Jun Jiuling – Chapter 233

This is a Memorial Service

Unexpectedly, the head was not cut off.

The master failed!

The craft of beheading was supposed to be beautiful to watch, seeing the knife rise and fall. Only a new apprentice would commit this kind of rough chopping situation.

A newcomer apprentice might make such a mistake because he was afraid or not strong enough.

This was a shame. He would be laughed at by peers and regarded as a joke by the public.

Wasn’t it said that in Taiyuan Prefecture there was a famous beheading king? was that the craft? It was really disappointing.

Some people were going to make a splash again.

But before the people started, deafening firecrackers sounded, which overwhelmed the public’s uproar and attracted everyone’s attention.

Who dared to set off fireworks during an execution?

Those who were victims of the executed would often fire cannons to celebrate, but that’s all after the execution.

No one had been hacked to death yet.

Everyone looked and saw that it was indeed the firecrackers ordered by the victims.

The servants of the Fang family stood in front of the execution table, lit a row of firecrackers and raised a piece of smoke.

In addition, a subordinate raised a white banner.

“Sacrifice, Fang Shouyi.” He shouted in a long tone.

With this shout, the women of the Fang family knelt down and cried one after another. Fang Chengyu raised a jar of wine and spilled it on the ground in front of him.

“Grandpa, you have been avenged.” He shouted loudly.

With his words, the executioner on the stage raised his knife again. This time, he still did not cut Song Yunping’s head, but his other shoulder.

Both sides of the neck were cut open, but the head did not fall off. Blood surged, and people howled and rolled.

The people were not in the mood to laugh at the executioner. One by one, the souls were scared and screamed repeatedly.

The officials also stood up in horror.

One can make a mistake, but it was absolutely impossible to make this mistake twice. Twice, his head had not fallen, and the person had not yet died. This was the real craftsmanship.

Only a master could do it.

Obviously, the executioner was bribed by the Fang family.

In the past, when beheading, executioners would be bribed with money. But it was all so that the criminals would suffer less.

Now the Fang family, as the victim, bribed the executioner to cause him to suffer more.

It was terrible.

“I thought it was scary enough for him to kill a person in prison, but it turned out that execution in public was more scary.” An official couldn’t help blurt out.

This family was really…

“Almost done. It’s too cruel.” Some officials said.

“Isn’t this more cruel than death by a thousand cuts?” Governor Ma opened his mouth. He looked at the officials and the audience with a dull expression, “Two men have been killed in succession compared to over twenty years. Is the grandson made cruel after ten years of torture? Sure enough, it doesn’t hurt if the knife is not cut on you.”

This made the official blush and stop talking.

Everyone’s eyes were also on the stage.

In the audience was an old white-haired woman and a middle-aged beautiful woman. Also young women and a youth with a weak face and thin body, all wearing filial piety clothes and a sad and indignant expression. Kneeling down among the white flags they burst into tears.

It really looked miserable, and it was also miserable to think about it.

There was another firecracker sound under the stage, and another white flag was raised.

“Sacrifice. Fang Nianjun.” The subordinate shouted loudly.

Fang Chengyu picked up a jar of wine and poured it to the ground again.

“Dad, you have been avenged. You can go well.” He shouted loudly.

The people finally understood what was going on, and they couldn’t help looking at the stage excitedly.

Song Yunping hadn’t died yet. Although he couldn’t wait to die, the pain stimulated him to wake him up.

His pride had long disappeared, and he was full of regret. Suddenly, he envied the county Magistrate Li. It was a blessing to be killed with one swipe of the knife.

Fortunately, the executioner raised the knife again. This time, the knife rose and fell, ending the execution.

Everyone was relieved, and the people also felt the sweat on their heads and gasped.

“It’s worth it today.” The storytellers wiped their sweat and said one after another, “The Fang family’s handwriting is really awesome.”

This scene was enough to be recorded in the county annals and would also become a classic anecdote in Yangcheng, enough for them to say for the next few years.

Although Miss Jun was standing outside the crowd and had heard screams and so on, she didn’t see this scene, because there were too many people in front of her.

“Miss, are we going to have a look?” Liu’er asked on tiptoe.

“We don’t need to watch.” Miss Jun said and turned around, “It’s enough to see that heaven rewards evil with evil.”

Liu’er followed suit.

They walked out, and more people who heard the news crowded in. There were not only watchers in this long street, but also hawkers drilling around.

“Sugar Man, Sugar Man, watch the beheading and eat sugar.”

A hawker came out in the crowd, and all the sugar men in the straw on his shoulder had basically been sold, leaving only a few. The hawker’s face was full of smiles and he was ready to stand in the corner counting money. Looking up, he saw a girl standing in the corner.

Some girls were too timid to look at the beheading too close.

This girl was wearing a coarse cloth shirt, but she wrapped her mouth and nose in a gauze scarf to cover her face.

What is this? Is she afraid of being seen?

He tutted in his heart and looked at the girl again, and his eyes lit up.

“Well, isn’t this Miss Fang?” He said.

Hearing the word Miss Fang, Fang Jinxiu, who covered her face with a veil, subconsciously stepped back, showing caution in her big eyes that dodged back and forth.

The hawker jumped over with the sugar man on his shoulder.

“Why are you here? Why didn’t you go ahead?” He asked.

He acted familiar with her.

“You?” Fang Jinxiu looked at the hawker in front of him and didn’t recognize him for a moment.

“Me. I met you in Jinyunlou. I’m Chen Qi.” The peddler pointed brightly to himself and said, “For your blessing, I made a fortune that day.”

Jinyun Tower.

Fang Jinxiu thought about the thrilling and exciting things that happened in Jinyun Tower.

At that time, she regarded Jun Zhenzhen as her enemy, and she was still a hero who would rescue of the Fang family from water and fire.

It had only been since March and yet everything had changed.

She who was regarded as an enemy was actually the hero of the Fang family, and the hero turned out to be a…

Fang Jinxiu’s tears suddenly fell.

Chen Qi was shocked, but he thought it was normal.

“You, don’t be sad. You see, your enemies have been punished, and you have also been avenged.” He said quickly.

That’s all right. However, one doubt in his heart hovered for too long, and he couldn’t help asking it.

“But why don’t you go watch?”

Fang Jinxiu raised her sleeve and wiped her tears, staring at Chen Qi.

“Because I am not qualified to go watch.” She said, “I don’t even have the qualification to cry in filial clothes, you know.”

Chen Qi was a little confused by this outburst.

They were actually not familiar with each other so the topic should stop here.

“What, why…” but he still stuttered and asked.

Fang Jinxiu felt relaxed when he said this.

“Why am I not qualified? You know I’m a from the Fang family. Do you know I’m a young Miss from the Fang family?” She said, looking at Chen Qi and pulling the veil below her chin, “I’m Third Miss Fang.”

Third Miss Fang.

Chen Qi was stunned.

In Yangcheng, the kindness and resentment of the Fang family was well known. County Magistrate Li, Song Yunping, and an aunt intended to seize their property. This aunt gave birth to a daughter, which was the third lady of the Fang family. It is said that this aunt did these things to let her daughter inherit the Fang family property.

Of course, this matter was also mentioned in the statement of the government, but it was said that Song Yunping appointed the deceased Su family to sneak into the Fang family as a concubine, taking the opportunity to poison Fang Chengyu, the young master of the Fang family.

Although he did not talk about plotting for a family business, it affirmed his vicious behavior.

Then Third Miss Fang, who was the daughter, was embarrassed.

Chen Qi looked at Fang Jinxiu with an awkward expression.

What should I say? What should I say in this case?

“Well, do you want to buy a sugar man?” He said, holding the bamboo pole in his hand.

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