nan.

These days, people from Ru’nan and from near Ru’nan had come to seek medical treatment.

Many people who could travel so far to see a doctor must be rich in assets at home, which could ensure that the patient’s journey was comfortable so they would not be tired or overworked, which could worsen the disease.

And those who could travel long distances must not be seriously ill and about to die, otherwise they would die before they reached Yangcheng.

Therefore, when they learned that Miss Jun was not in Yangcheng, although Fang Chengyu provided food and accommodation, many people still left. These people were not short of money, so instead of waiting, they went in search of another famous doctor.

But there were also some people who stayed, or who didn’t have the strength to go. Or they didn’t have much money and had already run out.

These people who stayed idle and had nothing to do, especially when they found that the people of Yangcheng did not know the power of Jiuling Hall, were filled with righteous indignation and the need to show off. So outside the residence provided by the Fang family or out on the streets, they enthusiastically told the people of Yangcheng about the various deeds of Jiuling Hall.

Miss Jun returned to her old home, and Old Master Yan pushed down the house to the walls.

Miss Jun did not back down. Jiuling Hall was reopened between the ruins of the broken walls.

A promise of gold, good deeds and fame.

The disabled family waiting for death, and the three types of medicines and two lines of acupuncture vigorously applied.

Old Lady Yan taught her son a lesson, and Juiling Hall was rebuilt.

In the street, a coincidental encounter of old friends, and Miss Jun compelling the man to stay with her.

“Stop, stop, this can’t be said.”

When the talkative man told the last story. He was immediately scolded by the Ru’nan villagers next to him.

Only then did the man notice that he had lost his words and he coughed with a red face.

“I won’t talk about that,” he said.

The people of Yangcheng, whose eyes were lit up and ears were erect, suddenly booed.

“Speak. Say it, just say it.” They coaxed.

“This part didn’t happen, this part didn’t happen.” The people of Ru’nan waved their hands and denied everything. Their expressions were formidable, an invincible look that could not be bent by riches and honor.

Miss Jun was from Ru’nan, and no matter what, it is always disgraceful to force a hug on a young man in the street. Even if their own family knew that their children were naughty, it still had to be maintained before outsiders.

“How much money the Fang family paid for you to come, and what can be said and what cannot be said, was it not prepared in advance?”

There was naturally no shortage of cynicism in this lively scene.

In fact, this kind of questioning and ridicule had continued since the medical seekers from Ru’nan first started arriving, one after the other.

This was also inevitable. After all, the fact of Miss Jun being a divine doctor was too sudden.

Every time there was questioning and ridicule, the people of Ru’nan would be puzzled and angry. As a result, the two sides quarreled.

However, as the people of Ru’nan learned about the various deeds of the Fang Family from the population of Yangcheng, the people of Ru’nan also became calm.

“Actually, it’s not surprising that you think so.”

This time, a man from Ru’nan stopped the quarrel between the villagers and his companions, stood up and looked at the people with a disdainful expression.

“When Miss Jun and Young Master Fang first arrived in Runan, no one believed that she would really open a medical clinic,” he said. No one believed that she could gain a foothold in Ru’nan, and so Hu Gui dared to sell the house. That Old Master Yan dared to tear down the house because she was an orphaned daughter, she was young, her parents were dead, and there were no clan relatives. Such a person, it was really difficult to believe that she had the ability to fight against bullying, this is the so-called judging people by their appearance.”

These words gradually quieted the laughing crowd.

“Isn’t the same with your speculations about certain families?”

He continued.

“Because they are merchants, scholars, farmers, and businessmen, and the lowest class. Even if they have money, they are only rich, so how can they hold the imperial edict and make so many officials bow their heads and obey the decree.”

“But what exactly are you questioning?”

“Isn’t the imperial edict real? You’ve all seen it, and the officials have confirmed it. It’s true.”

“Just like in Ru’nan, when Miss Jun announced on the collapsed house that the Jiuling Hall would reopen, that magic hands would bring the dying back to life1 with no consultation fee, no medical expenses, and no cost for the medicine to cure the disease, we ourselves didn’t believe it.”

“She cured one person, cured two people, and we all thought she was using famous medicine prescriptions bought with the Fang family’s money.”

“But she cured three people, four people, and all the people she could cure were cured, and everyone watched. She didn’t avoid or hide, she did all of it herself.”

“It’s because we saw it that we believed her.”

“The reason why you don’t believe it is because you haven’t seen what she did in Ru’nan, so why don’t you go to Ru’nan. If you don’t believe us, why don’t you go to Ru’nan to inquire?”

“Ru’nan is not far away, and there are many merchants coming and going, or you can also go and have a look.”

“Of course, the matter has passed, and you still don’t believe it when you hear others say it, but you have seen it with your own eyes.”

“Isn’t the young master of the Fang family a living example?”

“When we saw Young Master Fang in Ru’nan, we just thought he was crippled, and we didn’t even think that he was actually a dying paralyzed man.”

“But you know, you watched him grow up. You know exactly what Young Master Fang used to be like, and you have seen with your own eyes what Young Master Fang is like now.”

“So what are you really questioning? Just because you think she can’t do it, so she must be a fake, it must be a lie?”

“To believe something, do you have to find a reason to believe it before you can believe it? Is something not true just because you don’t believe it, or is it false?”

“But there are really a lot of strange things in this world, and they exist.”

“Just because you don’t believe, you must laugh at it and question it.”

The street was silent, and the people who had originally had sneers and mockery had red faces and looked evasive.

Fang Chengyu, who was standing in the distance, smiled.

“Chengyu, did this person cost a lot of money?” Fang Yuxiu asked in a low voice.

“Second sister.” Fang Chengyu looked at her and said aggressively, “These people are really not invited by me, these are to the credit of Jiuling. Everyone is really here for her.”

Fang Yuxiu smiled.

“Yes, I know, Jiuling is very powerful, Jiuling is omnipotent, and responds to every call.” She said.

Fang Chengyu laughed again, his eyes full of pride.

“Yes,” he said.

Fang Yuxiu reached out and poked his forehead.

“She’s such a powerful person yet this was started by you, right?” She said.

Fang Chengyu giggled and did not admit or deny it.

“They always question us for deceiving people.” He looked at the crowd over there again, with a smile on his face, “But they forgot one thing, no one in this world can deceive people just because they want to, and cheating people must also require real ability. If there is no Jiuling who has really done these things, just relying on money, how could we see this kind of response?”

Fang Yuxiu looked at the crowd over there and smiled.

Yes, if there was no real ability and sincerity, how could they be so sincere to her.

Forces are mutual.

The brother and sister were talking, and suddenly there was a burst of firecrackers on the street.

What’s wrong?

The people on the street also looked for the sound, and saw that some people were already running towards the place where the firecrackers were.

“Go and see, someone has opened a new escort bureau!”

Escort bureau?

Zezhou county had many businesses, and there were many escort bureaus, but it was not easy to open one. There must be a famous master who has enough escorts to convince people. This was not something that anyone could open casually.

Who knew which famous martial artist was going to strike out on his own.

Everyone rushed over in curiosity, only to see a slightly remote and somewhat dilapidated door on the street being lit up by firecrackers. The smoke dissipated, and a thin man stepping on a ladder was hanging a plaque on the door with one hand.

The door plaque was somewhat old, like this house, and the words on it had been repainted.

A Righteous Friend, three words shining in the daylight.

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Footnotes and Idioms

1 – 妙手回春 – miào​ shǒu​ huí​ chūn – “magical hands bring the dying back to life” miracle cure / brilliant doctor

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 262

Ru’nan as Evidence

In any case, discussing Miss Jun had made the atmosphere not good. Third Madam Ning smiled and got up to break the awkwardness.

“Okay, let’s go, I’ll go with you and write to your brother.” She wrapped her arms around Ning Yunyan’s shoulder and smiled, leading Ning Yunyan out.

Fourth Madam Ning also got up and retreated, and the maids and servants hurriedly followed out of the house.

In tea houses and restaurants in Yangcheng was a constant discussion about the storyteller, and in the streets and alleys there was talking everywhere, and the servants of the Ning family in Beiliu Town naturally knew of it.

“Still talking about the Divine Doctor.” Fourth Madam Ning pouted at the servant woman, “I wonder if she’ll open a hall for a consultation? Let everyone see her magic skills.”

The servants all laughed.

“How would she dare?” They said, “It’s easier to be a wonderful woman if she hides at home.”

Fourth Madam Ning laughed and led the people away.

At this time, Yangcheng was also very lively.

The freshness of Fang Dechang’s story of saving the first emperor has passed, and the story of Miss Jun, the young mistress of the Fang family, had set off a new wave of excitement.

“So it is to say that Miss Jun didn’t come to our Yangcheng city because she was alone and desperate to seek refuge with a relative?”

“Yeah, it was said that she was going back to Ru’nan, and that in Ru’nan she has a family and a business and a reputation, but she came here to treat the young master of the Fang family.”

“Does that mean that the marriage contract and the entanglements with the Ning family are all fake?”

“The marriage contract is not necessarily fake.”

“What? Then in order to treat her cousin’s illness and avenge the Fang family, Miss Jun even gave up the marriage contract?”

“Yeah, otherwise why would they call her an odd woman.”

“I think it’s nonsense.”

The tea house at the gate of the city was full of people resting their feet to escape the summer heat, and the talk was naturally about the latest story. There were various perspectives on the whole thing.

“Making up stories must also have a limit. Now that their family is different from the past, it is understandable that they want a decent young mistress. But to put aside a bad reputation is good too. Even if they only said that she came here to endure humiliation and burdens in order to help the Fang young master cure his illness, that’s fine. Why should they say that she is a divine doctor?” The man shook his head as he said, “Do they really know what divine doctor means?”

This argument had existed since the first day of the brilliant scheme.

The story was wonderful and bizarre, but the words “divine doctor” had not been ignored by everyone.

So Young Master Fang was not cured by chongxi1, but by this Miss Jun?

In fact, the Fang family had said this when they took out the holy will and were questioned by Ma Zhifu on the street. However, everyone only thought that this was the Fang family’s evasive remarks to the government official.

In the past ten years, so many doctors have pronounced that the young master of the Fang family would not be able to live to be fifteen years old. Was he cured by this Miss Jun?

Were these famous doctors also putting on a play for the past ten years, or were these famous doctors not skilled?

They’re obviously playing a joke.

“I’m not kidding, I’ll find out if I go see Miss Jun when I’m sick.” Someone laughed.

This also attracted a blank stare.

“Just kidding. You go and try it.”

“That’s the Fang family, they have the imperial decree in their hands, and if they can’t cure whatever, they can say it is cured. What can you do?”

The laughter in the tea house was lively. A carriage came from a distance on the creaky road and stopped in front of the tea shed.

The driver of the car was a young lad. Rushing against the big sun, his face was covered in sweat, and his face was red.

“Shop keeper, come three bowls of tea.” He said out loud.

The shop keeper’s response was to greet the young man while serving tea.

“Come in and sit.” he said.

The boy didn’t come in. Instead, he carefully lift the curtain.

“Mother, how is Father?” he asked.

The shop keeper was also bringing tea and looked curiously into the carriage. He was so frightened that he cried out, which stopped the excitement of the tea house. Everyone looked over.

The young man’s face was even more flushed, and he lowered the curtain with a little embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, father is sick.” He said, looking at the retreating shop keeper and hesitating to reach out to take the tea.

The shop keeper had already recovered his senses, and gave apologies one after another as he handed over the tea.

“I’m the one who made a fuss.” He said hurriedly.

The young man was also extremely thirsty, and did not refuse to pass the tea into the car to give his parents two bowls, and he also took a bowl and drank it.

“Young man, do I hear that your accent is from Henan?” The shop keeper couldn’t help but ask curiously.

The young man smiled sheepishly.

“Yes, I am from Ru’nan, the capital of Caizhou Prefecture.”


These two words came out, and there was a humming in the quiet tea house.

“How did someone from Ru’nan come to our Yangcheng City?” The shop keeper had already asked first, looking at the carriage, “And with a sick old man.”

He asked this sentence, and the young man showed a strange look, as if his question was puzzling.

“We have come to see the doctor.” He said, “Miss Jun Jiuling has come to her grandparent’s house in Yangcheng now.”

There was silence in the tea house.

The young man didn’t care. He put down the tea bowl and gave the money.

“Where does Miss Jun live?” he asked.

No one answered him.

The young man looked at these people with some puzzlement.

“Don’t you know?” He said, “Miss Jun is so famous. ”

Miss Jun was indeed famous, but everyone seemed to understand that being famous didn’t hold the same meaning.

The shop keeper was the first to regain his senses and show him the way, and the young man rushed into the city with great gratitude.

When he left, someone grabbed the shop keeper and asked what the people in the carriage looked like and how it was able to frighten him so.

“There is a sore on his face.” The shopkeeper reached out his hand and gestured, with a bit of lingering fear, “It’s so big.”

There was an immediate uproar in the tea house.

“Real or fake?”

“They came from Ru’nan.”

“Just like Mr. Storyteller, he’s a shill for the Fang family.”

“He said that she is a divine doctor and that they came for medical treatment. What kind of a coincidence is this if he’s not a shill?”

“I wonder how many the Fang family invited? This one is not interesting.”

The sneering words spoken by this person were quickly fulfilled, and after that, many people from Ru’nan came to Yangcheng one after another, and all of them asked for directions the same way.

Where is Miss Jun Jiuling’s residence?

This made the excitement that had just set off in Yangcheng even bigger.

“Liar? We’ve come so far just to lie to you!” Faced with questions from the people, the tired and hot Ru’nan people who were in front of the city gate were very annoyed, “What’s fake about Miss Jun being a divine doctor?”

He looked at these people with irritation and sarcasm and pity.

“We originally envied you. Miss Jun is here with you. You really have a fortune, I thought. You are blind and don’t even know it.”

After that, the locals looked at the foreigners and the city people could see the contempt of the people from the country.

“It is truly seeing is believing.”

What seeing is believing? They hadn’t seen anything yet to believe, okay!

How could a young lady who could only clamor to marry the most famous son in Yangcheng be a divine doctor?

Even the most knowledgeable people can’t take pity on these two.

The people of Yangcheng felt aggrieved and unfair.

“Then let’s increase our knowledge.”

The people of Yangcheng who refused to accept it also followed these medical seekers from Ru’nan to the Fang family.

But unfortunately, no one could see anything now, because Miss Jun was not at home.

Those people from Ru’nan who came to seek medical treatment were properly accomodated by the Fang family, and the young master of the Fang family personally received them, and promised to write a letter to Miss Jun with their condition description, and if they were willing to wait, they could wait here for Miss Jun to return, and the Fang family would bear the burden.

This promise put the Yangcheng people in an uproar once again.

“This is not what a shill does!”

“How can anyone who seeks medical treatment be treated as an ancestor!”

“They eat and drink, so is it still free to treat the disease and give medicine?”

However, the uproar of the Yangcheng people was once again scorned by Ru’nan’s medical seekers. Regarding the Fang family’s promise, the people from Ru’nan were calm and did not faint with excitement.

“Is this an exaggeration?” They looked at the excited Yangcheng people with condescending contempt, “You are really ignorant.”

Why do you know this?

Have you ever seen such a thing before?

The people of Ru’nan laughed when they heard this question.

“Of course I’ve seen it.” They said, “Miss Jun and Young Master Fang did this when they were in Ru’nan.”

When in Ru’nan.

The people of Yangcheng all thought of it. The storyteller told the story of the strange woman who was sick and weak, brought the old and the disabled, and traveled back to Ru’nan.

Is there also an old legend in Ru’nan?

“Absolutely.” The people of Ru’nan were full of memories, “The old story of Ru’nan is legendary.”

Footnotes and Idioms

1 – 冲喜 – chōngxǐ – save a patient’s life by giving him a wedding to counteract bad luck

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 261

What is the Intention of This Story?

Absurd or not, crazy or not, it is just one family’s word.

The storyteller folded the fan and his voice was clear.

“It can be said that good and evil will be paid back in the end. Good deeds always come together.” He said in a loud voice, “This Miss Jun had finally repented and taken the right path, and she had obtained this good son-in-law and a good family.”

The audience in the tea house did not know whether to express joy or sorrow. They looked at the storyteller on the stage with a wooden expression, and felt a little nostalgic for the arrangement with the Jinyiwei, remembering how that time there was also a little girl who stood up and took the initiative to ask a question and provoke the atmosphere, so that everyone also knew how to behave.

Why wasn’t it more well arranged this time? What’s the right way to react?

There was a crisp sound that startled the crowd, but it turned out that the storyteller slapped the folding fan on the table.

“But chivalry has always been in this unique young lady. Doing good deeds in a way that rewards everyone, what a special woman.” He said, “To say that this Miss Jun is special, we must start from a more advanced time, and these events, whether her infatuation with the Young Master Ning, her acting crazy and vulgar, or, even more so, her final marriage with Young Master Fang, were all the arrangements made earlier by Miss Jun.”

What did that mean?

The people in the tea house were stunned again.

“This has to start with the origin of Miss Jun.”

“Do you know who this Miss Jun is?”

“You only know that she is the granddaughter of the Fang family, and her father was a good Qingtian man who devoted himself to the country and the people, but do you know that her Jun family has been practicing medicine for generations, and her grandfather Jun Fengchun was a famous divine doctor in Runan?”

“She has been hiding deep in the boudoir, hiding deep her true inheritance of the teachings of the Runan Divine Doctor Jun Jiuling.”

The people in the tea house were dumbfounded.

Divine doctor?

Divine doctor!


Several people in the Ning family’s house were also stunned, looking at the servant woman who was describing what the storyteller said.

“What a mess!” Third Madam Ning was the first to reply, “This fabrication is too outrageous.”

“What kind of divine doctor, it is better to simply say that she is an immortal.” Fourth Madam Ning also laughed, “Which of the divine doctors are who they say they are anyways?”

Madam Ning didn’t say anything. There was a slight smile of contempt at the corner of her mouth.

“And then what?” Master Ning was very interested, “So why did her father and mother die then?”

When his words fell in the room, and both Third and Fourth Madam Ning laughed, and the smile at the corner of Lady Ning’s mouth also scattered.

“Don’t say this, people’s lives are fated and can’t be changed by a divine doctor,” she whispered softly.

The laughter in the room still did not stop.

“Go on.” Master Ning waved his hand and said.


“Miss Jun had the heart to save her father and was endlessly grief-stricken by her inability to stop his return to heaven, so she devoted herself to the study of medicine. She was going to return to Runan at the time when her grandmother Fang came to meet her.”

“Miss Jun wanted to inherit the family business and return to Runan to reopen Jiuling Hall. She originally wanted to refuse the kindness of her grandfather’s family, but then she heard people describing the various sorrows of the Fang family. She heard that her grandfather and uncle were victimized, and her cousin did not have an incurable disease but was poisoned and his life was short.”

“Miss Jun deeply felt the pain of her relatives, and knowing that the Fang family was in crisis, she was determined to save her cousin and help the Fang family survive, so she set up a plan.”

“Since then, she has come to Yangchen and was first entangled in the Marriage of the Ning Family, which everyone knows about, after which it seemed logical for her to marry her cousin. For the Fang family and for her, it looked like they were desperate. No one was suspicious, and the enemy was even more complacent.”

“Miss Jun used their status as husband and wife to cover everyone’s eyes and ears and to detoxify and cure Young Master Fang. This is what you and I have seen, all the laughter and all the drama was arranged by Miss Jun.”

“Even in order to lure out the mastermind Li Changhong, Miss Jun did not hesitate to risk her life.”

“Carrying the sick and weak with the old and disabled, she trekked back to Runan, met the ambush, broke the trap, and staggered through the killing field.”

“Only then was the case of Li Changhong, Wang Jiang, and the six officers and men who had colluded for more than ten years finally exposed in one fell swoop.”

“For all her playing the fool and selling herself as crazy, the daughter of the Jun family’s fake marriage plan was exquisite!”

“This is why when the clever daughter did not return overnight, Old Lady Fang did not hesitate to turn over the city with the imperial edict!”

“That’s because Miss Jun is a person of great merit in this family.”

With a crisp snap sound, the storyteller fanned his clothes and stood solemnly.

There was silence in the tea house, and then there was raucous applause.


Madam Ning’s room was silent, and she looked at the servant woman with a stunned expression.

“It’s really ingenious.” Master Ning murmured and nodded, “One ring after another, one ring after another, one ring after another, not only explaining the Fang family’s secretly planned revenge, but also explaining why they had hidden an imperial edict for so many years, but they used it to make a big fuss for a woman who did not return at night. It is not ridiculous, she is not naughty and foolish, everything has a cause and effect. It was a reward.”

Madam Ning and the others were no longer smiling.

“It’s still just a story.” Third Madam Ning shook her fan vigorously and said, “Everyone knows how good and powerful their Fang family is. They are still just spinning stories into different shapes.”

“This means that Miss Jun is not the wife of the young master of the Fang family, and the marriage is fake.” Ning Yunyan’s voice rang again.

The room froze.

“So what?” Madam Ning said in a stiff voice, clutching the fan in her hand.

“That is to say, Jun Zhenzhen is not yet married, and she can still marry.” Ning Yunyan raised her hand and narrowed her eyes, “She can still come and haunt brother.”

With a snap, Madam Ning knocked the fan on the table, and the handle broke.

“Who does she think she is!” She exclaimed, “What is she doing!”

This time it was possible for them to use the imperial edict.

The other people in the room had this thought in their minds at the same time.

Madam Ning obviously thought about it too, and her face stiffened.

“Imperial edict or not, it can’t make us marry another woman into our family.” She said, “Just by making up that nonsense about a divine doctor who heals the sick, they want to turn a woman who has worshiped heaven and earth and entered the bridal chamber into a virginal young maiden again and shove her at us. Heaven forbid.”

“Yeah, it’s too bullying.” Third Madam Ning said indignantly, “What do they take our Yunzhao for?”

“There is no need to worry. The Fang family just made up the story to coax the people. I don’t believe they would dare to come to our house to make trouble.” Fourth Madam Ning said, looking at Master Ning, “Big Brother, what do you say?”

Master Ning was not as angry and nervous as Madam Ning.

“Of course,” he said with a smile.

When his words had calmed the women’s hearts, the atmosphere eased a lot, and the servant woman was instructed to continue to pay attention to the movements of the Fang family in the city and was made to retreat with a hand wave.

“Then, shall this be written about in the letter to brother?” Ning Yunyan asked abruptly.

Madam Ning, who had calmed down, was furious again.

“Tell your brother what! What has this to do with him?”

Ning Yunyan trembled and bowed her head in grievance.

Ever since she was betrothed, her mother did not spoil her as before. Sure enough, a married daughter is like spilled water. She had not even married, and the family was already not so friendly to her.

Although the family did not say, she felt the sudden betrothal must have been a reaction related to the incident at the Jinyun Tower on March 3rd.

Probably Lin Jin’er had been scared into exposing the matter.

Lin Jin’er, that lowly maid, was still dragging her down even when she was on death’s door.

And the reason why Lin Jin’er was able to drag her down was naturally on account of Jun Zhenzhen, that cheap servant, who harmed others.

She was completely dejected1 to see that Jun Zhenzhen had turned into a special woman today.

Ning Yunyan was aggrieved and resentful, and had lowered her head after being yelled at by her mother, but she was not angry. Instead, she felt more at ease.

So what if she was special? She couldn’t even think about getting involved with their family because in the eyes of her mother and brother, she was still a toad.

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Footnotes and Idioms

1 – 灰头土脸 – huī ​tóu​ tǔ ​liǎn – “head and face filthy with grime”; dejected and depressed

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 260

Dramatic Narration Beyond Belief

“From ancient times till to present, there have been many good men who have been presented with mysterious opportunities in the face of danger. Not only men, but married women are also entitled to this strange right.”

“Ti Qian1 saving her father was uncommon in ancient as well as modern times, and acting on behalf of her father in military affairs was even stranger. The strange woman I want to talk about today is the young wife of the Fang family’s master, the daughter of Zhongyi Qingtian Jun Yingwen, Miss Jun.”

The tea house was full of people eating food on the table while looking at the stage. The shop assistants carried the teapot through the tables and, because it was a new story, they also raised their heads from time to time to listen.

Miss Jun, who was no stranger to the people of Yangcheng, really was a strange woman.

Since coming to Yangcheng, this Miss Jun has added countless fun and conversation to everyone’s life, especially because the person related to her was also a person familiar to the people of Yangcheng and who they were most willing to talk about.

“… Miss Jun finally met Ning gongzi at the August 15th lantern festival. It was really shocking, and since then it became a disaster. She wrote countless poems at once…”

The storyteller folded the fan together, making the delicate women shyly ponder, and took up his pen to write a poem.

“A lamp in the east, a lamp in the west, hate not for the moon under the lamp, shine on the jade man’s head.”

There was a burst of laughter in the tea house.


With a snap, Madam Ning slapped the table again.

The servant woman who was talking stopped talking.

Third Madam Ning and Fourth Madam Ning also stopped laughing.

“How disgusting to be told that. She is not ashamed, but Yunzhao is still ashamed,” Madam Ning said with a cold face.

Third Madam Ning coughed softly.

“It’s true that the Fang family is trying to divert attention. They even brought up such a thing about their daughter-in-law. They are not ashamed from losing face,” she said disdainfully.

They can talk about their own family and say whatever they want, why bother with others.” Fourth Madam Ning also said angrily.

“Master, they can’t continue like this to drag in our Yunzhao.” Madam Ning said while looking at Master Ning.

Master Ning’s expression remained the same, and he raised his hand to signal the servant woman.

“Go on. I want to hear what else the Fang family has to say about this strange woman,” he said.

The servant woman answered yes. She timidly looked at Madam Ning, who closed her eyes and ignored her, and the servant woman continued to speak.

Miss Jun’s previous absurdities were not that unusual, nothing more than making a fuss because of a marriage contract, hanging herself, and going to the government office to make trouble.

These things were even more exaggerated by the storyteller’s description, causing a burst of laughter in the tea house.

“Hey, that’s not right, that’s not right.” Someone responded with a laugh and patted the companion near him, “This is to make fun of the Fang family’s Master’s young wife. The Fang family now has an Imperial Edict, how can this be done!”

The companion also reacted.

“Yeah. That’s a bit excessive,” he said, looking a little panicked. “The Fang family even killed the county magistrate when he tried to kill them, so let’s not suffer from the disaster of the pond fish2. ”

The laughter in the hall where the thoughts had turned around gradually fell silent, and only the high-pitched voice of the storyteller in the hall returned, which seemed a little strange.

This scene was somewhat familiar.

Not long ago, that Miss Jun was still a joke. When the Fang family was just a wealthy merchant family in Yangcheng, the most feared force in Yangcheng, the Jinyiwei, held a group of people hostage to celebrate their biggest patron in the capital, Thousand-Man Commander Lu. The storyteller preached about the marriage between Thousand-Man Commander Lu and Princess Jiuli in the restaurant.

Those who dared not rejoice in the congratulations had encountered inexplicable but logical misfortune afterwards.

This time, it seemed like they wanted everyone together to celebrate and laugh at the past of the young wife of the master of the Fang family.

The Fang master’s wife’s past was not so glorious.

A woman’s absurd and ridiculous past was being told, which was not a sign of goodwill.

So was this the intention of the Fang family or the Jinyiwei?

Should they be happy or sympathetic? This was really a problem.


“If this is the intention of the Jinyiwei, it means that they are not satisfied with the other family’s behavior previously mentioned.” Master Ning knocked on the table and said slowly.

The servant woman who was narrating stopped again and stood quietly in the room, listening to the words of Master Ning.

Third Madam Ning and Fourth Madam Ning both showed some joy.

“However, there was no such meaning from second brother.” Master Ning frowned again.

“Jinyiwei’s actions are inherently the kind that shouldn’t be seen by people, so it is normal for second uncle not to know,” Madam Ning said.

Master Ning did not answer as he pondered for a moment.

“If it’s not the Jinyiwei’s intention, it is the Fang family’s intentions.” He said, “The Fang family…”

He knocked on the table.

“The Fang family doesn’t want this Fang master’s wife anymore.”

Ning Yunyan’s eyes, which had always been well-behaved and docile as if she didn’t exist, lit up suddenly.

Is that vicious and lowly Jun Zhenzhen finally going to be kicked out the door by the Fang family and thrown away like a used rag?


“The point is that this Miss Jun was making a lot of trouble, and even hanged herself with a rope at the inn, but fortunately people found out in time and saved her life.”

“Old Lady Fang rushed to hug Miss Jun and cried, I lost my husband and lost my son and my daughter. Only you and Chengyu are left. Chengyu can’t live and you don’t want to live.

“Whatever whatever, life is not controlled by heaven. I recognize that it is the fate of this white-haired person to see off the black-haired first. Die if you want. If you can’t cross through the Ning threshold in this life, when you die, I will send you to the Ning family’s grave.”

The storyteller stood on the high platform like an old woman pounding her chest and feet, complaining to the heavens, helpless and sad.

Even though the people in the audience were silent and nervous, they couldn’t help but feel a little broken-hearted.

A white-haired person sending off a black-haired person is indeed the saddest thing in the world, and those who want to live but can’t live, and those who can live but don’t want to live are also the most painful things in the world.

Both the sorrow and the pain were encountered by Old Lady Fang, and it was also bad luck that she could not do anything about it.

But it was obvious that this feeling of grief was often only felt by people who had nothing to do with the matter. For Madam Ning, not only did she not have the slightest feeling of grief, she only felt anger.

“What send her to the grave of my Ning family?” She raised an eyebrow, “When will it be my Ning family’s turn to have the upper hand?”

“It’s not necessarily impossible for them to do it.” Master Ning said, “The Fang family has an Imperial Edict.”

It was impossible to raid their Ning family’s home with the edict, but it was not impossible to force the Ning family to accept a marriage contract with the edict.

After all, the marriage contract was real.

Madam Ning was at a loss for words. She took the fan and shook it vigorously.

“What else? What else did they say?” She looked at the servant and her voice, which had always been soft, became a little anxious.

“The next thing is that at this cry of Old Lady Fang was the first thing Miss Jun, who had returned from the Yellow Springs, heard when she woke up. She thought of her parents who both died, and thought of her only grandmother in the world, so she gave up her obsession and stopped pestering the Ning family.” The servant woman said, “Then afterwards, just like that, she decided to marry her cousin Fang Chengyu. A marriage of one’s own relatives fulfilled the hearts of her grandmother and aunt, and also served to make her cousin happy.”

“And then what?” Fourth Madam Ning sneered and said, “They probably also said that virtue has its rewards and the heavens have eyes, from then on the Fang family’s sorrows have turned to joy. They achieved vengeance against their great enemy and young master Fang has also recovered from illness, and is this all due to the powerful Miss Jun’s contribution?”

“After talking for half a day, they still preached about how blessed by heaven their Fang family is and how meritorious and fortunate they are.” Third Madam Ning also said mockingly, “Why bother to expend so much effort this way, and let the monks directly say that their Fang family is the reincarnation of the heavenly star blessed by the gods. It wouldn’t be any less convincing.”

“It’s absurd.” Madam Ning shook her fan and smiled, “I look at the Fang family as crazy demons.”

Footnotes and Idioms

1 – Ti Qian is the youngest of the sisters in a story about a father who is facing punishment from the emperor and has no sons to help him. Ti Qian writes a letter to the Emperor and stops his carriage on his way to a hunt. The Emperor reads the letter and is moved by Ti Qian’s filial piety, and he pardons her father.

2 – 池鱼之殃 – chí yú zhī yāng – “calamity of the pond fish”; be involved in a disaster not of one’s own making

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 259

Annoying Others

God is so unfair.

Third Madam Ning whirled her fan.

“So he also sacrificed his life to save the Emperor.” She said, “What is this all about?”

Fourth Madam Ning sat on the kang, although she did not have a fan, she waved a handkerchief.

“There are many loopholes in the fabrication.” She said, “It’s ridiculous.”

Madam Ning, who was sitting on the other side of the kang, still had a peaceful look, and her eyebrows became even more loving.

“But it is also the karma of repaying the Buddha to help benevolent people,” she said.

“Sister-in-law,” Third Madam Ning cried out disapprovingly, “benevolent people, how can they be benevolent people, they are benevolent to the Emperor but not to us. You see what they do.”

“Murdering and searching the city, and almost setting fires.” Fourth Lady Ning added, “Is it possible that the Emperor’s imperial edict is for them to be so arrogant?”

“It was not about finding someone.” Madam Ning said softly, “If the children in the family are lost, it is inevitable that the elders will be anxious.”

“Yeah, just a fifteen-year-old who doesn’t return home at night,” Fourth Lady Ning emphasized the word fifteen, “and yet they created such a scandal1. Like wolves and tigers2, they searched the city and broke into households.”

“Did eldest brother tell second brother about these things? The Fang family’s action must be reported to the Emperor,” Third Madam Ning said.

When she said this, Master Ning came in followed by Ning Yunyan.

After a few months of not going out, doing needlework and managing the housekeeping and yard, she looked a lot more rounded.

She also looked a little sluggish and bored.

After entering through the door, she gave a salute to her mother and two aunts, and stood aside without saying a word.

“How can this matter be spoken of by second brother?” Master Ning frowned and said, “There is no need for the second brother to say this kind of thing, the Jinyiwei will report it.”

“It has been so long since then, how come there’s been no movement up or down?” Fourth Madam Ning said, “Why are the Jinyiwei behaving like cats this time?”

“Naturally, because His Majesty the Emperor will not allow any movement.” Master Ning said, “This goes without saying.”

Of course, this went without saying. The women of the Ning family were not stupid enough not to guess, but after confirming this fact, they were still indignant.

“It’s really unreasonable.” Third Madam Ning said, shaking her fan in hatred.

“You don’t have to laugh at how ridiculous the Fang family’s story is.” Master Ning said and sat down in a chair.

Ning Yunyan immediately poured tea and brought it over.

Master Ning took a sip.

“This story is for the common people to hear. Naturally it suites their tastes: quirky and bizarre.” He said, looking at Madam Ning, “It has the cycle of karma where virtue is rewarded3. There are Gods and Buddhas and the Son of Heaven. There are thrilling dangers and dangers averted4, and there are unexpected rewards. The twists and turns are fascinating. This kind of story will spread. As for the absurdity of the loopholes, the people don’t care. ”

“Then the officials don’t care either?” Third Madam Ning said.

Master Ning smiled.

“Of course the officials in charge care.” he said, “It is enough for them to care whether this edict is true or not. And as for how the edict came about, they can ask privately. Can it be discussed openly, can it still be questioned? That was the time of the First Emperor.”

He took another sip of tea.

“His Majesty is a filial son.” He said meaningfully.

When the Emperor first ascended the throne, his life was in danger and he was heavily criticized. It is said that he was forced to agree to giving filial piety to the former Emperor, otherwise it was understood that he would have to have killed himself at that time.

Since the Fang family said that this was the edict given by the previous Emperor, how could the emperor possibly question it?

Besides, it had also been verified that it was indeed the handwriting and jade seal of the First Emperor, and it is recorded in the book.

Third Madam Ning and Fourth Madam Ning glanced at each other, somewhat uneasy and helpless.

“Then there really is no one in this Fang family who can be messed with.”

“Whether they find themselves in trouble is not with others, but with their own actions,” Master Ning said, “unrighteous deeds will lead to downfall.”

“How did this object appear in Yangcheng?” Third Madam Ning said, very indignant.

The most important thing was that this object was still somewhat involved with their Ning family.

“Don’t worry about them. If they come to search our house, I will open the door and let them search. They can search whatever they want.” Master Ning smiled, “It’s fine to search our house.”

Saying so, he laughed.

“Holding the imperial decree is not the same as the person who wrote the imperial decree, but don’t lose your sense of propriety and forget your duty.”

In the old affairs of the previous dynasty, there were many meritorious high-ranking officials who held edicts, and in the end, a few others acted arrogantly and fled to escape death.

The Fang family took the imperial decree to avenge and absolve injustice, and mobilized troops and officials to find someone and search a city. Although arrogant, it was tolerable. But this is the kind of thing that can be brought out once or twice but not three times. Especially if the imperial decree is used to interfere with court officials, it won’t just be the people coming out to question it.

Madam Ning, Third Madam Ning, Fourth Madam Ning and the others all had smiles on their faces.

“However, what if they didn’t want to search our home, but take the imperial decree to force us to admit our engagement with the Jun family?” Ning Yunyan, who had been silent all along, said suddenly.

The laughter in the room subsided, and the expressions of the four of them froze.

After all, their concern about another family’s imperial decree is not because of the disputes in the past.

The dispute was originally due to their different status, and they should have had the upper hand.

But once or twice, they suffered from dumb losses, and they couldn’t afford to provoke or to hide. Instead, they just took a step back to wait and see.

As a result, before they had taken any more steps or had a long-term plan, the Fang family had taken out the imperial decree.

A merchant actually received the same treatment as someone who was a founding hero.

This was really depressing.

Master Ning twisted his beard and snorted.

“You think that the reason why my father decided to marry the Jun family was because he knew that the Fang family had an imperial decree from an unusual origin?” he said suddenly.

Madam Ning clapped her hand on the table.

This action shocked the people in the room again.

Madam Ning rarely got angry like this.

“You, how can you think of your father like this?” Madam Ning said angrily, “What kind of person do you take your father as.”

Oh so she was mad because of this.

The atmosphere in the room eased, and Master Ning also laughed.

Still, speaking this way was rather disrespectful to his esteemed father. He coughed lightly to resolve the embarrassment.

“Yanyan does not have to worry about this.” He looked at Ning Yunyan and said, “The Fang family’s edict was only known to the Fang family, and Old Lady Fang knew about it. At the beginning, Miss Jun didn’t know about it and when everything was in such a mess, Old Lady Fang didn’t even take it out to threaten and coerce, and she won’t now either.”

“Yeah, now this Miss Jun is already a wife of the Fang family.” Madam Ning said, shaking her fan with disgust, “If the young master of the Fang family dies of illness and she becomes a widow, then she might take out the imperial decree and force us her to remarry into our family. She can do such shameless things. But the young master of the Fang family is now well and won’t die, would he want to take out the imperial decree and put a green hat on himself?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Madam Ning glared at her and said angrily, “In front of the child.”

Third Madam Ning looked at Ning Yunyan.

“Yanyan, that’s why I told you not to go out. Being entangled by this young lady will make you dirty,” she said.

Ning Yunyan smiled and gave thanks.

“I know Auntie.” She said obediently and patted her heart again, full of happiness. “Fortunately, my brother escaped, so I was just thinking that such a good brother can’t be unlucky.”

“Speaking of which, has it been a long time since I wrote a letter to Yunzhao?” Master Ning said, “Write a letter to ask him how he’s been recently.”

“You’re not a child, yet you still worry so much.”Madam Ning smiled and looked at Ning Yunyan, “You can write a letter for your brother.”

Ning Yunyan responded yes.

After speaking of the person that this family was proud of, the atmosphere in the room became joyful. At this moment there were urgent footsteps outside the door, and a servant woman lifted the curtain and walked in with a panicked face.

“Madam, the Fang family’s affairs are being talked about again,” she said urgently.

Did the Fang family keep talking about it? What a fuss.

“So bothersome.” Fourth Madam Ning said with anger, “My ears are developing calluses.”

“No, this time it isn’t about the Fang family’s edict.” The servant woman said hurriedly, “It’s about the wife of the young master.”

Wife of the young master?

These words made the people in the room look startled.

Jun Zhenzhen? What was there to say about her?


With a crackling sound, the crowded tea house fell silent, and all eyes were on the high platform.

The storyteller on the high platform opened his folding fan.

“Today I’m not talking about the old affairs of the Fang family, but newly discussing a clever person.”

Footnotes and Idioms

1 – 满城风雨 – mǎn​ chéng ​fēng​ yǔ​ – “wind and rain sweeping through the town”; a big scandal; an uproar; the talk of the town

2 – 如狼似虎 – rú ​láng ​sì ​hǔ – “like wolves and tigers”; ruthless

3 – 善有善报 – shàn ​yǒu ​shàn ​bào – “virtue has its rewards”; one good turn deserves another

4 – 化险为夷 – huà​ xiǎn​ wéi​ yí – “to turn peril into safety”; to avert disaster

Jun Jiuling – Chapter 258

Just a Deal


Fang Chengyu knew that many things were fake.

That she tried to kill herself was fake.

That she made an unreasonable scene because of the matter with that yatou was fake.

That she was overbearing at home was fake.

Her arrogance and vulgarity were also fake.

But could this also be fake?

There was a moment of silence in the room.

“Chengyu, you sit down first.” Madam Fang said uneasily, while looking at Old Lady Fang again, “Mother, this matter is a long story. It is better to wait for Zhenzhen to come back and talk about it together.”

It would be good for Jun Zhenzhen to tell her son in person.

“This kind of thing is for us to make it clear.” Old Lady Fang said, “She always does things by herself, and if she has to say this by herself too, it would be too pitiful.”

But her son was even more pitiful.

Madam Fang looked at Fang Chengyu. Her son was obviously already taking Jun Zhenzhen as his wife, and his love was deep-rooted.

To suddenly say that it was false, how could he accept it?

Her son had lost everything, and now he has everything again but will have to dig out a corner of his heart.

Can’t everything be as you want in life?

When you are so happy, can’t it last a little longer?

“How can it be fake?” Fang Chengyu suddenly smiled and asked, “How can this matter be fake?”

“Chengyu, this was to hide from people’s eyes and ears.” Old Lady Fang said, “You also know what the treatment was like, and those things can only be done by married couples.”

Fang Chengyu looked at her wordlessly

Madam Fang couldn’t help but cry out to her mother again.

The women of the Fang family are ruthless, and the men of the Fang family cannot be sentimental.

It is what it is. Don’t leave yourself with fantasies.

Old Lady Fang looked solemn.

“You’ve been with her for so long, and apart from treating you, has she ever done anything with you as husband and wife?”

Fang Chengyu was stunned, and Madam Fang was embarrassed.

This, that…

“Mother, Chengyu is sick.” She blurted out involuntarily.

How would they do that kind of thing.

“Is there a husband and wife relationship?” Old Lady Fang asked again, staring at Fang Chengyu, “you are a smart child. If there is none, you must know it in your heart.”

Fang Chengyu was silent.

She was good, very, very good to him.

“There’s one thing you haven’t asked. We haven’t said it either.” Old Lady Fang did not stop, “Why she said that she wanted to treat you in the first place, do you know?”

“Mother.” Madam Fang’s face changed drastically, and she grabbed Old Lady Fang’s sleeve, shaking her head pleadingly.

Old Lady Fang flicked her hand away and just looked at Fang Chengyu.

“Because it’s a deal,” she said. “Cure your illness and she’ll get paid.”

Reward, ah.

Fang Chengyu looked at Old Lady Fang and still didn’t speak.

This is simply too cruel.

“No, mother, Zhenzhen doesn’t want compensation, she’s going to live a good life with us.” Madam Fang said anxiously, looking at Fang Chengyu.

“Then when you said that if she could really save Chengyu’s life, you hoped he would willingly give everything he deserved to her, how did she answer?” Old Lady Fang looked at Madam Fang.

“Mother, that was just a casual joke,” Madam Fang said. “It was to express our determination to trust each other.”

Old Lady Fang looked at her.

“Joke? Do you think so?” She frowned and said, “But I don’t think Zhenzhen took it as a joke.”

Madam Fang looked like she had more to say, but Fang Chengyu spoke first.

“Mother, how did she answer?” he asked, with a look of curiosity.

Madam Fang looked at him and shook her head.

“She said very well, Aunt, do not forget your words.” Old Lady Fang replied directly.

Now that it had finally been said, Madam Fang looked at Fang Chengyu with a worried and sad face.

His joy and affection was actually paid for through a deal, which is a big blow to this young man who has just opened his heart.

Fang Chengyu’s expression was a little dazed.

“Is that so,” he said and smiled again, “Is that so?” ”

“Chengyu, don’t think about it too much. At that time, the relationship between Zhenzhen and our family was not very good, and when the relationship is not good, it is easy to speak coldly.” Madam Fang hurriedly reached out to support him.

Fang Chengyu smiled at her and let heaved a sigh of relief.

“It turns out she really planned it like that,” he said.

What did he intend to do?

Old Lady Fang and Madam Fang were startled.

“But Chengyu, don’t think too much. Actually, that’s not the case…” Madam Fang said, holding his arm.

Fang Chengyu interrupted her words by placing his hand on the one holding his arm.

“Mother, yes, it’s not like that anymore.” He smiled and said, “She doesn’t think so anymore.”

What was his meaning?

Madam Fang was startled again.

Old Lady Fang frowned.

“Chengyu, as a man, do not dwell on the feelings of this child.” She said, “Know when matters are to be seized and when they are to be abandoned…”

She hadn’t finish her words when she was interrupted by Fang Chengyu.

“Grandmother, yes, this matter must be explained.” Fang Chengyu said, “How can this matter be fake?”

Were they speaking for half a day in vain?

Old Lady Fang frowned even more.

“Fake is fake.” Her impatience came up, “There are so many whys!”

“What’s fake can become real.” Madam Fang couldn’t help but hurry to add, “Chengyu, let’s talk to Zhenzhen nicely. She needs to know your sincerity and then fake can become true…”

Fang Chengyu smiled.

“Mother, grandmother, I mean, how can this matter be faked?” He said, “This is the marriage of relative. It is not the pretense of illness, but the worship of heaven and earth, the worship of gods, under the observance of the people of the city.”

How can this become fake?

“It’s not enough that we know that it is a falsehood.” Fang Chengyu said, “Even if we know about this matter, it is unfair to my cousin.”

Old Lady Fang and Madam Fang looked at him.

A girl worships heaven and earth and enters the bridal chamber. Everyone all over the city knows that she is married. Who cares whether she is treating a disease or not. In the eyes of the world, she is someone’s wife.

“Chengyu, what do you mean?” Old Lady Fang asked.

“So this matter must not only be made clear to me.” Fang Chengyu said with a smile on his face and a bright expression, “It needs to be known by everyone in the city, and it needs to be known by the heavens and the earth, and it needs to be known by the gods.”

She has deceived heaven and earth, deceived the gods, and deceived the people of the city for him, so he must tell the heavens and the earth, tell the gods, tell the people of the city, what kind of a good person she is, and what kind of merit she has done.

This is justice for her.

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