Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce – Chapter 107

Calmly Countering Every Trick 5

Since Qu Tan’er had just lowered her head, she didn’t see Mo Liancheng’s line of sight and naturally she didn’t understand what Jingxin meant.

“Master, the lord is asking you something.” Jingxin whispered back, and after she finished speaking, she took a peek at Mo Liancheng.

“Huh?” Qu Tan’er was stunned. She immediately raised her head and looked at Mo Liancheng suspiciously. It turned out that Mo Liancheng really was looking at her. No need to guess, what he said just now was indeed a question for her.

“What do you think?”

“It’s up to destiny.” Qu Tan’er also copied what he just said.

“Oh?” He raised his eyebrows with a hint of humor.

“Isn’t that what you said?”

“Indeed, you understand what Benwang means.” Mo Liancheng seemed quite satisfied with her answer.

“If I am able to speak your mind, wouldn’t you silence me?” Qu Tan’er raised her face and pretended to be careful. Men are fickle, she had learned it now, and simply more difficult to deal with than women.

“If you don’t want to live, then Benwang can fulfill your wish.” Mo Liancheng gritted his teeth inexplicably.

“Thank you, no, I still want to live a hundred years.” Qu Tan’er laughed dryly, but the topic that had just been cut off continued: “The question of whether destiny is only known by the heavens or if it is a man-made destiny, that seems hard to say. Hehe.” She said, accompanied by a sinister smirk.


Mo Liancheng sprayed out the wine that had just entered his lips, and then, under the stunned gaze of everyone, he took out his handkerchief, wiped his lips lightly, and then stared at her with a half-smile and said, “You understand Benwang’s mind so well? How can you manage it…”

“That…you asked me to tell you just now, so you can’t find fault, let alone silence me!” Qu Tan’er glared at him, her pink fist clenched, and she was a little angry. Just making fun of me. He really thinks that I am easy to bully. If I had known this earlier, I might as well shut up and not bother to pay attention to him.

“Eighth sister-in-law, how could Eighth brother be willing to kill you? There’s not even enough time to appreciate you.” Mo Jingxuan laughed suddenly. As for the doubts just now, they were all put aside at this time because there was nothing more interesting than her expression.

“That’s hard to say.” Qu Tan’er pouted.

“I promise.” Mo Jingxuan patted his chest with a serious look on his face.

“Promises can’t be eaten.” Promise? If the promise could be sold for money, that’s fine.

Moreover, she is not a three-year-old child and does not play this kind of game.

“Eighth…” Mo Jingxuan smiled and stretched out his hand, and was about to embrace Qu Tan’er’s shoulder, but from the corner of his eyes he caught the cold eyes that Mo Liancheng swept towards him. He stopped the hand that touched Qu Tan’er’s shoulder abruptly in mid-air, and then put it down again. The corners of his mouth twitched, “Eighth brother, your natural enemy is here.”

Because of a certain figure running towards them from not far away, this embarrassing moment suddenly had a turning point.

Qu Tan’er followed Mo Jingxuan’s line of sight, and just happened to see someone rushing over… But, could it be that Mo Fengyang wanted to fly into the arms of Mo Liancheng’s ?

“Brother Liancheng.”

Mo Fengyang rushed over, but unexpectedly didn’t do what Qu Tan’er thought. She just stopped in front of Mo Liancheng and looked at him excitedly.

“…” Qu Tan’er glanced at Mo Fengyang and Mo Liancheng, and the mood of watching a play resurfaced.

“Why are you not over there, but came here instead?” Mo Liancheng still smiled gently. No matter who it was, the smile on his face never faded.

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Calmly Countering Every Trick 4

“Second brother is joking. Everyone has their own fate. I will never force what should not be forced.” Mo Liancheng smiled lightly, his tone seemed helpless, and even his aura seemed suppressed, weak and vulnerable.

Qu Tan’er lowered her head, and her beautiful eyes flashed with contempt.

Pretend, pretend, pretend to death!

At this time, Mo Jiyan was slightly angry, and he didn’t quite believe what Mo Liancheng was saying. He said, “Why, is Eighth prince joking with Benwang? Or does the Eighth prince think he can sit firmly on the throne of the Crown Prince?”

“Where did Second prince older brother think that? Eldest brother also came to remind Benwang just now. And what kind of temper do I have? I think Second brother knows very well that I will never force something that does not belong to me.”

“Your meaning is that Eldest brother has found you?” Mo Jiyan pretended to be surprised.

“Don’t forget, this is the Prince’s Mansion.”

“You agreed?” Mo Jiyan’s eyes turned cold, and yin qi swept through.

“Benwang didn’t promise anything.” However, he didn’t object either.

“What would you say if Benwang wants you to help me? Eighth brother, you have to see the current situation clearly. If you press the wrong treasure, it will be regretful. Although Eldest brother is the first prince, not all first princes are expected to become Crown Princes. Father king said that he would abdicate, but father king also said the Crown Prince should be established first. Eighth prince brother, what do you think about this matter?”

“Benwang has nothing to say.” Mo Liancheng smiled lightly and did not express his opinion.

Next to him, Qu Tan’er, who was standing quietly watching the play, couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows. Sure enough, things in the royal family are really not something that ordinary people can participate in. Even if they are brothers, when it comes to fighting for power, there will be no brotherhood left. But… Mo Liancheng doesn’t have to still smile, right? Or, what is he calculating? Suspicious!

“Then what if Benwang asks you to help me?” Mo Jiyan asked out directly.

“What do you mean by that, Second brother?” Mo Liancheng didn’t seem to understand.

“As long as you are willing to help Benwang sit on the throne of the Crown Prince, in the future, Eighth prince younger brother will not want for gold and silver, fame and fortune, and you will be happy. What Benwang promises will be taken care of.”

“If Second prince elder brother is destined to care for the throne, then I have nothing to say.”1 Mo Liancheng remained stoic. Even though he had said this sentence earlier to Mo Yihuai, and said it again now, he didn’t feel ashamed at all.

“Haha, Benwang will remember what you said. Well, I won’t accompany you anymore, I still have things to do.” Mo Jiyan laughed coldly and was quite satisfied with Mo Liancheng’s answer.

As he walked away, his eyes still swept towards Qu Tan’er intentionally or unintentionally.

However, Qu Tan’er kept her head down from the beginning to the end, never raising her head, so she wouldn’t notice Mo Jiyan’s malicious eyes sweep across her.

Beauty, that man doesn’t want? Does not love?

What’s more, the one in front of him was a stunning beauty who was alluring…

“Eighth brother, have you promised Second brother too?” Mo Jingxuan was speechless, unable to guess what Mo Liancheng was thinking.

“You heard it right.” Mo Liancheng smiled and turned his gaze to Qu Tan’er, who lowered her head. Contemplation flashed in his eyes, just because of the way Mo Jiyan had looked at her just now, making people uncomfortable.

“Eighth brother?”

“Who do you think will become the Crown Prince and sit on the throne?” Mo Liancheng ignored Mo Jingxuan’s doubts and asked lightly.


Mo Jingxuan didn’t answer, because the person Mo Liancheng asked was not him.

“What?” Qu Tan’er glanced suspiciously at Jingxin, who was tugging at the corner of her clothes.


1 – 反悔 – fǎnhuǐ 归 – guī
there is a pun here – Jiyan uses fanhui [to renege / to go back (on a deal) / to back out (of a promise)] and Mo Liangchen uses gui [to return / to go back to / to give back to / (of a responsibility) to be taken care of by / to belong to]

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Calmly Countering Every Trick 3

“Didn’t Eldest Prince know it a long time ago? I always have the same opinion as Eighth brother. Since Eighth brother has said so, then I have nothing to add. Now will Eldest brother relax his mind?”

“Ha ha, Eighth brother and Fourteenth brother know my heart best.” Mo Yihuai smiled brightly.

“Brother, there are still people waiting for you over there. Why don’t you go and have a look. You don’t want them to say you slighted them. At any rate, we are brothers and can get together anytime we want.” Mo Jingxuan pointed to the ministers not far away and motioned for him to go there.

“Okay, I won’t accompany you anymore.” Mo Yihuai glanced at Mo Liancheng, glanced at Qu Tan’er, turned around directly, and walked to the crowd.

Seeing Mo Yihuai leaving, Mo Jingxuan immediately asked Mo Liancheng, “Eighth brother, will you really promise to help him ascend the throne?”

“Benwang only said that it’s up to fate.”

“Eighth brother, what do you mean?” Mo Jingxuan still didn’t understand.

“You will understand.” Mo Liancheng smiled faintly and glanced at another person coming towards him, and the curve of his mouth became more indifferent.

“Sister-in-law, do you understand?”

“I don’t know either.” Qu Tan’er just smiled and didn’t say much, but she guessed more or less about the dumb riddle played by Mo Liancheng.

She was sure that Mo Liancheng would never let Mo Yihuai sit on the throne.


What does fate mean? Some people can even violate their fate. What can’t be resisted?

She raised her eyes to look up at Mo Liancheng, but another man stepped in front of her line of sight. There was no need to even guess, this man was clearly also a prince… Just blame the fact that the royal family with surname Mo were all the best looking, with a bit of a resemblance between them.

“Eighth brother, Fourteenth brother, I trust you have been safe since we last met.” The Second Prince Mo Jiyan came over. His eyes glanced over Mo Liancheng and landed on Qu Tan’er.

“Second brother.”

Mo Liancheng and Mo Jingxuan said at the same time.

“What, we haven’t seen each other for a few days, and now you have become estranged with Benwang?” Mo Jiyan raised his eyebrows and smiled, but he couldn’t help exuding a cold aura all over his body, which made it difficult for people to approach him.

“Second brother is overconcerned.” Mo Liancheng was still taciturn. When others asked, he answered. If he wasn’t asked, he was too lazy to open his mouth. Even if he opened his mouth, he would not say too much.

“Eighth brother, you should go into the palace more often to walk around. Don’t stay in your mansion all the time without coming out, just painting or playing the Qin. It’s useless for you to do those things. You’d better do something practical.” Mo Jiyan seemed to agree with Mo Liancheng’s usual idleness, but his tone was more full of probing implication and less full of concern.

“Benwang has always been like this. Besides painting and playing the Qin, there really are no other past times.”

“Eighth brother, this is your fault. If our royal father wants to abdicate, we brothers must think carefully about who can sit on the throne. Maybe the Eighth Prince is lucky enough to really become the Crown Prince and finally ascend to the title of Emperor. Moreover, the Eighth Prince has always been favored by imperial grandmother the most, and our royal father also values you very much. No one can say for sure about this kind of thing.”

“Second brother is joking. Everyone has their own fate. I will never force what should not be forced.”

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Calmly Countering Every Trick 2

“What, is Eldest brother familiar with my princess?” Mo Liancheng watched their encounter with a faint smile, but he didn’t show any expression. It seemed that he was familiar with their situation and not seeing anything improper.


“Not familiar.”

I’m really not familiar with him! Qu Tan’er repeated these words in her heart.

The first two words Mo Yihuai said, and the last two words were what she said, but they worked together, which was very appropriate and vivid.

“Elder Brother, why are you so concerned about Eighth sister-in-law? Be careful that Eldest sister-in-law doesn’t get jealous, or you will be in trouble then.” Mo Jingxuan interrupted and laughed heartily, as if he had just taken the tense atmosphere as a joke.

“Ha ha, indeed, I’m really worried that she will be jealous.” Mo Yihuai suddenly laughed, turned his eyes back from Qu Tan’er’s face to Mo Liancheng. However, whether the “she” in that sentence referred to Qu Paner or someone else was thought-provoking.

“…” Qu Tan’er kept silent. As if she were bowing her head shyly, she studied the embroidered shoes on her feet. They had good craftsmanship and exquisite embroidery. It would definitely be a valuable collection if brought back to modern times.

“Royal father is getting older, and wants to cede the throne. I wonder, who does Eighth prince think is the most suitable to sit on this throne?” Mo Yi asked leisurely.

“Then I wonder who Eldest prince thinks it will be?” Mo Liancheng asked indifferently, not even shocked at being asked. The position of Crown Prince had been vacant for many years. The former Crown Prince was also his third brother, the direct son of the queen. At the age of three, he was established as the Crown Prince, but he died inexplicably. Now it is time for someone else to take the position. However, will that person be Mo Yihuai?

Qu Tan’er was originally studying the new shoes, but when she heard what they were talking about, she couldn’t help listening stiffly and quietly.

These two people really didn’t come here falsely. This dark tide. This turbulence. They fought fiercely, even if it meant drowning.

“What do you think about me sitting in this seat?” Mo Yihuai deliberately asked, as if he was testing something.

“Eldest Brother wants to sit on the thrown?”

“Shouldn’t it be this prince? Benwang is the first prince of Dongyue Kingdom with many supporters as well as prestige and power. Just ask, in the whole Dongyue Kingdom… Apart from benwang, who else can sit on it?” Mo Yihuai smiled frivolously, as if he didn’t seem to mind saying these words in front of Mo Liancheng.

“What Eldest Brother said is indeed true.” Mo Liancheng smiled lightly and did not refute.

“Will Eighth Brother stand by benwang’s side?” Mo Yihuai asked directly, staring at Mo Liancheng’s face, waiting for his answer.

“If it is destined for Eldest brother to ascend to the throne of God, then benwang won’t have much to say.” Mo Liancheng smiled faintly. But if someone wants to disobey fate, one is afraid that Mo Yihuai will not be able to sit firmly on the throne.

“Ha ha!” Mo Yihuai was overjoyed and smiled deeper. He seemed to have expected Mo Liancheng’s answer. He just wanted to confirm it again. “Since the Eighth prince said so, I will rest assured.”

“You should rest assured.”

“What did the Eighth prince say?”

“I didn’t say anything.” Mo Liancheng smiled faintly, as if he had never said anything just now. He raised the glass casually and tasted it slowly.

Although Mo Yihuai didn’t believe it, it was difficult to ask again. His eyes turned to Mo Jingxuan, “Fourteenth brother, what do you say?”

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Calmly1 Countering Every Trick

“What’s the matter?” Qu Tan’er raised her head slightly and glanced at him. Her footsteps just stopped, but she continued again in less than half a second. At the same time, in order to avoid being too far away from Mo Liancheng, feeling her life was not safe, she also slightly accelerated her pace.

“Why didn’t Yuela come?” Mo Jingxuan wasn’t wordy, so he asked directly.

“You like her.” It wasn’t a question. When Mo Jingxuan first saw Su Yuela, she could feel that he was interested in Yuela. Su Yuela was very beautiful, but unfortunately… She was not suitable for Mo Jingxuan.

“You knew?”

“I have eyes.” Qu Tan’er looked back at him like he was an idiot.

Mo Jingxuan twitched at the corners of his mouth, continued to walk with her, and asked in a low voice, “Then she…”

“Why do you like her?” She was a little curious. Was there really such a thing as love at first sight in the world?

“Liking is liking. Is there anything else to say?” Mo Jingxuan’s eyes twinkled a little.

“Ha ha, there really isn’t.” Qu Tan’er agreed.

“Eighth Brother.” Suddenly, a thick male voice sounded, and the person who came was Mo Yihuai, the master of today’s banquet

Mo Yihuai came over with a glass of wine and a smile. Besides Mo Liancheng, Qu Tan’er was the one he looked at most frequently, undisguised and unconcealed.

“First Brother.” Mo Liancheng smiled faintly and raised the glass in his hand to greet him.

“Why are you so late? Look, father and mother already went back to the palace.”

“Something was encountered on the way, so there was some delay.”

“Oh, it turned out to be like this, no wonder.” Mo Yihuai chuckled lightly and he turned to Qu Tan’er, a touch of deep meaning flashed in his eyes, and the next moment, the smile became more and more intense, “The Eighth Princess is also here.”

“Yes, Tan’er has met the prince.” Qu Tan’er smiled gently, lowered her head, and did not meet Mo Yihuai’s eyes.

This man laughed hypocritically enough, and his posture was neither common nor false.

“No need to be so polite. Speaking of which, our relationship has now reached a new level, and it is even more intimate than before.” Mo Yihuai laughed as if there was no one else around. But it seemed that he didn’t know how fanciful this sentence was, and how it even directly discredited Qu Tan’er and Mo Liancheng.

Qu Tan’er frowned slightly, and her liking of this prince fell directly to a negative score. Did he mean to deliberately add obstacles for her? If Mo Liancheng took it seriously, wouldn’t he suspect that she still had something to do with him? However, it was inconvenient for her to directly attack. She managed to appear like she didn’t recognize the meaning. Courteous and thoughtful, she spoke gently, “The First prince can mock me. In the past, Tan’er called you brother-in-law because of my sister, but now because of my husband, I should call you Eldest brother Prince. It is indeed a closer relationship.”

With a simple sentence, get rid of any relationship with the prince.

Remind him that all the intimacy is just that. Don’t pretend to be affectionate.

“Tan’er, your little mouth has really gotten more and more talkative. In the past, you were always shy. Why, after marrying Eighth brother, did you forget the kindness of Benwang?” Mo Yihuai’s face sank. Suddenly and calmly2, in front of Mo Liancheng, he deliberately made the relationship seem closer, which made people think about the meaning over and over.

“The prince is really good at joking. Tan’er has always kept her duty in mind, and naturally avoids men other than her husband. If the prince thinks it’s shyness, it’s understandable. Besides, if Tan’er remembers correctly, she hasn’t seen you for at least two years. The time interval is too long and it is normal to forget your kindness.” Qu Tan’er was not in a hurry and calmly undermined his trick.

Except, she didn’t bother to look up and see the rogue face that she didn’t want to see.

Footnotes and Idioms

1 – 心平气和 – xīn píng qì hé
tranquil and even tempered; calmly and without stress

2 – 若无其事 – ruò wú qí shì
“as if nothing happened”; calmly, nonchalantly

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Why Don’t You Follow Benwang? 3

Then, the carriage of the Eighth Prince Mansion turned around and went back down the same road. There was only a short distance in front of them, but the way around was a long one.

It was so coincidental that one had to doubt it.

Qu Tan’er looked ahead doubtfully, then turned around and glanced behind. She didn’t say anything and when she turned back and sat down, she couldn’t help looking in the direction of Mo Liancheng.

Unexpectedly, Mo Liancheng was also staring at her at this time.

Their eyes met, and in just a flash, they moved away and didn’t meet again.

While each has his own thoughts, the atmosphere is even heavier.

Thump, thump, thump!

The speed of the heartbeat couldn’t help accelerating, accelerating, and then accelerating again.

Qu Tan’er took a breath and exhaled it slightly. Unexpectedly, after having spent so much time looking at that face, even though it was handsome, her heart did not even beat so hard at first sight. However, the heartbeat just now really happened, and even she was caught off guard.

Her lips moved slightly, and she couldn’t help but curse… Evil doer, evil doer, everything is nothing.1

“That… don’t you think it’s too coincidental?”

“Unfortunately, Benwang does not know. But some people definitely don’t want Benwang to arrive from the Eighth Prince Mansion too early.” Mo Liancheng lay back, with a smile like a light breeze, and his posture lazy and casual.

“Why?” Qu Tan’er blurted out.

Unexpectedly, Mo Liancheng’s narrow phoenix eyes looked up and he asked, “Haha, don’t you think Benwang is so dazzling that it will steal the limelight of some people in front of my father?”

“…” Qu Tan’er was dumb.

But why did he fall into a trap again? She didn’t understand, but she wouldn’t ask.

In the imperial power struggle, there will always be people taking measures. She was an outsider so of course she should try her best to avoid being involved.

In the end, though it was quite early when they left the residence, a lot of time was spent on the road.

When Mo Liancheng and Qu Tan’er arrived at the grand palace, the emperor, the queen and the empress dowager had all returned to the imperial palace. Even so, the atmosphere in the residence had not faded at all, but seemed more lively.

“Eighth prince, eighth princess are here.”

As soon as the gatekeeper saw Mo Liancheng and Qu Tan’er, they announced loudly to the residence.

“Eighth Brother, why are you so late? You can see that you missed a lot of good shows.” Mo Jingxuan walked over and looked at Qu Tan’er with a smile, indicating the situation behind him with his eyes.

Mo Liancheng looked at the person in front of him with a faint smile. Sure enough.

However, another scene should also be played.

“Father, my mother and Empress Dowager have just left. If Eighth brother had come earlier, I would definitely have seen Eldest brother watch father praise him, and the Empress Dowager give a scolding.” Mo Jingxuan smiled strangely and did not directly say what happened, but it was imaginable.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep watching.” Mo Liancheng laughed leisurely, and then walked directly into the crowd.

As soon as Qu Tan’er had entered the door, she shut her mouth. If she shouldn’t speak, she wouldn’t open her mouth. If she shouldn’t see, she would never looked around. Where she shouldn’t go, her feet were also very obedient, so as long as she followed Mo Liancheng, there would never be any problems.

It’s just…

“Sister-in-law.” Mo Jingxuan suddenly stopped her gently, with a deep smile.

“What’s the matter?” Qu Tan’er raised her head slightly and glanced at him. Her footsteps just stopped, but she continued again in less than half a second. At the same time, in order to avoid being too far away from Mo Liancheng, feeling her life was not safe, she also slightly accelerated her pace.


1 – 神马都是浮云 – shénmǎ dōu shì fúyún – comment that originated online and is described -> here.

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Why Don’t You Follow Benwang? 2

“It seems that this painting cannot be finished by Benwang. It’s also time to play the play qin and practice the feel for it.” Mo Liancheng stood up from the chair slowly. He glanced at her who was still stunned and unresponsive. He just raised his eyebrows and walked out without saying much.

Seeing Mo Liancheng was about to leave, Yu Hao followed him closely.

However, when Mo Liancheng was about to walk out the door, he suddenly stopped again and continued the unsaid part of his sentence, “When Benwang finishes playing the Qin, you can go with Benwang to the grand palace.”

After saying that, he left without looking back.

“Jingxin, just a moment ago, did I just bring this on myself? Asking him to kick me out, asking him for xiushu, but failing to get it. Now everything is inverted and I’m firmly sitting in the princess’s seat. Should laugh or cry?” Qu Tan’er was speechless. In the end, she was still here and she couldn’t even smell the air outside.

“However, Yuela will be very happy.” Jingxin said calmly, not happy, but more worried.

“…” Qu Tan’er was speechless.

What Jingxin said was the truth. Su Yuela would really be very happy. Though that kind of happiness, even she couldn’t tell whether Su Yuela was happy for her or herself.

In fact, it only took an hour for Mo Liancheng to finish playing the Qin and for them to go to the grand palace.

Only once the luxurious carriage and team of escorts left the Eighth Prince Mansion did Qu Tan’er find out that today was Mo Yihuai’s twenty-eight birthday.

Along the way, no one spoke.

Raising ones head only to see the other’s head bowed, the atmosphere seemed awkward.

Unfortunately, no one broke this silence.

The carriage was neither fast nor slow. As soon as it reached the middle of the street, it suddenly stopped.

Qu Tan’er looked at Mo Liancheng and saw that he didn’t intend to speak, so she directly opened the curtains and looked out. At a glance, she could see it was a large, ostentatious welcoming procession.

There was no need to guess about this situation. It was definitely the wedding for a large family.

The street was not wide, and the two teams of people seemed to be unable to get through.

“My Lord, a member of the bride’s escort has come in front of the carriage.” The driver said.

“Oh, I don’t know which man or lady is sitting in this carriage.” A woman who seemed to be a matchmaker came over with a smile on her face. She dared not be careless when she was not clear about the identity of the carriage that had suddenly blocked the way.

“You can retreat.” At this time, a man in a big red wedding dress walked over and glanced at the matchmaker. Then, he said respectfully, “I don’t know which prince is sitting in this carriage. This small one was passing by to greet relatives and obstructed the prince. I hope the prince will forgive me.”

“Our Eighth Prince is in the car.” The driver replied.

“This small one has met the Eighth Prince and will immediately make way for the Eighth Prince.” Hearing that it was Mo Liancheng, the man hurried to turn around and make the people behind him get out of the way.

The matchmaker shouted, “Officials, this is not in accordance with the rules. How can the welcoming family go back before the wedding? This is unlucky. If it comes out…”

“Meddlesome. Let them go back.” The man gave the matchmaker a fierce look.

At this time, Mo Liancheng slowly opened his mouth and said, “No, we will turn around the carriage and go back.”

“But… Thank you for your help.” The man who was on his way to welcome the bride was stunned.

“Oh, thank you, Eighth Prince. The Eighth Prince is really a good man who understands things.” The matchmaker suddenly opened her eyes and smiled.

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Why Don’t You Follow Benwang? 1

“No way, it’s not possible. Besides, you’re not my type. I don’t want to stay with you all my life. I also want to find someone when I leave the palace in the future, find the one who should be my beloved, and then get married and have a baby.” Qu Tan’er shook her head suddenly, and was more worried that Mo Liancheng would directly pull her into the bridal chamber. In order to avoid any more dreaming, she just directly made everything clear.

“What do you think of Benwang?” Mo Liancheng asked lightly, his smile unabated. He didn’t pay much attention to what she said.

“You’re fine.” Good enough that she wants to escape.

“Why can’t Benwang be your beloved?”

“Different personalities.”

“Oh? Is there such a thing?”

“Well, if the interest and will isn’t there, then they are born to subdue each other. They should not interact with each other.” Qu Tan’er thought for a moment and replied to him with a serious face.

“However, I think you are quite agreeable. Why don’t you just follow Benwang?”

“Don’t force yourself. Since everyone can’t get along, it’s better to get together casually and part casually, isn’t it?”

“Get together and part casually?” Mo Liancheng raised his eyebrows and stared at her. The smile at the corners of his mouth became thicker and heavier, but why did there seem to be a gloomy atmosphere?

“Well, this problem is simple. You just need to write down the words “xiushu”1, and these two words are easier to write than “take a hike”. Just a few strokes… Come on, write.” Qu Tan’er smiled and kindly took out the clean paper and laid it flat in front of Mo Liancheng, even a little bit eager to write it on his behalf.

At present, the bed has been found. It’s better to leave early so as not to have more dreams at night.

“It’s really easy.”

“Ha ha, yes, it’s easy.” Qu Tan’er smiled flatteringly while looking at Mo Liancheng’s beautiful eyes, and never had they looked so amiable.

“When Benwang rises to heaven, it’s not too late for you to ask again.”

Suddenly, Mo Liancheng’s flat sentence made Qu Tan’er’s little face black and her smile froze. A few seconds later, she recovered and said with a serious expression, “Mo Liancheng, you also know that I’m from the Qu household, and of no use to you. Drive us out early. In this way, won’t you be worry-free and trouble-free?”

She didn’t understand. She had said everything so clearly, why didn’t he accept the proposal?

After a long time, Mo Liancheng slowly opened his mouth and said, “Benwang just said that it’s not too late for you to ask when Benwang is dead someday.”


Qu Tan’er was silent. Completely speechless.

Suddenly, Mo Liancheng’s faint eyes flashed and he smiled and said, “Benwang just confessed, and all matters in the residence will be in your charge in the future. At any rate, you are also the princess, and this is your duty. If there is anything you don’t understand, ask the housekeeper directly. However, the exception is that you can’t leave the house casually.”

“Wh? What did you say?” Qu Tan’er was shocked and stared at him in a daze. She didn’t understand.

“Benwang believes that you just heard it clearly.”

“You give me the power of the residence? You’re also letting me take care of the affairs of the residence?” Qu Tan’er asked, really wondering if this person’s head was rusty, otherwise…


“You don’t have a fever today, do you?” Qu Tan’er’s eyes twitched, and her whole face was almost black.

“It’s a pity that the water you brought didn’t actually burn Benwang. Otherwise, you might really see Benwang with a fever.”

“…” Qu Tan’er squeezed her red lips and was silent again.

It turns out that… he understood things very well.


1 – 休书 – xiūshū – letter by husband to wife announcing divorce

Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce – Chapter 99

Asking the Master for Punishment 3

And a few drops of the ink she was grinding accidentally spilled on Mo Liancheng’s half-drawn portrait.

Mo Liancheng just raised his eyebrows, his mouth was tight already. He glanced at the drawing paper, and with a casual flip of his hand, he laid another piece of rice paper flat and continued to draw.

“…” Qu Tan’er was stunned, and the black lines between her forehead were about to emerge.

No way, that’s all?

The next moment, the person who grinds ink was still grinding, while the person who paints continued to paint.


A scream again, and the effect this time was a little more violent than the first time. Another portrait that was about to be completed, because a certain woman was not careful and added a few deliberate elements, had a few more spots of ink in addition to the original appearance.

Qu Tan’er raised her eyebrows. Regarding this accident, she had used a bit of strength to grind the ink, and it speckled the drawing paper… It just so happened to be the portrait carefully drawn by the master, which was completely destroyed again.

“My Lord, it’s all the fault of Tan’er. It is Tan’er who was careless.”

“Since the painting has been destroyed, then repaint it.” Mo Liancheng spoke such an understatement. He said it so simply and he seemed calm to do it. There was no dissatisfaction on his handsome face. It really gave one the illusion that he had no temper, or was it too much pampering of another person?

“My Lord, don’t you blame Tan’er?” Qu Tan’er bit her silver teeth and tried her best to make her expression sad.

Damn, if he is a man, then just let that internal heat out. Acting so tepid is depressing.

Besides, she used all these tricks, she should have something to show for it.

“Well, indeed you deserve some blame.” Mo Liancheng glanced at her faintly and casually took out a blank rice paper. As for the abandoned portrait, it was moved aside again.

“It’s Tan’er’s fault. It’s all because Tan’er is too reckless and annoying the prince. It’s better for the prince to ask Tan’er to withdraw. Tan’er is sure to find a nimble maid to come serve you. Please rest assured.” Look, her thoughts were more for him. In any case, she should withdraw and burn incense for him to worship to Buddha, thanking him for his great kindness.

It’s just…

“There is no need to get a maid. You can do it.”

“But, Tan’er can’t do anything well.” She felt dizzy. This man really deserved a beating. Anyone could see that she wanted to get out of there.

“I’m very satisfied.”

“But I’m not satisfied!” Qu Tan’er finally exploded, and she didn’t care whatever prince he was. She stared directly at him. However, even when she became angry like this, Mo Liancheng was still in a good enough mood to continue painting?

“Oh? What’s the matter?”

“Can’t you see that I did it on purpose? Can’t you say just two words? Get out! These two words are very easy.”

“You want to leave, but what a pity that the person Benwang likes… Do you think Benwang will let go so easily?”

“Like me?” Qu Tan’er was stunned and stared at him suspiciously.

“Indeed. Otherwise, what do you think Benwang is doing?” Mo Liancheng smiled faintly, and his eyes finally turned away from the drawing paper and stared at her. Such an embarrassing and ambiguous relationship between him and her and he was actually so simple and direct. He spoke so lightly and mysteriously. Why did it feel so weird?

Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait For Your Divorce – Chapter 97

Asking the Master for Punishment

“Will you?” Mo Liancheng smiled and asked.

“Maybe but maybe not.” Qu Tan’er glanced at him. Too lazy to bother with him anymore, she walked passed him, and started back to her room alone.

“Where are you going?” Mo Liancheng asked slowly, but he didn’t follow.

“Going back to my room.” Qu Tan’er replied to him fiercely, and then continued to step forward without looking back. With each step, she deliberately increased her strength a little, making waves of vibration sound on the ground.

Mo Liancheng raised his eyebrows gently and stared thoughtfully at the direction she was going, and the smile at the corners of his mouth was outlined deeper and deeper.

“Master?” Yu Hao came out from behind the tree.

“What, have you also learned Benwang’s trick?” Mo Liancheng glanced at him while leaning against the tree and still did not move.

“This subordinate dares not.”

“Dares not? Benwang sees that you did it very well.”

“This subordinate is here to plead guilty. The princess took the golden order out. This subordinate did not attack the princess and is here to ask the master for punishment.” Yu Hao said, and he knelt down with a putong1.

“Do you think she will turn out to be a spy?”

“This subordinate is unable to tell.”

“She is not suitable to be a spy.”

“But what if the princess hides too deep?”

“That’s possible.” Mo Liancheng smiled faintly, and then stepped towards the Frost courtyard. As for the person who was still kneeling, he ignored him.

The cool night wind blew gently, and the breath still left in the place was slowly blown away.

The next day, the East side was white.

In the Snow courtyard, faint light shone into the room from the window.

Qu Tan’er only moved her eyelids slightly, turned over once, and then continued to sleep. She had gone to bed too late last night, and then was scared by the master a few times. She couldn’t come back for a while, and the end result was… she never fell asleep. Sadly, she actually had insomnia last night.

“Master, it’s time to get up. The prince is going to have breakfast.” Jingxin reminded softly.

“It’s dawn.” Qu Tan’er half narrowed her eyelids, and she still seemed to wake up.


“Oh, get up then.” Qu Tan’er was helpless.

She almost forgot that she had to go serve Mo Liancheng.

Does she look like a maid, or was she born to be a maid?

When the two came to the dining room, the housekeeper had already prepared things and was waiting for her to pick them up.

It was just…

“This porridge is quite hot, and the water is also quite warm.” Qu Tan’er glanced at the porridge to bring to Mo Liancheng, and tried the warm water used to wash ones face. A smirk on the corners of her mouth gradually appeared.

“Master, what’s wrong?” Jingxin asked.

“Nothing, Jingxin, go and boil this water. Also, make this porridge cool down as fast as possible. It’s preferable if it’s a little cold.”

Jingxin was stunned, but didn’t ask much. She nodded and busied herself.

Before long, when the two came out of the dining room, the sky had just begun to brighten.

In the Frost Courtyard, in front of Mo Liancheng’s bedroom, “Your Majesty, are you up yet? Tan’er is coming in.” Qu Tan’er shouted softly. It was the first time she had shown such a soft attitude ever since she had cleared up her real personality with Mo Liancheng. Even the expression was specially managed, and no dissatisfaction was allowed to be revealed. Especially after last night’s events, she knew that the temper that should be restrained still needed to be put away.

“Princess, please come in.” Yu Hao suddenly opened the door, retreated slightly, and let Qu Tan’er and Jingxin inside.

“Oh.” Qu Tan’er glanced at him, said nothing more, and walked straight in.


1 – 扑通 – pū tōng – an onomatopoeia for the sound of an object falling into water; plop