Jun Jiuling – Chapter 234

It’s a Good Time

Fang Jinxiu turned around and left.

Chen Qi coughed and hurriedly caught up.

Fang Jinxiu ignored him, bowed her head and walked away more swiftly.

“No, no.” Chen Qi chased after her and said, “I was wrong.”

He spoke and handed over the pole in his hand.

“I’ll treat you to a sugar man. Don’t be angry.” He said.

Fang Jinxiu was almost poked in the face by the grass circle on the bamboo pole and had to stop.

“What are you doing?” She stretched out her hand and shook it fiercely.

The grass circle was thrown away. Chen Qi wasn’t holding it firmly so the bamboo pole fell to the ground, and the remaining sugar men on it were also scattered on the ground.

Chen Qi, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.

“This is all money.” He shouted, and squatted down to pick it up, with heartache visible on his face.

How much money is a sugar man worth? There were only seven or eight that fell on the ground. What’s so sad about that?

Fang Jinxiu curled her lips.

Isn’t it just money?

She subconsciously touched her waist. There had always been a lot of money in her daily purse.

But she was no longer the third Miss Deshengchang who throws around a lot of money.

Fang Jinxiu lowered her head and wanted to run away quickly, but she saw Chen Qi still squatting on the ground to pick up the sugar men, and hissing constantly.

“It’s a pity to lose money from these seven or eight sugar men at one time. It’s a pity that I’ve been working at it for such a long time.” He muttered.

Fang Jinxiu stopped.

“I’m not angry with you.” She paused for another moment, “I’m sorry.”

Chen Qi raised his head and smiled.

“It’s okay. As long as you’re not angry.” He said, inserting the sugar man into the straw circle one by one, looking left and right and winking at her again, “They can still be sold.”

Fang Jinxiu was slightly stunned.

“How much is this? It’s dirty.” She said.

Chen Qi blew at the sugar man.

“Where is the dirt, it’s not dirty at all.” He said.

Why was this person like this? Fang Jinxiu rolled her eyes, but after all this trouble, a lot of her frustration had disappeared. She lowered her head and continued to walk forward.

“Well, then what are you doing now?” Chen Qi caught up and asked.

“Nothing at all.” Fang Jinxiu ignored him.

Chen Qi saw the small burden on her shoulder and smacked his lips.

“Actually, it’s okay to be kicked out. It’s more comfortable to come out.” He said.

“I was not kicked out.” Fang Jinxiu stared at him and said, “I chose to leave.”

Chen Qi looked at her twice.

“Believe it or not.” Fang Jinxiu said, no longer looking at him as she moved forward quickly.

Chen Qi was busy catching up again.

“I believe it.” He said, “If you can say such a thing, you definitely were not kicked out by the Fang family.”

Fang Jinxiu’s footsteps paused slightly before she started stepping forward again without saying anything.

Chen Qi carried the sugar man and followed her through the crowd that was still pouring in.

“So what are you going to do in the future? Where are you going?” He asked.

Fang Jinxiu stopped.

“What does it have to do with you?” She said angrily.

Chen Qi smiled.

“You see, it’s not simply that we happen to know each other, and we happened to meet. You are alone now. I can’t help but to care about it.” He said.

“No, I’m not familiar with you either.” Fang Jinxiu said, moving forward again.

Chen Qi was busy keeping up.

“Surely you don’t have friends or relatives to run to? Are you leaving Yangcheng?” He continued to ask.

Why was this person so annoying?

Fang Jinxiu ignored him.

In fact, she hadn’t decided where to go, but Chen Qi was right. She won’t go to relatives and friends, and she can’t stay in Yangcheng.

She had been working in business since elementary school. Why not go into business in a town where nobody knew her.

“Can you be alone? Are you a girl or not?” Chen Qi said off on the side.

“I used to walk outside by myself. It’s not like I’ve never gone out.” Fang Jinxiu said angrily.

Chen Qi shook his head.

“That’s different.” He said, “Third Miss Fang going out is different from other girls going out.”

It would be that the escort was tight, the carriages and horses were strong, the name had been promoted, and any idle people had evaded.

Fang Jinxiu’s footsteps paused again.

“Before when I was the Third Miss Fang, I was also not used to going out at first. I was afraid and uncomfortable.” She said, looking at Chen Qi. “When you do anything at the beginning, you will be afraid, but you’ll get used to it if you do it enough.”

Chen Qi looked at her with a slightly surprised expression and nodded with a smile.

“Whether Third Miss Fang or not, you are still you.” He said.

Fang Jinxiu hummed.

“You act familiar enough.” She said.

Chen Qi laughed.

“Some people get to know each other at first sight.” He said.

Fang Jinxiu rolled her eyes again and was about to take a step when her expression froze.

Chen Qi followed her gaze and saw two women standing across the street. One of the girls held a lot of food in her hand and her mouth was bulging. She also looked their way with her eyes suddenly wide open.

“Uh-huh.” Her mouth was unable to speak, and she stretched out her hand to make a motion with her fingers.

Miss Jun looked at Fang Jinxiu’s eyes.

Liu’er had told her about Fang Jinxiu, and how Concubine Yuan had persuaded Fang Jinxiu to leave the Fang family. Fang Chengyu had also told her about it this morning.

She didn’t know what to say to Fang Jinxiu.

This was really a trick of fortune.

Although she believe that there was justice in heaven, she had to sigh that Fang Jinxiu was really unlucky.

Liu’er had already run over, and Miss Jun followed.

Miss Jun looked at Fang Jinxiu, and Fang Jinxiu also looked at her and looked away.

Chen Qi remembered in a trance that this girl had also been in Jinyunlou, probably from the Fang family.

He sensed the embarrassment in the atmosphere. He hesitated on whether to say something to dissolve it. The girl who was trying to swallow her food could finally speak.

“What are you doing here?” Liu’er asked, looking at Fang Jinxiu.

Fang Jinxiu naturally ignored her, and Liu’er’s eyes fell on Chen Qi again.

Chen Qi grinned at her. Liu’er curled her lips and moved away disgustedly. She saw the sugar man that Chen Qi was carrying, and she gave a look of understanding.

“Oh.” She said, “Do you want to buy a sugar man but you don’t have money?”

Liu’er naturally knew about Fang Jinxiu’s departure from the Fang family, but she didn’t know that she had left, and instead thought that she was kicked out.

Third Miss Fang, who was kicked out, naturally was penniless.

Fang Jinxiu rolled her eyes and ignored her. Liu’er rolled her eyes and didn’t want to pay attention to her. She grabbed the purse and handed it to Chen Qi.

“I’ll buy a sugar man for her.” She said loudly.

Chen Qi looked at the money bag handed over and his eyes lit up. He reached out and picked it up.

“Okay, okay.” He said happily.

Fang Jinxiu raised her hand and hit him. The purse fell to the ground, and Chen Qi withdrew his hand.

“If you won’t buy it, don’t buy it. Why hit people.” He said after being accosted.

Fang Jinxiu ignored Liu’er and Miss Jun and walked past them into a small alley.

Chen Qi carried the sugar man on his shoulder, looked at the purse on the ground, and finally followed hurriedly.

“I really don’t know what’s good or bad.” Liu’er stamped her feet angrily and picked up the purse from the ground.

Miss Jun looked at Fang Jinxiu disappearing into the alley and withdrew her sight.

“Why does the sugar man seller follow her? Does she have money?” Liu’er asked as she looked over to see the seller also disappearing from sight.

“He’s not selling her a sugar man.” Miss Jun said, “This seller knows her.”

Liu’er made an oh sound.

Miss Jun raised her foot and walked forward. Liu’er quickly followed and was silent for a moment, which was different from the twittering just now.

“Miss.” She took a few steps and said hesitantly, “Why didn’t you say something and let her come back? The people of the Fang family will definitely listen to what you say.”

Miss Jun smiled and stroked Liu’er’s head.

“Liu’er is really a good person who repays kindness.” She praised.

“Of course I’m a good person to repay kindness.” Liu’er said naturally, “People who say I’m not good are blind.”

Miss Jun smiled again.

“However, I can’t make her go back.” She said, with a smiling but serious look, “That would be embarrassing for her. She is also a good child. Let her be at ease so that she can live a more comfortable life.”

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