Jun Jiuling – Chapter 231

Please Leave

Aunt Yuan?

Fang Jinxiu’s head turned slightly.

What was she doing here?

An idea flashed, and the light in the room shone on Concubine Yuan sitting at the table.

Concubine Yuan took off her rain cover. She had changed her clothes for bed but the corner of her skirt got wet because of the rain.

“I can’t sleep no matter how I try. What are you going to do?” She came straight to the point.

Fang Jinxiu withdrew her sight and closed her eyes.

Concubine Yuan came over and sat by the bed.

“Will you pretend to be dead in the house like this for a lifetime?” She said, “You are still so young now, and you will be growing up for a lifetime.”


Does she still have a lifetime?

Fang Jinxiu still ignored her.

Concubine Yuan was silent for a moment.

“Go, get out of here,” she suddenly said.

Fang Jinxiu’s hand at her side clenched tightly.

“This is not the old lady’s decision.” Concubine Yuan smiled and then said, “This is what I think.”

Fang Jinxiu clenched her hands and didn’t move.

Concubine Yuan didn’t want her to answer, so she just sat cross-legged.

“I know what you think. Everyone knows that I don’t have my own ideas, everything is what the old lady thinks.” She smiled and reached out to pat Fang Jinxiu, “and she always uses your hot temper as a weapon.”

Fang Jinxiu seemed unwilling to be touched by others and suddenly moved.

Concubine Yuan didn’t mind at all.

“Beautiful.” She said, “I’m different from you. I’m actually useless and timid, so I have just stayed in Fang residence since the beginning.”

Since the beginning.

Most concubines were sent away from home. Although Jinxiu was still young at that time, she had also heard of it.

They were young, and the Fang family couldn’t bear to let them stay all their life.

Many people took the money and left happily, except for Yuan and Su, who had a daughter.

“How nice the Fang family is. They are so rich, eat well and dress well, and live a comfortable life, although there are no men. But as long as you please the old lady, you can live a comfortable life.

“I don’t have any other skills, but I will please people.”

“What’s more, it’s better to be age in this life than to be a stranger somewhere else. If I went out to get married, I would have to please them. Maybe I wouldn’t have lived as good a life as in the Fang family. Why should I waste that effort?

“Jinxiu, you are different from me. You are the third lady of the Fang family.”

Third lady.

The corners of Fang Jinxiu’s mouth pulled.

She is the third lady.

Her existence was an accident. Or calculated.

It didn’t matter whether she was born or not.

If she was not born, Concubine Su wouldn’t not have left the Fang family. If she was born, there were simply more reasons to stay and be trusted by the people of the Fang family.

Wasn’t it so? It was even so convenient to pull her into the scheme when poisoning Lingzhi.

In her mother’s eyes, was she still her daughter?

A hand clapped her on the back again.

Fang Jinxiu’s sadness and indignation were taken away. She sat up cleverly and stared at Concubine Yuan angrily.

Concubine Yuan looked at her with a solemn expression.

“What I’m talking about is that you are the third lady of the Fang family. No matter whether anyone admits it now, you used to be, and were carefully taught as a serious lady.

“And you also work hard at your responsibility as the Miss of the Fang family.”

“You can read and write, count accounts, recognize ticket numbers, ride horses, and dare to deal with businessmen.

“You are smart and skilled. Although you learned these as Third Miss, you learned them. No one can take it away. Whether you are Third Miss or not, these still belong to you.”

Fang Jinxiu looked at her, and her eyes focused on Concubine Yuan for the first time.

“Splendid. You are different from me. I don’t have any ability. I can only please people. I don’t have wings and can’t fly. I can only rely on others.” Concubine Yuan pressed her shoulder and looked into her eyes. “But you are different. You have so much ability. You are also young and brave. If you have wings, you can fly. Without the branch of Third Miss and the Fang family, even if you fall to the ground, you can still fly up and fly elsewhere. You will definitely live a good life.”

Fang Jinxiu looked at her, her despaired eyes slowly dimmed, as if there were tears shining, and she lowered her eyes.

Can she still fly?

Was she going to fly from here?

“The family doesn’t resent you. You should feel it too.” Concubine Yuan said with a sigh, “It’s just that this kind of thing has happened. Everyone really doesn’t know how to face each other. This is really not anger and resentment, but embarrassment.”

Fang Jinxiu’s tears fell on her knees. Her eyes looked at the corner by the bed, where there was a small package sent by Fang Chengyu.

“Jinxiu, this is already like this. No matter how you think about it, you can’t change it. Why don’t you put it down and start over?” Concubine Yuan’s soft voice said, “No longer the Third Miss of the Fang family, but Fang Jinxiu, starting Fang Jinxiu’s new life.”

Can starting a new life be so simple?

Fang Jinxiu looked at her knees.

“Actually, many felt it was difficult at that time. Like the sky collapsed and they couldn’t survive. But everything would pass. If they survived, it would pass.” Concubine Yuan said, “Look, even Chengyu has been cured. Who would have thought of it before?”

She stretched out her hand and stroked Fang Jinxiu’s shoulder again and shook it hard.

“Listen to auntie, everything will pass. As long as you don’t give up, nothing can’t pass.”

Fang Jinxiu looked up at her.

“Why did she…” She opened her mouth and spoke in a hoarse voice. She seemed unable to say anything else, tears shining in her eyes.


Concubine Yuan knew who he was referring to and sighed.

“I really can’t comment on her. To be honest, I don’t understand.” She said, “but there are so many things incomprehensible in the world, and it’s not surprising.”

Fang Jinxiu lowered her head.

“But.” Concubine Yuan paused for a moment, “Jinxiu, at that time, she didn’t have to say so much.”


Fang Jinxiu looked up at her.

“The old lady was in charge of the incident at that time.” Concubine Yuan said, looking at Fang Jinxiu, “The old lady asked her if she was surprised why this happened. She couldn’t answer, because she didn’t understand. She said so much to the old lady about how she had designed and arranged things and how it became like this.”

So what?

Fang Jinxiu clenched her hands and looked at Concubine Yuan.

Concubine Yuan also looked at her.

“Jinxiu, do you think she really didn’t understand?”

Wasn’t it like that?

Fang Jinxiu watched Concubine Yuan’s lips tremble.

“How could she not understand when she saw Lingzhi and heard the old lady ask like that.” Concubine Yuan said, “She had poison hidden in her mouth. She could have committed suicide immediately, but she still asked so many whys.”

Why did she ask so many?

Fang Jinxiu had never recalled that day. Now was the first time for her to recall the scene at that time.

Concubine Su, after asking so many questions, seemed to be surprised that things had become so.

How could a person like her not understand what happened when she saw Lingzhi like that?

Fang Jinxiu looked at Concubine Yuan.

“Why would she ask for herself? She did it for you.”

Fang Jinxiu bit her lower lip.

“In order to let everyone know that you are innocent and were exploited by her, that this had nothing to do with you,” Concubine Yuan said.

Fang Jinxiu’s tears suddenly poured out.

“What’s the use of that!” She shouted, “She gave birth to me. I will always have something to do with her. If she really did it for me, she shouldn’t have given birth to me.”

Concubine Yuan grabbed her shoulder.

“She gave birth to you, but you have nothing to do with her.” She also shouted, “You are you. You became independent when you were born. Others do wrong things, even kill people. As long as you don’t do it, it has nothing to do with you. She gave birth to you, but you don’t have to bury yourself with her for all your life.”

Fang Jinxiu looked at her for a moment and rushed into her arms and cried loudly.

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