Jun Jiuling – Chapter 232

One Cut and Two Breaks

Her cry cut through the tranquility of the rainy night, but calm was restored immediately.

The rain stopped and the summer insects resumed their muttering.

Her soft footsteps sounded in the house late at night and soon stopped in front of the corner gate.

The lock of the corner gate was half hanging and not locked.

Fang Jinxiu looked at it silently for a moment and couldn’t help glancing back.

The night was dark, and the light occasionally flashed. She seemed to see someone looking at her in the dark, but it seemed that she was just dazed.

Can you expect anyone to come and see yourself off?

Fang Jinxiu smiled mockingly and looked down at the small burden in her hand.

This was given to her by Concubine Yuan. She had originally planned bring nothing.

Now that she was no longer the third lady of the Fang family, she had come in with her hands empty and would go out with her hands empty.

But Concubine Yuan said that she should not be so rigid and stuffed into her hands a small burden.

“At least take clothes with you,” she said.

Fang Jinxiu carried the burden on her shoulder, raised her head, took the lock off the corner gate, pushed the door open and strode out.

The door closed and isolated the girl from the household, and Fang Yunxiu standing behind the tree couldn’t help crying again.

“She can’t go now, can she? It’s too late to leave this night.” She cried.

Fang Yuxiu stroked her shoulder to comfort her.

“Let her do whatever she wants.” She said, “Don’t worry, Third Sister is a very good person.”

On the other side of the Fang residence, Concubine Yuan kneeled in front of Old Lady Fang, who sighed softly.

“Go rest,” she said.

Concubine Yuan knocked her head twice.

“Thank you, Madam,” she said.

“You don’t have to say thank you. It’s boring to say thank you. There are still a lot of things to do tomorrow. Let’s cheer up.” Old Lady Fang looked at the night sky. The East was about to turn white, and a new day was coming.

At dawn, the streets were already full of people, as if the entirety of Yangcheng had come out. In fact, the news had spread in towns other than Yangcheng as well. People had come from neighboring villages and counties to help the elderly and children, and had queued up at the gate last night.

Because today was the day when Yangcheng County asked about the perpetrators of the Deshengchang case.

The moment Song Yunping came out of prison, the waiting crowd in the street immediately made noise. The rotten vegetable leaves that had been prepared also plopped down like raindrops.

Although the specific charges of Song Yunping, the magistrate of Li County, had not been announced, rumors had spread all over, because it involved Deshengchang. It involved more than ten years of history, and the people watching the fun were pressing the shoulders of the person in front to see.

Although this was not about a corrupt official, even to put it carefully, it was a personal hatred, which had nothing to do with others. However, the county official Magistrate Li made the people afraid and cold. With such a black-hearted official who schemed for other people’s money, who dares to guarantee that others will not have bad luck in his hands?

Secondly, Song Yunping, strictly speaking, as a shopkeeping worker, did such a bullying thing, and everyone felt scared. Who dares to guarantee that the people around them don’t also have such a sinister intention?

So everyone was indignant and empathetic.

More importantly, a lot of rotten vegetable leaves were put on the street for everyone’s use in advance.

It is effortless to do something that is fun.

Of course, these rotten leaves were arranged by the Fang family.

If it weren’t taboo for the beheading officials specially invited from Taiyuan Prefecture, these rotten leaves would have been placed from the gate of the county government office to the beheading platform of East Street.

When the prison beheading officer and the escorting officers and soldiers were on the street, the rotten vegetable leaves were thrown in the first wave.

Song Yunping, in the prison cart, also became embarrassed. The sign on the back was crooked, and the words Song Yunping were covered by vegetable leaves.

Song Yunping felt that in addition to anger, there was also an inexplicable fear.

This fear should not be strange. People who were going to die, of course they have to be afraid, but except for the fear of death, there is also empty fear that disappears.

Song Yunping had lived in Yangcheng for nearly two decades. Jijiying had become a famous good man, loyal, filial and righteous. Who didn’t know shopkeeper Song when he goes out, and who didn’t give a thumbs-up to praise him.

It’s not easy to rise in fame, but it’s so easy to fall down.

Song Yunping looked around vaguely with his hair covered. The people wore undisguised disgust and indignation, and disdain for the rich and powerful.

He never thought that there would be such a day. It was just like a dream.

If one woke him up, would he still be the big shopkeeper respected by everyone, and trusted and respected by the Fang family?

In fact, would not have been bad to live like that for a lifetime.

Song Yunping suddenly regretted everything.

But it was too late to regret, because some officers and soldiers drove the way, and the prison cart quickly crossed the crowded street to the execution table.

Officers and soldiers gathered around an open space in front of the execution platform, on which officials of all sizes from Taiyuan Prefecture sat.

Song Yunping was dragged off the prison cart, causing a hustle at the scene, but immediately the noise suddenly dissipated and the surroundings became quiet.

Suddenly, Song Yunping subconsciously looked over and saw where the dense crowd had made way.

A group of people dressed in sackcloth demonstrating filial piety came over.

Almost all of these people were women, led by the white-haired Old Lady Fang. Fang Chengyu, who supported Lady Fang, was the only man.

Everyone was being blocked outside, but when they saw the group of people coming, the officers and soldiers gave way.

“At this time, you can’t kill your enemies in public anymore.”

Some officials couldn’t help thinking.

The death of the county magistrate Li had been announced as a fear of sin and suicide. Whether the truth had been spread or not, this could not be said.

Song Yunping was also a little afraid.

These women won’t kill him on the spot, will they? It wouldn’t be as fast as a slash from the knife.

Fortunately, the people of the Fang family did not rush forward, but stopped under the execution table and stared at him with hatred and sadness.

Song Yunping lowered his eyes.

After a moment of silence, the crowd became excited again, because the executioner came on stage.

Just like the prison beheading officer, the executioner was specially invited from Taiyuan Prefecture. It was said that he was a master who had been beheading for more than ten years. He was very majestic and fierce. As soon as he came to the stage with a ghost knife in his arms, he scared the breath out of the people of Yangcheng. It was very enjoyable in summer.

As the executioner stood up, the people held their breath, and the officials on the stage began to read out the charges.

Although various versions of this matter had been handed down for a long time, the exact official judgment had not been heard until today. The people pricked up their ears, and storytellers from all over the world kept recording. Everything today would be their food materials in the future.

This charge was much more detailed than ever before. On the one hand, the case began more than two decades ago, and on the other hand, it was also required by the Fang family.

The Fang family wanted the people to understand that the curse they had shoulder over the years was not a natural disaster but a man-made disaster.

After reading the crime for half an hour, the people were fascinated, sometimes exclaiming, sometimes sad and sometimes indignant.

While writing hard, the storytellers were confident that the crime must have been polished by colleagues, otherwise it would not have been so easy to understand.

After the judgment was read out, the people were still unfulfilled, but the next step would be a more lively and expected part, and the crowd couldn’t help surging again.

Yan Ming, the prison officer, stood up and shouted Song Yunping’s name. The executioner took a step forward. Under the midday sun, he looked hellish. The whole audience was suddenly silent, and all eyes were condensed on the executioner’s ghost knife.

Song Yunping was stupefied, but had a kind of lofty spirit.

“Twenty years later makes another hero.” He shouted.

The voice excited the public who made bursts of noise.

“Behead!” Officials on the high platform obviously didn’t like this reaction and threw down the wooden stick.

The executioner pulled out the offender card and raised the ghost knife high.

“Please go on your way.” he shouted violently, causing the hearts of the people nearby to beat three times.

With his shout, the knife fell down.

The people held their breath and gritted their teeth, but they didn’t see the scene of a human head falling to the ground and blood squirting three feet.

The executioner’s ghost knife was stuck on Song Yunping’s shoulder, and had only scratched half of his neck.

Blood gushed out, and people also fell down screaming, but no one died on the ground.

This was so scary.

It was scarier than the dropping of a head, because the man who lost half of his head was still alive and screaming.

The onlookers screamed in unison.

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